TRUPeel Procedure at House of Obagi: Day 5 and 6

Day 5 and 6 has been good to me! Yes, there is a silver lining! More than a silver lining, I tell you!

I noticed the following on Day 5:

  • Redness has definitely lessed to about 60 to 70%.
  • Peeling have decreased to about 70%
  • Itchiness on the chin area lessened to about 80%, other parts no itchiness at all since Day 3.
  • I still felt discomfort during the afternoon but it quickly disappeared after showering and washing my face.
  • I can go out without feeling too conscious (I was never conscious anyway but you get what I mean. lol.)
  • I can definitely feel how soft my skin has before
  • Smoother surface of the skin.
  • Blemishes on my left cheek has significantly lessened to a point its non-existent

Day 6 looks as if my face was back to normal.

I noticed the following:
  • No itchiness at all even during the afternoon.
  • Visibly smoother surface, peeling reduced to about 95%
  • Redness is still there but reduced to about 85%
  • Skin looks a lot more rosier than red.
  • Pores look a lot smaller! (seriously!)
  • I can wear makeup!! and had no reactions to it whatsoever!

I felt a little bit more comfortable using other products that is not Obagi during Day 6.

I used Paul & Joe Cleansing Milk to remove makeup
I used The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Cleansing Powder to properly remove my makeup after makeup remover. I didn't feel any discomfort at all.
I used Clinique Moisture Surge as my skin tens to dry at night and didn't notice any difference on the skin.

I definitely advise refraining from using any products except for a gentle facial wash and a sunblock for sensitive skin for the first 5 days after your TRUpeel procedure just to avoid having any skin reaction. The skin will definitely feel tight due to the peeling and drying of the skin will occur, refrain from using moisture to not hinder the peel from working. Just be patient... I tell you, it's worth it. :)

Will update you more on upcoming posts!!

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  1. bangbangsheshoots2/5/11 1:27 PM

    wow i can really see the results there. Big props on you for showing this!

  2. isn't summer the worst time to do a peel? might try this one when heat goes down a little bit


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