TRUpeel Procedure at House of Obagi: Day 4

My fourth day looks pretty worst but I think it's only from the heat. I've been staying indoors for past couple of days and I try not to expose my skin to the sun without sunblock. My face feels pretty rough, I tell you. The peeling is starting to get hyper at this point as per Dra. Perez's promise.

I can definitely promise you that it will get better from here! I will show you pictures soon! :)

I know you notice the change I made from Obagi True Peel to TruPeel at House of Obagi.. it's because I overlooked the name and made a mistake. So sorry, guys!

Picture above is after I applied the Obagi Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35 Sunblock. It pronounces the peeling more which is somewhat embarassing. Good thing, I didn't need to interact with so many people during the peeling stage. Hehehe!

I still don't use any skin care regimen save for the Obagi Foaming Gel and Sunblock. But it's getting hard not to pick on my peeling skin. I actually succumed to it a few times. I know, I'm bad! :( But will try to behave.

It's quite obvious that it's only about to become worst before it gets better. I'm slowly biding my time and I think now it's paying off. :)

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  1. Hey hun,
    I was wondering what the peel is for^^


  2. Marjorienhazel1/5/11 1:28 PM

    Have you tried putting on makeup? Or even just pressed powder?

  3. Gracemarks1/5/11 4:00 PM

    Hiya sis! Congratulations to such bravery for going under this peeling process. As someone who can't leave my house without make up on, I don't think I'd even consider this unless I'm on long vacation. One question though sis, how often have you got to do this or will you be able to use a maintenance regime to stop your skin from going back to its normal condition before you started the process?

  4. Hi She.

    How much would it cost me on my first visit to House of Obagi for Acne treatment? Can you give me an idea. Tnx

  5. more or less 2K. :) san glycolic peel and KI shots. :)


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