Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vacay Mode

Hello, guys!!

Its been awhile since I last blogged. I've taken on a new job at a PR firm and its been really awesome. I'm finding a hard time adjusting because of the technicalities but i'm not about to waver from a challenge.

This weekend though, I'm releasing stress over here at Calatagan, Batangas, a popular beach destination in the Philippines. I'm with my dearest friends and having a mellow time with them. :)

Can you believe we haven't hit the beach yet? The house we rented for the weekend was too homey and equipped with a nice pool with jacuzzi and whirlpool that made us lazy to walk away from it. :)

And besides I don't want to darken my skin so much just yet. That's why I'm packing on tons of sunblock. :)

That's it for now! Update you guys soon!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

NARS Calanque Trio Eyeshadow (Photos, Swatches, FOTD)

On the NARS event I went to last month, I got to take home with me the NARS Calanque Trio Eyeshadow from their latest collection. It's like a baked eyeshadow trio melded together to create a certain gradation.

The first and largest shade is describe as  gold infused with silver flecks. This shade actually reminds me of Polyester Bride from Urban Decay. Good thing NARS described it as flecks.. Was it hard to work with? Well not so much as I've used only a bit to highlight my brow when I used it on an FOTD I did (See below photos). It may have fall outs but I love how easy it was to blend.

Second shade is a light matte caramel but it did some off as a bit satin for me though. I do love this shade as it makes a great base for my eyes as it's almost the same shade but gives that smooth satiny effect. It'll make a good highlighter for a more morena skin though.

The third and darkest shade is described as rich antique bronze infused with gold. It honestly looked greenish to me but upon swatching, you can definitely see the marriage between the bronze and gold which gives quite a unique shade.

Although the largest shadow was quite hard to work with, this palette gives a nice smokey look that quite reminds me of the girls of Pretty Little Liars. :)

Overall, I like this palette but unless you have several palettes that contains similar shades then you can skip this one. But if not, then grab this one. I heard Spring 2011 collection of NARS is almost running out. Better grab one now before it's too late. :)

So, what do you think? Do you think I should keep this trio eyeshadow in my kikay kit?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Luxury Sunday: GUESS Eyewear Summer Collection

Here's another luxury Sunday for you pretty ladies and handsome gents. :)

I'm seriously loving and getting so overwhelmed with the latest Guess Eyewear collection. Been on a scout for another sunnies and the gold details of these collection is making me drool! I especially like the Royal Underground collectio GU 7057. It is sooo chic! And cheaper too for only less than Php5,000!

Feast your eyes on these affordable but sooo uberly luxury loves!

GU7032 Metal Aviator
These ultra sexy styles are a blend between urban punk rock and classic glamour chic. The two-tone coloring adds excitement and dimension to the enamel filled logo. The GUESS “Elite Script” logo sits on metal chain link temples softening the look on these edgy fashion forward styles. Bright girly colors make this duo fit into any GUESS girls wardrobe.

GU 7057 and GU 7078
Silhouettes with attitude! Metal chain details mixed with confident and glamorous shapes create a key look with a street chic appeal.

Animal skins in a fresh way! Unique snake skin patterns pressed onto metal temples create subtle but rich tone-on-tone dimension. Metal logo plaque sits on the temple adding a more luxe look to these styles. Silhouettes are feminine and stylish and make a stunning appearance.

GU 2213 and GU 2211

Perfect Silhouttes that are fun and chic. Metal leopard spot charms encompass the feminine GUESS “Script” logo adding excitement and adventure to this exotic trio.

Now that I got a new job for a Publicity and Events Firm, I am definitely investing in a good eye glasses. I want glasses that represent the quirky fun but serious-in-the-office me. :)

What about you? Do you often wear sunnies? I suggest you do.. despite the rain.. we all know that the sun is smiling down on us more frequently now than ever. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara Review

I am slowly becoming a mascara addict. It looks like mascara is all I can think about lately. Can't believe how a few years ago, I would not even consider looking at them while browsing the beauty section of my favorite mall. I had reasons like it would make my lashes look gaudy, it's going to be tough to get rid of it, and the popular "it will gives me panda eyes!"

Those days are mere distant memories... barely something that I would want to give a penny to. I love mascaras.. and I think it's slowly becoming a staple in every woman's bag with all these releases of mascaras in the market. It's only a few months ago that I was fiddling nonstop with the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara and here they go coming up with a new one.

And it's quite sleek, too, and totally different from the rest of mascara that I love. Hello, it has dials on it! Tres magnifique! 

Revlon's first mascara with an adjustable bristle brush gives you
2 looks in 2 with a simple twist of a dial.

Let's talk about the the dials, shall we?

To use the dials, i simply just have to turn the cap to either dial 1 or 2. It's really easy. :)

On dial 1, the bristles are properly aligned to give the lashes a clean application. This help lashes look longer and give dramatic effects as provided in our nifty little purple plastic box.

While dial 2 stagger the bristles to give that long and defined lashes. It combs through every lash and costs it evenly.

The consistency is like a typical Revlon mascara like Grow Luscious and Double Twist. Not too dry or too creamy. :) 

Trivia: Do you know you can use your mascara as a gel liner? :) Yes, you can!

What I love...
  • Really lengthens the lashes.
  • Provides clean application
  • Lessens clumping
  • No panda eyes when removing it
  • Easy to use

What I don't..
  • mascara tends to break or loosen at the end of the day

But I only recommend this if...

  • You're a mascara addict like me!
  • You have sparse lashes and want longer looking lashes
  • You love well-defined lashes
  • you want a mascara that literally has double use
  • waterproof

bare lashes
bare right lashes, dial 1 left lashes
used both dials on both lashes, using dial 1 first and then 2.

love how it makes my lashes look longer and thicker. :)

If you're a makeup artist, i suggest keeping the protective cap on and just use disposable wands to keep your mascara from contamination.

What mascara have you been playing with lately?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FOTN: Post TRUPeel Procedure Day 6 w/ The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream

See? Told yah I can wear makeup already! :) It's a Saturday night and the friends have plans to meet up for dinner and drinks... oh drinks, how I miss you. If you've been reading my tweets, then you know I went out (as fast as I could) out of my house! I love meeting up with my cousins and college friends. They have a way of making a grim work week all worth it.

Of course, I was happy to test if I could wear makeup already. But since I'm crazy (well, sometimes I am), I used The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream. Quite abundantly, too, to make sure that my peeling face wasn't so apparent. So please excuse the whitecast commonly associated with BB Creams. :)

My very pretty Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover in OC-20 to set the BB Cream and boy oh boy how it scmoothened my skin! But of course, a bit of peeling part was still visible but only when you look closer. I love how smooth the Skin Remaker is! It's love!!

Here's right after application under flourescent light. I like the result the The Body Shop Mositure White Shiso BB Cream acted like a moisturizer and tamed down my drying skin while MJ Skin Remaker Pore Cover smoothen my look.

Oh, I used separate clean wedge sponges for both BB Cream and the face powder. Not risking any skin reactions. :)

I contoured as usual but not around the chin area since I think it's too soon to apply traditioal makeup in that area as its been the most sensitive during the peeling days ago. Yes, it's the MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden.

I used a mineral blush (first one I can grab), Pureglow Rosiest Rush.

For the eyes and lips, I used my Bobbi Brown Pretty Palette for a natural eye makeup look for the night. I do love the Sandwash Pink Lip Color in this palette. It looks so natural on me but still enhancing my overall look.

Under yellow light, my skin looks great, don't it? You can't even tell I was peeling like crazy for the past few days. And also, I haven't retouch during this time. No oilies, Ma! 

This was about 4 hours from time of makeup application.

I was dressed about 8pm but we already met up around 11PM, face is still incredibly matte.

 With flash camera.
My face appear whiter due to the whitecast of the BB Cream. Must lessen use in the future. :)

What I love? My face barely oiled up during the evening! The TRUpeel actually lessened my oilies along with the face powder. I love it!

What do you think? :)
P.S. I used the L'oreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara and my lashes looked so curled!

If you missed my previous post on House of Obagi TRUpeel Procedure, here are the links:

Monday, May 2, 2011

TRUPeel Procedure at House of Obagi: Day 5 and 6

Day 5 and 6 has been good to me! Yes, there is a silver lining! More than a silver lining, I tell you!

I noticed the following on Day 5:

  • Redness has definitely lessed to about 60 to 70%.
  • Peeling have decreased to about 70%
  • Itchiness on the chin area lessened to about 80%, other parts no itchiness at all since Day 3.
  • I still felt discomfort during the afternoon but it quickly disappeared after showering and washing my face.
  • I can go out without feeling too conscious (I was never conscious anyway but you get what I mean. lol.)
  • I can definitely feel how soft my skin has before
  • Smoother surface of the skin.
  • Blemishes on my left cheek has significantly lessened to a point its non-existent

Day 6 looks as if my face was back to normal.

I noticed the following:
  • No itchiness at all even during the afternoon.
  • Visibly smoother surface, peeling reduced to about 95%
  • Redness is still there but reduced to about 85%
  • Skin looks a lot more rosier than red.
  • Pores look a lot smaller! (seriously!)
  • I can wear makeup!! and had no reactions to it whatsoever!

I felt a little bit more comfortable using other products that is not Obagi during Day 6.

I used Paul & Joe Cleansing Milk to remove makeup
I used The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Cleansing Powder to properly remove my makeup after makeup remover. I didn't feel any discomfort at all.
I used Clinique Moisture Surge as my skin tens to dry at night and didn't notice any difference on the skin.

I definitely advise refraining from using any products except for a gentle facial wash and a sunblock for sensitive skin for the first 5 days after your TRUpeel procedure just to avoid having any skin reaction. The skin will definitely feel tight due to the peeling and drying of the skin will occur, refrain from using moisture to not hinder the peel from working. Just be patient... I tell you, it's worth it. :)

Will update you more on upcoming posts!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

TRUpeel Procedure at House of Obagi: Day 4

My fourth day looks pretty worst but I think it's only from the heat. I've been staying indoors for past couple of days and I try not to expose my skin to the sun without sunblock. My face feels pretty rough, I tell you. The peeling is starting to get hyper at this point as per Dra. Perez's promise.

I can definitely promise you that it will get better from here! I will show you pictures soon! :)

I know you notice the change I made from Obagi True Peel to TruPeel at House of Obagi.. it's because I overlooked the name and made a mistake. So sorry, guys!

Picture above is after I applied the Obagi Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35 Sunblock. It pronounces the peeling more which is somewhat embarassing. Good thing, I didn't need to interact with so many people during the peeling stage. Hehehe!

I still don't use any skin care regimen save for the Obagi Foaming Gel and Sunblock. But it's getting hard not to pick on my peeling skin. I actually succumed to it a few times. I know, I'm bad! :( But will try to behave.

It's quite obvious that it's only about to become worst before it gets better. I'm slowly biding my time and I think now it's paying off. :)

TRUPeel Procedure at House of Obagi: Day 3 (Still Red)

My face is truly peeling and I do miss putting on makeup. It's really hard not to control picking on the peeling skin but I got to. My face is still red on the third day and it feels hot, I guess the mask is still very active. I've been warned that all these are going to happen. It's hard to maintain my cool, I tell you. But I need to be strong. After all, I don't want to complain right now and just feel bad when my skin starts to look better. I'm just taking it all in.

The heat is making it a bit harder as my chin started to get itchy. Good thing Dra. Perez reached me as soon as I set out a text to the House of Obagi nurse staff that I want to put on something on it. Dra. Perez advised me to apply Elica to the itchy part around my chin and neck.

I can't wait for all of this to be finish!! :)

I'm sure you're as eager as I am to see the result. :)
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