#HairRevolution is Here in a Form of Steam

Continuous stream of high pressure steam. Pro Keratin Technology....

Definitely a lot of great big words that rings beautifulky in my ears. Hair care innovator L'oreal Professionnel and Rowenta (maker of the first steam iron) collaborated in creating the first ever hair smoothing steam iron that guarantees to give you the best results for your type of hair. And with the technology of hair products from the house of L'oreal Professionnel, you are nearer to having great looking hair.

It's the first in-salon straightening and smoothing tool that is definitely degrees higher and better than your regular salon ironing tool. While the latter can only straighten your hair, L'oreal Steampod does so much more, such as:

  • Repai and nourishes hair
  • Smoothens and seals ends
  • Provides brilliant shine
  • Has long-lasting results
  • And the ultimate care from pro-Keratin and steam

This new hair care gadget also prevents "thermal shock effect" that our hair experience from flat ironing tool that burns and causes hair brittleness and dryness. That is why many stylists and hair experts tell us that we should lessen the use of such tool or at the very least, use products for damaged and processed hair.

Steam is the key and with this it properly distributes heat, gently opens up our hair cuticles and seals the ends without damaging or burning the delicate strands of our hair.

Presently available only at selected Bench Fix Salons, they offer 2 services with the use of L'oreal Steampod by Rowenta.

Keratin Steam Care Service is for those who are concerned with frizziness, wants to bring back nourishment to their hair and especially for those who have highly sensitized hair (brought on by frequent coloring, bleaching, rebond, perming, digital perming or combination of).

The effect lasts up to 3 days and more if you use products that specifically targets your hair concerns. With continuous use (of at least once every month + home care), you'll notice a reconstructed hair inside and out, noticing less dryness and breakage.

Keratin Bond Service is probably the next best thing that happened to hair straightening technology. Still using the the ultimate repair of Pro Keratin found in X-tenso Care, your hair will look sleek and straight in less time spent inside the salon and looking more natural and healthier compared to the regular process. In comes in two style you can choose from, Ultimate Straight Smoothing (straight and silky to the ends of the hair) or Natural Straight Smoothing that is straight and shiny with natural movement.

Supplement your Steambond experience with the specially developed hair care products that has Pro Keratin Technology and Formaldehyde-free formulation.

If you're curious about L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod and it's #hairrevolution campaign, please do visit their sites - Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube.

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