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Vlogged: Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit Haul

Hi Everyone!

I'm vlogging again! I wanted to share with you my recent haul at Laura Mercier, it's their Flawless Face Kit. Here, I talked about the products, the tools and how I to use it. It's really a good buy.

Please bear with how amateur this vlogging is. I was just tooo excited!! :) lol. I edited wuite a few things. I find that I need to make a script in the future vlogs as I'm more, well, coherent, in writing that I am in speaking. Needless to say that I don't think I speak english that well. So please be nice and don't criticize so much. I will improve, promise! :)

You'll also find below after the video clip, a more precise but short review of my review of the products that I was not able to express on the video. Either way, I hope it will help out those who also wants to purchase the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit.

Enough chatter, won't prolong the agony. Here's the video. :) (scared!)

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 (Sand)

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
I thought that I wouldn't like the tinted moisturizer, given my propensity for anything matte. Boy oh boy was I wrong. When they say that the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, they weren't kidding. Even with my oily skin type, I was able to fall deeply in love with this. But yes, it doesn't really last as long and my oilies started showing up an hour or two after application. But it was like velvet upon velvet on my skin. Oh love! Indeed it was love to have it. Like a soft cashmere against my skin.

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Foundation Primer

Foundation Primer
That is why I find this primer a bit helpful with keeping my makeup stay in place. But of course, with an oily face as mine (my face is really really really hella oily), this primer was still help enough to keep everything in place. It smells like a floral which I think I would need getting use to but nonetheless, a great addition to this kit.

Foundation Primer

 Undercover Pot - 3

Undercover Post - 3

The first time I've seen this, I was just giddy like a child since I'm one to love anything that has dual purpose, much more that this had three! There's the secret camouflage for the blemishes, the secret concealer for undereye and a setting powder! It was like winning the lotto! And it does conceal well. The left part is more for blemishes but I use for the undereye as its lighter. The right part I also use for that part but I mix both and then then spread it even on to the reddish parts of my face like corners of the nose and lips. But lazy me, doesn't do this often. I just use the lighter part fo my undereyes and I'm quite good to go.

Undercover Pot - 3

Undercover Post - 3

Undercover Pot - 3

Camouflage Powder Brush

Camouflage Powder Brush
Laura Mercier creates fabulous brushes as we all know. I especially would like to own their blush brush and slanted kabuki brush. Isn't that just the most glorious thing ever? Been hoping that other brush brands that are more affordable re-creates it because this girl can't afford the real deal yet. The Camouflage Powder is unbelievably soft when i applied the setting powder on to my under eye and it sets it real well. This is really good brush to have. But this can be seen as a good investment for makeup artist and those who are really into collection quality made brushes. For those who are still apprehensive, yes, this isn't something that you need to purchase immediately to complete your kit as your regular eyeshadow brush, powder brush or even velour puff can attain the effects Camouflage Powder Brush.

Camouflage Powder Brush

Camouflage powder Brush - Side view

Camouflage powder Brush - Top view

Secret Camouflage

Secret Camouflage Brush

I just love using the Secret Camouflage Brush! Super! If you watched the video, you'll see how I used this brush with the secret camouflage concealer to reduce the appearance of my dark under eyes. This is surely going in the most frequently used brush pile for sure. I usually rely on my ring finger to properly blend my under eye concealer, but with this one, I'm sure to lessen that and would only need to blend the edges and would not get to touch my under eye area too much.

Below are more pictures of this phenomenal synthetic brush.

Secret Camouflage Brush

Secret Camouflage Brush

Secret Camouflage Brush

Powder/Velour Puff and Oval Sponge

The powder/velour puff and sponge, I see more as a bonus. Although using a powder puff is also a good thing as I've founf out in practice as it sets the loose powder well. Although I find that I still am more comfortable using a powder brush or in the video, a stippling.


The sponge I appreciate but not this type of sponge since I've yet to use it. Laura Mercier, base from what I heard, makes nice sponges that really blend well. By and by, I use makeup sponges, the wedge ones from the Beauty Bar, and I really like the flawless finish even when it eats too much products.

All in all, this purchase was surely a good one. I appreciate the handiness of the products and how I can easily tuck it away in my vanity kit for when I travel. Laura Mercier have proven to be a good brand for cosmetic purchases and it doesn't disappoint in quality. I'm quite attached with the Tinted Moisturizer and the Undercover Pot. The brush seals the deal for me as well.

I recommend this set for those that loves a clean, perfect skin. With the tinted moisturizer and concealers, you'll surely have a flawless face that is really for any sort of makeup look that you want. And the Php2,450 that you'll pay for it? You won't even notice with how fabulous this kit is.

Laura Mercier is available at Rustan's Makati and Shangri-la.

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jenh harder said...

very helpful, would love to have that kit too, indeed a great buy! thanks for sharing your vlog! anyway, your hair looks fab!

denisecabotage said...

I LOVE LAURA MERCIER! :) I've been using it the past 5 years. they should include the silk creme foundation and translucent powder in this kit. Try it Shen! :)

Bueno Anthea said...

I have this kit...sadly the primer and tm broke me out really bad....T___T and the concealer gets ashy after awhile...But I'm really happy with the brushes and puff that comes with it....:D so I guess I have to stay away from lauras face products....But I reaaaaalllly love their lip fave is their bonbon lipgloss you should try it...:D

Nikki said...

Cute cute mo!!!! I love your VLOGS! MORE MORE MORE! :)
I have the oil control primer lang and haven't tried their concealer pa! :)

April Hollie said...

Now I'm drowning with Envy! I've always wanted to try that Laura Mercier kit when I saw at the sephora website. this is the first time I saw your Vlog, thumbs up!

MereMakeupManiac said...

don't beat yourself up - it was a good vlog! :) i think you were really excited to do this hehe. i personally shy away from making videos of putting makeup on myself because i think i make weird gestures while doing so hehe. i also get conscious of the way i talk! so kudos for having the courage to do so!!

i must say i like how you do your brush strokes! very pro i must say. ^_^

positive criticisms: maybe next time you could dim the lighting a bit so we can see better the difference the product application has on your face before and after application. also, try to talk slower - stay calm, you're doing great! ;-) 

on Laura Mercier: i love their l/s formula! i also heard from a friend who got married and whose MUA put on LM foundie on her face that's she swores it really made her glow and looked flawless. this just seconds that review then. ;-)

♥Peachie♥ said...

yey shen doing vlogs again! I miss YT days back in the day you were doing a lot of them! one of my fav gurus that actually ENABLED me to start my own.. loove the review..enabler nnmn now im dying to have the kit naaah! lol

Cris2680 said...

Hi! I use the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 and that really works for me. I've tried the regular tinted moisturizer before and you are right that one in particular left my skin oily by the end of the day. But the Oil free one works really well. And just to top it off I use the make up forever duo matte powder foundation. 

Sarah_canete said...

glad that you shared this! when i saw this vlog i was like so giddy and excited to go to the mall to buy this! its my first LM toy so I'm glad that I bought it in set! :) i like how the concealer works and not that 'cakey' once it sets in your skin as compared to MAC concealer. :) 

Aprilmaelim said...

I have the laura mercier flawless kit as well! I bought it just december last year and still using it.I am really in love with it, definitely a good purchase! :) i also tried their silk creme foundation, i recommend it even to those who have oily skin because it's powder finish :)


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