Something Cute: Charm Pocket Brush Set

Charm Pocket Brush Set

My friends (in real life) ask me if I recommend Charm because Sophie, the brainchild behind this brand is a dear friend. My only answer was to just give them their own Charm brush and let them decide. I think it was 2 Christmases ago when Charm released its Charm Luxe collection and I purchased a few retractable Kabuki brushes to give to my college BFF and cousins.

Charm Pocket Brush Set
Were they impressed? Of course they were! How could they not be? I swear I had a smile on my face when they touched how soft the Charm brush was. I knew there was no mistaking in giving a Charm brush for the Holidays. That is why I'm eyeing the latest from Charm brush set to give to my BFF's this Christmas. As the years go by, I'm inducing them to be a lot more daring with wearing makeup. Of course it's much nicer if I buy them a set that have more brushes I know they could use.

Charm Pocket Brush Set is exactly that. It's a 5 piece brush set that comes in a sleek pink pouch that can be easily stashed away even in the smallest bag (well, not really small small. lol). But I'm sure that my friends who constantly are in search of a brush set that they bring to work for retouch or for makeup emergencies.

This is definitely a nice gift for a friend who is just starting out with using makeup. Those who don't want to be overwhelmed with a lot of brushes and just need the basic of the basics. But for me, a brush set this size is definitely welcome in my vanity kit (along with my gold Charm retractable Kabuki).

Charm Pocket Brush Set

Love this cute pink pouch

Brow Comb | Eyeliner Brush | Lip Brush | Big Eyeshadow Brush | Powder Brush

This set reminds me a lot of Charm Holiday Brush which is all made in synthetic hair but with lesser brushes but. The handle and ferrule are almost the same. Although I think I like the Charm Pocket Brush Set since I already have the Charm Travel Pro and Charm Pro Brush Set. This set is a lot more practical for me. And if I love my shoulders, I should stop lugging aroung me my life in my bag. #lol

Powder Brush

The Powder brush can be used for face powder and blush. If you're confident with your contouring skills, this brush can also triple as a contouring brush. The hairs isn't too dense which is nice for retouching or too thick application of the blush.

Big Eyeshadow Brush

Big Eyeshadow Brush can double as a concealer and an eye shadow brush. It's dense enough for packing on color and concealer. This is definitely an important part of any brush set especially for those who are dealing with dark under eyes, blemishes or other unwanted hyperpigmentation.

Lip Brush

Lip Brush can double as a spot concealing brush. This brush is nice and firm and able to transfer lip color well and define the edge of the lips. Just remember to wipe off excess lipstick from the brush to avoid staining your brush pouch.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Angled Eyeliner Brush doubles as an eye brow brush. Used this brush for both uses and it passed with flying colors. At least for my standards it did. I used this brush to apply the Fanny Serrano Gel Liner and I didn't have the problem with the thickness of winging of the cat eye tip. I used this as well with my ModelCo Designer Browz palette and I didn't have a hard time defining and shaping my thick eyebrows.

Brow Cromb

The Brow Comb have important uses for me. I use it to tame down the shade of my eyebrows especially when I do my brows under little lighting. It ensures I don't go out looking like a werewolf. It also keeps my eyebrow hair in place. I use the more precise comb to separate my lashes when I apply my mascara too thickly. This brush fans out my lashes to a more natural looking form.


Charm Pocket Brush Set

What's great is that the Charm Pocket Brush Set it's only Php500. Really affordable for something that is made from quality materials. You'll know a good brush when you see one and I'm sure those that have tried Charm like myself will say the same.

I'm thinking I'm gonna make a few friends happy when they see this hanging on their Christmas stockings. And I wouldn't mind getting this for Christmas either. Wink! Wink!

Charm Pocket Brush Set

What you think? Is this something you might pick up for friends or for yourself these Holidays?

Charm Pocket Brush Set is available at the following:
The Ramp, Crossing at Shangri-la Mall
Pure Beauty Store at Serendra (2nd floor)

To know more about Charm brushes, visit their facebook page

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  1. Kym Ysabel Golla12/10/11 8:56 AM

    Even from just looking at the pictures, I can tell they're really soft and good material!

  2. aaaaayyy, I wanna have this and very cute nung pouch! :)  natatempt nanaman ako to buy because of your post :)

  3. yay! looking for basic brush set and I'm going for this one. Super affordable! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Ang kyoot nga! Kasing cute mo hehehe


  5. Anthea Villanueva12/10/11 6:10 PM

    Those look great! I've only recently discovered makeup (despite being twentysomething already) and I would need this set for starters. They would make great gifts for my friends as well.

  6. Such a cute brush set! the handle and the pocket are both pink! AHHH LOVE!

  7. ang cute, so pinky, so gurly ;)

  8. Skydutchess26/2/12 3:34 PM

    hi! i just wanna ask the length of these brushes? thanks!


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