Weekend Post: Rewind | July 25 to 30, 2011

Happy Sunday Everybodylicious!! :)

Oh! The End of July is here. And I would just like to share that it is also Harry Potter's birthday as well. It's also my guy best friend's birthday. Happy Birthday to all of you who celebrate their birthday on the last day of July!

I would have had another post for you this Sunday, but I came home so late from a night of bonding with fellow beauty blogger friends - Sophie, Jheng, Nikki, Tara, Jaimie and Phoebe. We spent the whole evening talking about guess what? Not anything that is beauty related! Hard to imagine but that's the truth. We did comment on each other's lippie, flawless makeup application, had the battle of who has the oiliest face via oil blotting sheet (Winner here!) and also commented and complimented on each other's clothes and accessories. But beauty took a step back and we were like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda for a night. Guess who I am between the four. :)

So, here I am taking this time (it's 4:06 AM now), doing this weekend rewind instead. Besides, you might have missed a post from yours truly.

July 25: Cosmetic Collection

Makeovers are fun! Here's a post on a simple yet classic makeover that Patrick did to me when we last attended an event by Shu Uemura. Check out the cute dubbed "Shen Gee" Palette that I created from the Color Atelier Collection! :)

July 26: The Makeup Look

Amidst the constant rain we've been having, I made a look that is so tropical inspired makeup look. Want to see somthing bright? Click here!

July 27: Product Review

I am such a mascara addict that I think I should change this blog to mascara addiction. :) Here I am again, blogging about a new mascara I got (not like I don't have 10 open at home). LOL. It's Maybelline's latest mascara the Magnum Super Film Mascara. :)

July 28: YumYum

I found the cuisine that I am going to spend the rest of my life with, It's Thai and I just want to die -- with how good it is! :) Want to know the reason why? It's simple, just click here.

July 29: VLOG

Oh, yeah! Read that right! I'm back to video blogging and I will be doing so weekly as much as I can depending on how well you receive it. First Vlog is about the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit Haul. :) Please be nice, I know I still got a lot to improve on. :)

July 30: Luxe Treatment

I wanted to feel like a star and went ahead to try Belo Medical Services. I want to know what the fuss is about that seemingly all important names go to Belo even for just a simple facial. I also provided a few tips for you to remember when getting a facial. Hope it helps! Read about myBelo Med experience and see if it could be something you'd like to try soon. Click here.

Hardly can keep my eyes open! I'll see you guys monday again for yet another beauty blog post! I can't wait... but now I too Zzzzz.....

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