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Weekend Post: Rewind | July 25 to 30, 2011

Happy Sunday Everybodylicious!! :)

Oh! The End of July is here. And I would just like to share that it is also Harry Potter's birthday as well. It's also my guy best friend's birthday. Happy Birthday to all of you who celebrate their birthday on the last day of July!

I would have had another post for you this Sunday, but I came home so late from a night of bonding with fellow beauty blogger friends - Sophie, Jheng, Nikki, Tara, Jaimie and Phoebe. We spent the whole evening talking about guess what? Not anything that is beauty related! Hard to imagine but that's the truth. We did comment on each other's lippie, flawless makeup application, had the battle of who has the oiliest face via oil blotting sheet (Winner here!) and also commented and complimented on each other's clothes and accessories. But beauty took a step back and we were like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda for a night. Guess who I am between the four. :)

So, here I am taking this time (it's 4:06 AM now), doing this weekend rewind instead. Besides, you might have missed a post from yours truly.

July 25: Cosmetic Collection

Makeovers are fun! Here's a post on a simple yet classic makeover that Patrick did to me when we last attended an event by Shu Uemura. Check out the cute dubbed "Shen Gee" Palette that I created from the Color Atelier Collection! :)

July 26: The Makeup Look

Amidst the constant rain we've been having, I made a look that is so tropical inspired makeup look. Want to see somthing bright? Click here!

July 27: Product Review

I am such a mascara addict that I think I should change this blog to mascara addiction. :) Here I am again, blogging about a new mascara I got (not like I don't have 10 open at home). LOL. It's Maybelline's latest mascara the Magnum Super Film Mascara. :)

July 28: YumYum

I found the cuisine that I am going to spend the rest of my life with, It's Thai and I just want to die -- with how good it is! :) Want to know the reason why? It's simple, just click here.

July 29: VLOG

Oh, yeah! Read that right! I'm back to video blogging and I will be doing so weekly as much as I can depending on how well you receive it. First Vlog is about the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit Haul. :) Please be nice, I know I still got a lot to improve on. :)

July 30: Luxe Treatment

I wanted to feel like a star and went ahead to try Belo Medical Services. I want to know what the fuss is about that seemingly all important names go to Belo even for just a simple facial. I also provided a few tips for you to remember when getting a facial. Hope it helps! Read about myBelo Med experience and see if it could be something you'd like to try soon. Click here.

Hardly can keep my eyes open! I'll see you guys monday again for yet another beauty blog post! I can't wait... but now I too Zzzzz.....

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Belo Beauty: Botanical Cleansing Facial + Tips on Getting Facials

Before my Bohol trip, I decided to finally try out Belo Medical Clinic and schedule a facial. As always, procedures with top clinics like Belo is best done with an appointment, so I went ahead a few days to schedule my visit.

I went to the Belo Medical Clinic at their branch in The Atrium of Megamall. It's the most convenient branch for me as its nearer my place. When I get a facial, I would like to go straight home immediately and not deal with too much traffic.

I consulted with their uber good looking dermatologist, my friend was right, everyone in Belo are good-looking! No kidding! My guy dermatologist had flawless skin and he's fairer than I am. I felt inferior, I tell you. But on  to business and I told him that my oiliness is back and I hate it with a vengeance. I want something that can get rid of it. Stat.

When he recommended Belo Botanicals Cleansing Facial, I was a bit apprehensive since I am not into all natural when it comes to my facials. Nope! Like I said in various previous posts, I love the science of aesthetics and cosmetics. If you're just going to slap some herbs and what ever natural ingredients you got there, I might as well do it as the comfort of my own home. I can easily get those home remedies online. When i go to a facial clinic, I go for science and chemicals that will make be look brand-spanking new! Enough said. My good-looking dermatologist informed me that it is a natural type of facials but it also has AHA to revive my skin and other things that will target  the needs of my oily face.

Botanical Cleansing Facial is best for those like me who have combination skin, oily on the T-zone, while calm and dry on other parts of the face. But to address more on the oiliness, he also added an Ice Mask which reduces the oil production. Ice mask I heard was a popular choice for many Belo clients.

Also, he recommended that I acquire a regimen that combats the oiliness and the re-surfacing of acne. Will show you that in another post.

My facial was pretty much no-nonsense, which is a good thing. I was ushered into a room that looked very much like a treatment area but a little bit more posh. There, I was asked to lie down and the facial started. Eveything that was used on me smelled really nice.

The Botanical Cleansing Facial consisted of cleansing the face, aromatheraphy, scrubbing with the Botanical facial scrub and extraction of whiteheads and blackheads. There was the usual steam, vacuum and laser. Like I said, pretty straight to the point and it was done in less than an hour. I particularly like the facial crub and massage. My attendant was very skilled and she knew when it hurts when she was extracting my icky whiteheads and blackheads. Needless to say, I loved every bit of it. Yes, even with the extracting part.

And I'm just very happy that all those icky whiteheads and blackheads are now a thing of the past!

The Ice Mask was a nice ending and comforted my skin after extraction. And it did feel like my face was against a nice cool ice. I'm all positive vibes at this point because I really need my face to behave! it's oily as hell! Ice Mask was the best ending to my Botanicals Cleansing Facials.

The mask getting me all teary-eyed. My advise? Keep your eyes closed at this point. Lol!

This is me after facial. It looks as if, nothing happened. :) My face isn't too red and it feels good.

A day later in Bohol :)

I'd definitely recommend this facial as maintenance when you've already treated your acne and hardly experiencing any. It's a very simple facial and I don't think this is one for you if you're skin is at its worst moment. For me, it was just right. The oiliness tamed down a bit but not during really hot humid times. But over all, my faced looked  cleansed and clear after my Botanical Cleansing Facial.

I would consider getting the Botanical Cleansing Facial again in between getting treatments for when I have acne. Being inside Belo Clinic makes me feel like a million dollars. They are very adept at taking care of their clients and provide them the best in service. The clinic at Megamall was designed where in the waiting area is located at the middle of the clinic, away from prying and gawking from passerby. They ask if you like refreshment and everyone is just so courteous.

My attendant/facialist is especially attentive and she was able to answer all the questions I had for her about other treatments. She seem to be aware as well those treatments that I would be interested it. Most of all, I felt very comfortable during the whole procedure and I almost didn't feel any pain - except in the nose part, that is. I love how speedy the facial is and yet I know my face was thoroughly cleansed.

When getting a facial I suggest you do the following:

1. Facials are treatments, ensure that your hands are clean before you begin since your face are raw and open after your facial, just in case you need to touch your face.
2. Put your phone in silent mode to avoid disturbances while your getting you facial. After all, this is a nice time to rest.
3. Try not to touch your face after the treatment and don't apply makeup (unless this is allowed).
4. Avoid populated and polluted areas after facial to avoid contaminating your face.
5. NEVER wash your face after facials. Wait at least 4 to 6 hours before doing so.
6. Always follow advise of your facialist if she has after your facial.
7. Never rush your facialist.
8. Always express when experiencing pain, burning or whatever that bothers you at the course of your treatment.
9. Inform the clinic of all your allergies and previous treatments that caused any undue reactions on your face, as well as diseases and such.
10. Enjoy, relax and welcome a much cleanse face!

If you're interested getting this facial, you may visit or call 819.BELO and set an appointment with the nearest clinic near you.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Vlogged: Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit Haul

Hi Everyone!

I'm vlogging again! I wanted to share with you my recent haul at Laura Mercier, it's their Flawless Face Kit. Here, I talked about the products, the tools and how I to use it. It's really a good buy.

Please bear with how amateur this vlogging is. I was just tooo excited!! :) lol. I edited wuite a few things. I find that I need to make a script in the future vlogs as I'm more, well, coherent, in writing that I am in speaking. Needless to say that I don't think I speak english that well. So please be nice and don't criticize so much. I will improve, promise! :)

You'll also find below after the video clip, a more precise but short review of my review of the products that I was not able to express on the video. Either way, I hope it will help out those who also wants to purchase the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit.

Enough chatter, won't prolong the agony. Here's the video. :) (scared!)

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 (Sand)

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
I thought that I wouldn't like the tinted moisturizer, given my propensity for anything matte. Boy oh boy was I wrong. When they say that the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, they weren't kidding. Even with my oily skin type, I was able to fall deeply in love with this. But yes, it doesn't really last as long and my oilies started showing up an hour or two after application. But it was like velvet upon velvet on my skin. Oh love! Indeed it was love to have it. Like a soft cashmere against my skin.

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Foundation Primer

Foundation Primer
That is why I find this primer a bit helpful with keeping my makeup stay in place. But of course, with an oily face as mine (my face is really really really hella oily), this primer was still help enough to keep everything in place. It smells like a floral which I think I would need getting use to but nonetheless, a great addition to this kit.

Foundation Primer

 Undercover Pot - 3

Undercover Post - 3

The first time I've seen this, I was just giddy like a child since I'm one to love anything that has dual purpose, much more that this had three! There's the secret camouflage for the blemishes, the secret concealer for undereye and a setting powder! It was like winning the lotto! And it does conceal well. The left part is more for blemishes but I use for the undereye as its lighter. The right part I also use for that part but I mix both and then then spread it even on to the reddish parts of my face like corners of the nose and lips. But lazy me, doesn't do this often. I just use the lighter part fo my undereyes and I'm quite good to go.

Undercover Pot - 3

Undercover Post - 3

Undercover Pot - 3

Camouflage Powder Brush

Camouflage Powder Brush
Laura Mercier creates fabulous brushes as we all know. I especially would like to own their blush brush and slanted kabuki brush. Isn't that just the most glorious thing ever? Been hoping that other brush brands that are more affordable re-creates it because this girl can't afford the real deal yet. The Camouflage Powder is unbelievably soft when i applied the setting powder on to my under eye and it sets it real well. This is really good brush to have. But this can be seen as a good investment for makeup artist and those who are really into collection quality made brushes. For those who are still apprehensive, yes, this isn't something that you need to purchase immediately to complete your kit as your regular eyeshadow brush, powder brush or even velour puff can attain the effects Camouflage Powder Brush.

Camouflage Powder Brush

Camouflage powder Brush - Side view

Camouflage powder Brush - Top view

Secret Camouflage

Secret Camouflage Brush

I just love using the Secret Camouflage Brush! Super! If you watched the video, you'll see how I used this brush with the secret camouflage concealer to reduce the appearance of my dark under eyes. This is surely going in the most frequently used brush pile for sure. I usually rely on my ring finger to properly blend my under eye concealer, but with this one, I'm sure to lessen that and would only need to blend the edges and would not get to touch my under eye area too much.

Below are more pictures of this phenomenal synthetic brush.

Secret Camouflage Brush

Secret Camouflage Brush

Secret Camouflage Brush

Powder/Velour Puff and Oval Sponge

The powder/velour puff and sponge, I see more as a bonus. Although using a powder puff is also a good thing as I've founf out in practice as it sets the loose powder well. Although I find that I still am more comfortable using a powder brush or in the video, a stippling.


The sponge I appreciate but not this type of sponge since I've yet to use it. Laura Mercier, base from what I heard, makes nice sponges that really blend well. By and by, I use makeup sponges, the wedge ones from the Beauty Bar, and I really like the flawless finish even when it eats too much products.

All in all, this purchase was surely a good one. I appreciate the handiness of the products and how I can easily tuck it away in my vanity kit for when I travel. Laura Mercier have proven to be a good brand for cosmetic purchases and it doesn't disappoint in quality. I'm quite attached with the Tinted Moisturizer and the Undercover Pot. The brush seals the deal for me as well.

I recommend this set for those that loves a clean, perfect skin. With the tinted moisturizer and concealers, you'll surely have a flawless face that is really for any sort of makeup look that you want. And the Php2,450 that you'll pay for it? You won't even notice with how fabulous this kit is.

Laura Mercier is available at Rustan's Makati and Shangri-la.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simply In Love with Simply Thai at Greenbelt 5

It was a pleasant afternoon when I started my day. I was eagerly anticipating the night because finally after a very long time, I'm going back again to my favorite restaurant in the city, Simply Thai! It's the newly opened Thai fusion restaurant by Ms. Cecile Chang-Ysmael of Thai at Silk. They serve the most amazing Thai dishes but with a twist to entice Filipino diners.

For me , Thai cuisine is like being wrapped in an egyptian cotton sheet. The moment I tasted the their Catfish Salad and got a sip of their Tom Yum soup, I was in food heaven. It was like a potent elixir that lifted all the blues away. Oh, did I have lots of crazy blues back then. But all of those went away with a bit of Moo ping and Thai Milk Tea.

That's why I am so happy to share this dinner with people who have the same love as I do for Thai cuisine.

I vow that the next ladies' night out with the girls will be at this fabulous bar of Simply Thai!

Simply the best drink/dessert/best partner to spicy food drink, Thai Milk Tea

I love the festive orchid on top of my oh-so delicious Thai Milk tea

Simply Thai's version of Pad Thai! Yummmy!

We all fell in love with Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Moo Ping, the only pork bbq that competed with my mom's!

I just had to order this again because the herbs and spices that melded with the pork was just phenomenal. Ever since I got acquainted to herbs and spices, I developed a love affair with them and made sure my food always have them. For lazy days, I hope that I can have Moo Ping all the time.

Chicken Pandan, we couldn't wait to unwrap these goodies!

Sophie ordered this one, although i would not have ordered this myself, I'm lucky to have friends who knows so much about Thai food! And this did not disappoint. I loved this chicken wrapped in pandan. It was so tasty and the meat just fell of the bones right.

Mieng Kham, a tasty treat for the more adventurous foodie like Sophie and Phoebe.
I have yet to summon the courage to eat veggies like this.

But it does look sumptuous... Now, I regret not eating it!
Bugger me and my phobia with veggies!

My favorite, Nam Prik Catfish Salad.
This by far is what made me fall for Simply Thai, a spoonful of this and I was in Thai heaven.
I think Thai cuisine is made for me! Yummyyy!!

Cecile's own twist to the popular traditional Thai Catfish. If I remember it correctly, this tasty treat is coated with sweet chili paste and mixed with almonds and fried basil. It's love at first bite! I love the regular one but this is by far, the best catfish salad I've tasted!

Winner of the night. The Lamb Shank Mussaman.
This is To. Die. For. The best. EVER.

Lamb is not an easy food to make, I was told. But Ms. Cecile could have fooled us with the number of Lamb Shank Mussaman coming out of her kitchen! That's because of the tasty curry goodness of the lamb and the crunchy noodles that came with it. It's like explosion of flavors in my mouth!

For dessert, Sticky Rice with Mango

Just the right sweetness. Just the right ending.

But of course, we still wanted more. I wanted more.

It was like a date I never want to end. If only I can order everything on the menu. Come to think of it, I've never been this way with any cuisine. Even with Filipino dishes, there is always something I will not like. But here in Simply Thai, everything on the menu makes me wish I have a credit card that doesn't have a limit. I want to try everything! I want a taste of Choo Chee Roti, Chicken Curry, Beef Randang, Pomelo Salad, Kung Sarong and more! Oh no, not a good idea to write about this at midnight... Now I'm craving Simply Thai all over again.

On my next visit, I will surely show you more from Simply Thai. I got a feeling, it's going to real soon. When you eat at Simply Thai, it's impossible not to catch the passion that Cecile has for the Thai cuisine. And impossible not to leave with a full stomach.

I really think I found my favorite cuisine ever. Well, aside from Filipino that is. :)

Simply Thai is located at Ground Level of Greenbelt 5

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara

Look what I got at my recent trip to PCX, Greenbelt 3 with Sophie and Jheng! It's the new Maybelline Magnum Mascara Volum' Express Super Film (Php399)! This is the latest Maybelline mascara released here in the Philippines. I just love being with my beauty blogger best friends. It's fun shopping for makeup when I'm with them. They just get that you need to buy a newly launched mascara even if you have several mascara opened at home. lol! 

The packaging reminds me of Wonder Woman colors. Lol.

When it comes to mascara, I can't resist whenever Maybelline releases a new one. I just couldn't. So when I saw the Magnum Super Film Mascara, I just had to get it. I'm weak like that. And for Php399, it's practically like getting it for free!

I fell in love with the Magnum Mascara from way back but I'm sure many share the dilemma of it being so tough to remove. It's a good thing I always have my favorite Maybelline Makeup Remover. If not, panda eyes all the way after bathing! But damn, does it stay freaking put on your lashes all day long!

I love newly opened mascara

The curved wand of this mascara makes application faster and it reaches on the inner and outer corner lashes easier, too. 

The formula is a little bit too thick for me but it effectively coats my lashes really well. Unfortunately, it can get a little clumpy when I apply too much. Good thing though that a swipe or tow is enough to effectively give me a nice long and volumized lashes.

The bristles I think is made more for those with thin lashes to cover and provide volume. I like how maybelline still makes wire-bristles. I think all my Volum' Express lashes are wire brushes and I love all of them. 

What sets the Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara is that the formula is washable, meaning easy to remove with water. So, if you're just wearing mascara as your makeup, you can go directly and shower and your mascara willl eaily slide off! Galing, di ba? It's just like my L'oreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara!

A bit of result shall we?

Here it shows how clean the Magnum Super Film Mascara applied on to the lashes. Will do more looks using this mascara for sure!

What I love about about Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara:

  • Washable formula
  • Instant volumizing
  • Lasts for hours!!
  • Easy to remove even with water
  • No smudging
  • One or two swipes are enough to coat lashes
  • The curve wand makes application easier and faster
  • Great for Asian eyes
  • Affordable at Php399!

What I don't love about Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara:
  • Can get a little clumpy when you apply too much product and let it sit before applying again.

Look at my Magnum Twins. :) Cute, noh?

comparison between my Super Film and regular Magnum Mascaras

Have you tried the latest Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara? :) How do you like it?

If you want to check out my review of Maybelline Magnum Mascara, click here!

Thanks for reading Shen's Addiction again! :)

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