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Inboosta is compatible with many portable devices like smart phones, tablet PCs, music players, handheld games, etc, charging through USB plug. Designed with efficient energy saving system and with multiple safety protection features such as high voltage fuse, overheat protection, and automated shutdown. Product is pre-charged and ready to use with a lifetime lasting for over 500 charging cycles. They can be recharged through your computer or compatible AC adaptor. Combined with its stylish shape and colorful design, Product can carry energy wherever you go, bringing you the comfort and security of never running out of power.

I got to finally try the Inboosta Travel Charger! Been seeing this at the nearest Digital Walker at my work place and just couldn't resist!

I love anything bright sop instead of going for the usual white or black, pink or purple.. I went ahead and got myself a brighter one, Yellow! I wanted the green but it was too lime-y for my taste.

Must have gadget for me is definitely a travel charger. Being online 24/7 does not only mean I have to struggle with my current carriers slow connection, I also have to put up with my iPhone's failure to stay on for good half a day. Well, I can't blame it given that I am constastly online and my e-mails are all on push.. and boy the number of e-mails I get. That's why always get unlimited data!

Naturally, travel charger is now a major part of my life and I'm constantly on the look out for the best! Yes, that usually mean shelling out extra money for the quality.

The following are my gadgets that I carry in my person everyday. :)


Iphone 4


Above are the attachment you'll get in every box. So imagine the number of unit that you use with Inboosta.
Yup! I see it, too! It doesn't have a wire connection for Apple products. Yup! Hated that, too. But the 5200 maH attracted me and I have several wire connectors at home. But yeah, definitely understand if you're not going for this one just cause they don't have attachment for Apple products.

But you gotta be impressed with how intelligent Inboosta is. Seriously, it is. I got the 5,200maH which means that I can at most charges my iPhone twice with one juice Inboosta. Now, given that I have several gadgets at my diposal, each of them have different batt capacity...
  • Inboosta has an auto-detect feature that allows it to charge your gadget properly.
  • It automatically shuts off once your batt is full so that prevents over-charging.

Great, right? That's why I didn't mind the Php2,490 price tag attached to it. 

Looks like just an eyeshadow palette, right? :) Well, it's heavy though!

You charge it using the mini USB and the large one at the end of the connector is one you attach to your computer to boost up again your inboosta.

Oh! It also has an on/off feature that allows you turn off your device. It's the yellow buttom below the light. The lights are also moving back and forth to tell you it's charging. :)

Ain't she pretty? :)

Inboosta is available at Digital Walker, Digital Hub and Beyond the Box all over Metro Manila!

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