My Obagi TRUPeel Experience: Day 1 (The Clinic Visit)

Obagi TruPeel is one of the latest procedure that House of Obagi offers. It's an intensive peeling procedure that will help anyone who is suffering from Melasma, uneven skintone and blemishes. TruPeel is for practically for everyone who suffered the mentioned skin problems. It controls the melanin and take away layers of the skin. After which you'll be left with a much smoother, much healthier skin. It is practically painless and very much tolerable. I only experienced warm sensation during the whole procedure. After that, it was practically just like a mask on my face.
My face prior to Obagi TruPeel

Why did I try TruPeel?

I have a skin that somehow tells me that I need a peeling or microdermabrasion procedure. My skin would feel very rough especially every after 6 weeks and I feel discomfort from it. Even with an oily skin, I would have this feeling as if I need to shed off skin. In my experience, when I don't get a peeling procedure, I would get pimples as my pores are probably clogged from the deadskin.

Personally, I don't take peeling treatments to whiten my skin, I just really love the feel of my skin becoming smoother and my face looking a lot more even. It's such a good way to feel real pretty afterwards.

But I've never taken anything as intensive as Obagi TruPeel. And it's a great adventure for me as I'm willing to try almost anything that relates to dermatological treatments. Yes, that's how I addictive I am to procedures!

So, what happened?

I went in for my 3pm appointment at House of Obagi in Greenbelt 5 and consulted with Dra. Perez. I'm happy to know that Dra. Perez herself undergone TruPeel and she was already on her 4th or 5th day and that gave me an idea what TruPeel was all about. Nothing like a doctor who also takes the same procedure you want to try to convince you. It looked pretty harmless but her face was truly peeling. But what the heck, I was ready and I wanted a new skin already! lol!

Dra. Perez then asked one of the nurses to prep me for the Obagi TruPeel procedure! (excited!!)

Face Preparation

My face was washed with the Obagi Foaming Gel and then toned with Obagi Toner. Last step of the prepping was a steam for 10 minutes. Easy enough and I was quite enjoying myself! The nurse also was very gentle with washing my face, a definite plus for me.

Meet Dra. Perez!

Nice of her to ask me if I'm ready! :) "Yup", I told her!

To degrease my face, she used an acetone all over my face. She told me it's to make sure the peeling solution will be absorbed on to the skin fully and no oils can hinder it. She also shared that even in the States, they also use acetone for procedures like this and the Obagi Blue Peel. Since it's not a high amount of acetone is used, it's safe for the skin. And that they only do this for procedures like this. And of course, we shouldn't do this at home. :)

And then, we're ready for the Melanin Control System Mask.

Dra. Perez informed me that this type of peeling procedure is different from the Obagi Blue Peel as it doesn't contain TCA or glycolic. It's a especially made cream that lifts away deadskin cells and dimishes dark spots and unevenness of skintone. Also it is safer for the skin.

There was all around warm sensation and around the nose, I felt a bit of prickling heat (since I usually scratch it). It felt typically like a mask is being applied on my face. I'm expecting untolerable pain since I do have sensitive skin, but none came that I couldn't handle.

Yup, I can still take it. Keep 'em coming, doc!

at this point, I was just trigger-happy with my camera... not realizing I don't need a lot of photos to show you guys what's happening. :)

The Catch...

Meet the Pinay version of Fiona! :) lol!
I need to leave the clinic with the Mask on! Ha! And you thought Obagi Blue Peel was too much!

Dra. Perez informed me that I need to leave the mask on til 12midnight (a good 7 hours with the mask on) and must take it off with a gentle cleanser. Happy to know I don't have to sleep with it on. Que horror!

Yup, this girl walked around at GREENBELT 5 with a yellowish / greenish (ala Shrek) mask on! I even ran into some couple of friends near Tory Burch and talked to them for a while WITH THIS MASK ON!

I even went to Powerplant Mall afterwards to pay my bills with SMART! Ha! Take that! LOL!

And lastly, I went to a meeting with other bloggers at The Fort! :)

Did I encounter judgmental people? Not so much. I got gawked at, yes. But the air of confidence I exuded probably threw them off. Ha! And I also figured that some of the them knew I had a procedure done. I was just happy altogether also, that I didn't notice bad remarks or looks. lol!

Was the BF shocked?

A little. "O, what procedure was that?" He asked when he opened the door and then I went and started chattering about my experience and he just listened. Oh how I love the hubby!

At the stroke of Midnight

My face was already peeling! Happy! Joy! Joy! Oh how nice to see my yucky skin shedding! :) And oh what will it took for me not to pick on my deadskin and start peeling them off!

Dra. Perez informed me that my face would be red the next and it is!! I look like someone left baking under the sun. I look like I have sunburn and my face can't stop peeling. What a joy!!

What's my new skin care regimen?

Just a gentle cleaner (alternately using Obagi Foaming Gel and Gentle Cleanser) day and night; and lots and lots of sunblock during the day!

I hope its obvious already I'm addicted to peeling treatments. LOL!

Day 2 is coming right up! :)

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  1. Hi Shen!
    thank you for this very detailed post :) I am just wondering how much is this procedure? and why did you opt for this one and not the Obagi Blue peel? (I am also following Jheng's docu hehe...)
    Thanks a lot!

  2. wow, i admire your confidence miss shen! i don't think i can do that.... i'm sure this procedure will be worth it! i'll standby for your next posts about this...good luck! :)

  3. hi shen, how much is the procedure? interested coz my mom has melasma thank you!

  4. Hahaha! Wow.. I wouldn't have the guts to walk around with that mask on

  5. of course not. it's so easy. :) just imagine you don't have a mask on. :)

  6. angelamhiere27/4/11 4:55 PM

    wow! Kudos! I am not sure if I can walk around outside with that kind of mask on... =D

    IF EVER I take a similar procedure, I will go straight home... hahaha! =D

  7. wow, your confidence shen surely threw those who ogled off :) will surely keep an eye on your next posts.

  8. Beautynomics27/4/11 8:05 PM


  9. Naalala ko tuloy yung time that I had my facial warts removed. People were really gawking at the dots on my face.

  10. You're so brave and confident! Hoping for the best outcome. :)

  11. wow! i can't believe u actually went out with that mask on. i never would have had the guts to do it. now that is ultimate CONFIDENCE! :D luv d attitude!

  12. Try Derma 360 at Rockwell Makati. They have 41% off promo now in Oxyget peel for only P888 instead of P1500. 

  13.  Wow! I truly love to try this kind of treatment interesting.


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