Devon Saw is Hot as Hell in Nikita

Didn't we all swoon at this very frame when Devon Sawa (as Casper) danced with Christina Ricci? This is pretty much how Devon Sawa became every girl's dream boy! And of cource as the cute little quarter back on Little Giants. :)

Everyone in gradeschool knows what a boycrazy I was and I am until I met the LOML, Ron. But I was watching the latest episode of Nikita, I can't help but reminisce my childhood and relieve them. Thanks to the internet, I got to see Devon Sawa again (because I already threw out my Bop, Tigerbeat and 16 magazines more than a decade a go.)

The boy who we wished would say, "Can I keep you?" grew up as we expected him to be... Hot, magnetic and totally kick-ass.
Devon Sawa, I noticed pretty much laid low on his acting career for years, only appearing in a few movies (Little Giants, Idle Hands, Final Destination) and TV series (NCIS: Los Angeles). Last year though, he came back as Owen Elliott, a highly-skilled spy for an underground government facility that trains individuals to mean-killing machines. And he is better than ever. I didn't even realize it was him for a while. And that's saying a lot since I'm pretty much good with faces.

But I am only too happy to watch him do all the martial-art moves. Like a little girl, I again look at him with sparkling eyes. It's nice that our childhood crushes don't disappoint us when they grow up.

I just love this photo! Worthy of a James Bond movie! I do hope that he gets more projects, work on action films or get his own show.

And I wouldn't mind seeing him in a move similar to Fight Club. He has that rugged Brad Pitt look that I think need exploiting. :)

Who here had a huge crush on Devon Sawa, you had pictures of him on your wall?
(I raise both my hands loud and proud)

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  1. Whoah ang tanda ng itsura nia duns black and white pic. I prefer hin s casper ang gwapooooo. Worth watching the movie just waiting for the moment n maging tao si casper.

  2. I knew he will grow like that! grabeh!!! He's so gwapo, have you seen neville longbottom now? I eman the artist, he's freaking hot now! sa lhat ng HP artist sya yung super duper hot! :D

  3. I was a huge fan too. I loved him in Casper especially :)

  4. I wasn't a fan of Devon Sawa back then but I really wanted to be like Christina Ricci dati! Plus dami nyang kilig moments sa kiddie movies nya nun haha. I remember seeing Devon Sawa last sa music video ni Eminem.

  5. Deniece Rose9/2/13 9:36 PM

    Wow, I had a crush on him when I saw him play an obsessed fan in Eminem's Stan video, he grew up such a hottie!


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