Baby Steps: Makeup Brushes

Brushes are fun and will take you places when it comes to creating all kinds of eye makeup looks and having the flawest of faces.

But first, baby steps...

It's pretty easy to get all caught up with the makeup shopping and with brushes, it's just the same. I don't want you ending up like me hoarding on brushes, not knowing what to do with them. It was way waaaaay too late when I realized I was buying duds and should have just saved the money for better brushes. (ugh!)

So, here's my advice. :)

Buy only the ones you're sure you'll use a lot:

  1. Foundation brush (Only if you have a liquid foundation)
  2. Powder brush (to set in your foudation)
  3. Blush brush (get the angled so it can double as a contour)
  4. Angled Shadow brush (it applies well and can blend out harsh lines)
  5. Eyeliner brush (that can also be used for your brows)
  6. Lip brush (for precise lipstick and gloss application)
That's a total of only 6 brushes!

See? That won't cost you so much! Now I'm not saying that you should go around collecting makeup brushes. Go ahead and explore, watch youtube, read reviews... but until such time you're ready, don't make a purchase.

Yes, that's coming from the veritable cosmetic junkie! :) That's me!

My recommendation
I like Charm's Retractable Gold Kabuki (Php600) and Pocket Brush Set (Php500). Both are staples in my kikay kit. I can pretty much create a natural makeup look with these two. Since it's also synthetic, I can use any type of makeup, liquid or dry. :) Win-win if you ask me.

Find these brushes at or :)

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