Belo Beauty: Botanical Cleansing Facial + Tips on Getting Facials

Before my Bohol trip, I decided to finally try out Belo Medical Clinic and schedule a facial. As always, procedures with top clinics like Belo is best done with an appointment, so I went ahead a few days to schedule my visit.

I went to the Belo Medical Clinic at their branch in The Atrium of Megamall. It's the most convenient branch for me as its nearer my place. When I get a facial, I would like to go straight home immediately and not deal with too much traffic.

I consulted with their uber good looking dermatologist, my friend was right, everyone in Belo are good-looking! No kidding! My guy dermatologist had flawless skin and he's fairer than I am. I felt inferior, I tell you. But on  to business and I told him that my oiliness is back and I hate it with a vengeance. I want something that can get rid of it. Stat.

When he recommended Belo Botanicals Cleansing Facial, I was a bit apprehensive since I am not into all natural when it comes to my facials. Nope! Like I said in various previous posts, I love the science of aesthetics and cosmetics. If you're just going to slap some herbs and what ever natural ingredients you got there, I might as well do it as the comfort of my own home. I can easily get those home remedies online. When i go to a facial clinic, I go for science and chemicals that will make be look brand-spanking new! Enough said. My good-looking dermatologist informed me that it is a natural type of facials but it also has AHA to revive my skin and other things that will target  the needs of my oily face.

Botanical Cleansing Facial is best for those like me who have combination skin, oily on the T-zone, while calm and dry on other parts of the face. But to address more on the oiliness, he also added an Ice Mask which reduces the oil production. Ice mask I heard was a popular choice for many Belo clients.

Also, he recommended that I acquire a regimen that combats the oiliness and the re-surfacing of acne. Will show you that in another post.

My facial was pretty much no-nonsense, which is a good thing. I was ushered into a room that looked very much like a treatment area but a little bit more posh. There, I was asked to lie down and the facial started. Eveything that was used on me smelled really nice.

The Botanical Cleansing Facial consisted of cleansing the face, aromatheraphy, scrubbing with the Botanical facial scrub and extraction of whiteheads and blackheads. There was the usual steam, vacuum and laser. Like I said, pretty straight to the point and it was done in less than an hour. I particularly like the facial crub and massage. My attendant was very skilled and she knew when it hurts when she was extracting my icky whiteheads and blackheads. Needless to say, I loved every bit of it. Yes, even with the extracting part.

And I'm just very happy that all those icky whiteheads and blackheads are now a thing of the past!

The Ice Mask was a nice ending and comforted my skin after extraction. And it did feel like my face was against a nice cool ice. I'm all positive vibes at this point because I really need my face to behave! it's oily as hell! Ice Mask was the best ending to my Botanicals Cleansing Facials.

The mask getting me all teary-eyed. My advise? Keep your eyes closed at this point. Lol!

This is me after facial. It looks as if, nothing happened. :) My face isn't too red and it feels good.

A day later in Bohol :)

I'd definitely recommend this facial as maintenance when you've already treated your acne and hardly experiencing any. It's a very simple facial and I don't think this is one for you if you're skin is at its worst moment. For me, it was just right. The oiliness tamed down a bit but not during really hot humid times. But over all, my faced looked  cleansed and clear after my Botanical Cleansing Facial.

I would consider getting the Botanical Cleansing Facial again in between getting treatments for when I have acne. Being inside Belo Clinic makes me feel like a million dollars. They are very adept at taking care of their clients and provide them the best in service. The clinic at Megamall was designed where in the waiting area is located at the middle of the clinic, away from prying and gawking from passerby. They ask if you like refreshment and everyone is just so courteous.

My attendant/facialist is especially attentive and she was able to answer all the questions I had for her about other treatments. She seem to be aware as well those treatments that I would be interested it. Most of all, I felt very comfortable during the whole procedure and I almost didn't feel any pain - except in the nose part, that is. I love how speedy the facial is and yet I know my face was thoroughly cleansed.

When getting a facial I suggest you do the following:

1. Facials are treatments, ensure that your hands are clean before you begin since your face are raw and open after your facial, just in case you need to touch your face.
2. Put your phone in silent mode to avoid disturbances while your getting you facial. After all, this is a nice time to rest.
3. Try not to touch your face after the treatment and don't apply makeup (unless this is allowed).
4. Avoid populated and polluted areas after facial to avoid contaminating your face.
5. NEVER wash your face after facials. Wait at least 4 to 6 hours before doing so.
6. Always follow advise of your facialist if she has after your facial.
7. Never rush your facialist.
8. Always express when experiencing pain, burning or whatever that bothers you at the course of your treatment.
9. Inform the clinic of all your allergies and previous treatments that caused any undue reactions on your face, as well as diseases and such.
10. Enjoy, relax and welcome a much cleanse face!

If you're interested getting this facial, you may visit or call 819.BELO and set an appointment with the nearest clinic near you.

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  1. Hi Shen! I met you earlier at the Glambox workshop, I'm so glad because I'm a fan of your blog! :-) You're so cute and pretty!

    Thanks for sharing this post, I've never had a facial before but I think I need one now since my skin is misbehaving, and I'm getting married in 2 months. Bad timing talaga. I inquired with Belo Megamall about their basic facial, and hindi na ako nakabalik, natakot ako. I think I might go to Belo na nga for my first ever facial. I'm looking forward to the anti-oiliness regimen. :-)

  2. elow po ask ko lang po magkano po Belo Beauty: Botanical Cleansing Facial + Tips on Getting Facials

  3. magkano po bayad u sa pang  Botanical Cleansing Facial + Tips on Getting Facials


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