Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet My New Skin Care Regimen: Flawless Skin Whitening Line

Having tried the Flawless Pore Refiner and SAS Soap, I just knew that trying out their Skin Whitening Range would prove effective as well.

And I was proven right. For the past weeks I have been using this skin care range, I've received a lot of compliments on my skin. Don't we all want that?

Flawless Whitening Soap (php140)

This soap has a citrus scent that feels tingly on the skin. Using this soap makes my skin feels clean and tight. I leave this on for a minute or two before washing it of.


Facial Toner (290)
Refreshes and purifies skin by restoring its natural PH balance.

I use this alternately with my Flawless Pore Refiner during the day. But at night I am devoted to this one since it feels gentler on the skin. It removes remaining dirt that the soap wasn't able to get rid off.


Moisture Therapy Cream (Php340)
Softens and Moisturizes the skin.

A good moisturizer for oily skin because it is not aggravate oiliness. Absorbs into the skin fast as well. No fragrance which is a good thing for a skin like mine that easily reacts. A little goes a long way with this one. Massage on to face and to bring blush to your cheeks.


Skin Protect Cream (290)
Helps protect skin from sun damage.

Sunscreen is very important in the whitening process of the skin. One shouldn't do away without one and this is definitely a good sunscreen being dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. Like Moisture Therapy Cream, this doesn't have any scent as well and its easily absorbed, having gel-like consistency. It dries into a matte finish.


Skinlite Cream (Php340)
Targets skin pigmentation especially in the armpits and elbows. For face and body use.

Since I have troubled skin and acne, there are also acne marks left on my skin. I needed to get rid of those and since using this cream, my acne marks have lessened. Of course I would still need peeling and microdermabrasion treatment. But at least with the Skinlite, I can make sure I am doing something about it everyday. Had a sort of medical scent to it but won't linger too long on the skin. Adsorbs quickly and dries to matte finish as well.


Skin Renew Cream (Php340)
For pigmented skin, pimple marks, fine lines and wrinkles. Helps to refine the skin.

An all-in-one in a tub product is just what I need to keep my face looking a lot better than it was. So far, this is my favorite among the line. I just really find this effective. My skin feels tighter as the day goes by with this one. It's pure love! I can even apply this around my eye area to help lessen my eye wrinkles and crows feet. And it's so affordable.


My Skin Care Regimen

Whitening Soap
Facial Toner
Moisture Therapy Cream
Skin protect Cream

Whitening Soap
Facial Toner
Skinlite Cream
Skin Renew Cream


I definitely recommend this to girls like me who have battled their way out of acne. You can get rid of those unsightly dark spots, acne marks with this whitening skin care range from Flawless.
This way, getting back that clear skin will be a lot sooner than you think.. and maybe just maybe.. we can let those concealers rest.

much love,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beauty and Butter:Half Leg Waxing

I hate shaving, plucking etc. It only makes my hairy condition worst. I am thankful for my parents' genes but having too much hair has made my situation a lot more difficult than the next girl.

It's a good thing that I grew up in an era wherein all unwanted hairs are easily removes and always located at my favorite malls. That way, I can do a lot of things rather than just one thing.

When I had my manicure and pedicure done with Carla at Beauty and Butter, I was ashamed of how hairy my legs have become. It was yucky, so unlady like. So, I scheduled to get my half-legs waxed just before my pedicure.

The procedure was not something I wasn't familiar with. I've tried a lot of leg waxing from plucking, threading, cold wax, honey hot wax and roll-on. This time, it was another roll-on leg waxing. It's one of the best waxing in my opinion. The roll-on was heating using a small machine. After 10 of so minutes, the wax is hot enough but not too hot that it will burn your skin.

The procedure was done in a private room of Beauty and Butter, you will be asked to lay down on their medical bed covered in cute pink cloth. Your legs will be prepared by powdering it with a baby powder. This ensure that your skin is smooth, if an easthetician doesn't use this then she probably doesn't know what she's doing. Beauty and butter uses a white cotton cloth that they never re-use (always a good thing). After the wax was rolled a few times on my half legs, the cotton cloth (shaped like 1/2 sheet of paper lengthwise to cover the height of the leg) was then pressed onto my skin and rubbed a few time in order for the wax along with my hairs to adhere on the cloth. After that, the aesthetician will pull the clothe opposite from your hair growth.

It was pretty painful for me given that I have low pain threshold. But all that was worth it when I saw how much hair was taken out. After each leg, I now have a beautiful (albeit slightly reddish) smooth skin.


A solution will be applied to lessen the redness and make your legs a lot more smoother, so don't jump off the table just yet.

The treatment took a good 10 to 15 minutes to finish. Pretty fast in my opinion. I barely have time to twit that I was getting a leg wax.

Beauty and Butter offers other waxing services for different hairy parts of the body. There is underarm (Php340), Whole Legs (Php900), Eyebrow (Php220), Upperlip (Php220), Brazilian (Php900), Bikini (Php600).

My half leg wax cost only Php500.00. Now a days a good leg wax can cost more than that and around Megamall, Beauty and Butter had one of the reasonable prices.

What I love is how competent and skilled the staff were. They really know what they are doing. I didn't have to point out to her the parts I usually have to point out with others waxing salons.

1. Get leg waxing as soon as the hairs are its normal length and not a moment later. The longer you keep your legs unwaxed, the more that your hair will take and make the waxing painful.
2. Avoid washing your skin immediately after your waxed to prevent chicken skin. Wait for 3 to 4 hours.
3. Don't moisturize before waxing. The oils on the lotion body oil will make it hard for the wax to adhere to the hairs.
4. Exfoliate a day or two before getting waxed.
6. Do not get waxing if you a gnash or broken for hygenic purposes and as to contaminate the skin and worsen your wound.
7. Patch test before getting any part of your wax to see if you're allergic.

There you have it, a smoother hairless legs. :)

Now, for that brazilian... hehehe!

much love,

Beauty and Butter is located at SM Megall and SM Manila

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lemming: Binky Burrow

Binky Burrow is soooo cute. I hope I can get my hands on their shirts!!

Do you know that there are different characters of Binky Burrows? They are like their very own Gossip Girl Bunnies! Lol!

I am definitely Blush. :)

This is the real Binky

Hmm.. I wonder if Binky and Duke can make a collaboration. :) Whatcha think? :)
Dog and Bunny in a shirt? Wouldn't that be cool

Either way, I am craving for my very own Binky.. shirts, mugs, filed folders..
you name it I want it.

I like this Books before boys shirt.. :) Although Blogs before Boys sounds good, too. :)

Thank God they are located at many stores in the Metro.


All those hopping is making dizzy!


much love,

Check out Binky Burrow at
or at their Facebook LikePage.

Flawless Body Scrub with Bleach

Once in awhile, I indulge in some body loving with a body scrub. I would partner it usually with a massage afterward. But today, I did something different. For someone who isn't into whitening, I am pretty much doing a lot of things that has to do with whitening. Fortunately though, I'm not the only one.

Women now can benefit with a little lightening treatment. I found that Flawless Body Scrub with Bleach as one of the most convenient, non-evasive treatments there is to achieve a body that is fairer and younger-looking.

The Body Scrub with Bleach

This two hour treatment was pretty intensive, in my opinion. The Body Scrub and Bleach started off with a dead sea salt scrub to removes lingering dead skin cells from my body. The scrub ensures that the bleach will be absorbed to make my skin lighter. After the scrub, I was asked to wash it off at the shower area. Second part of treatment was the application of Body Bleach. The back of my body went first. I felt like bread being buttered up with the cool bleach solution was being applied. My aesthethician told me that she would have to leave the solution to dry and then she would be back again for the last application on the rest of my body. After each side of body was coated and dry with bleach, I showered again for the last part of the treatment. The aesthetician applied the Body Bleach Lotion that would aid the whole treatment as well as keep my skin soft and supple.

To summarize, the steps are:
1. Body Scrub (to remove dead skin cells)
2. Bleach Solution Application (front and back)
3. Body Bleach Lotion (to keep skin from drying)

What are the results afterward?

After treatment, you will notice that your skin is glowing and feels a lot smoother compared to how it was before.

After a few days, you'll notice that there is a small significant change in skin tone. Dark spots are less noticeable.

I was told that the Body Scrub with Bleach is best partnered with other body whitening treatments such as intake of gluthatione medicine or gluta-injectibles.

How was the treatment for you?

As for me, I quite thoroughly enjoyed the treatment irregardless whether I am into whitening or not. I love that I have an alternative to whitening treatments or that I could partner this with any treatments I want. I'm sure my mom would want this treatment if she was here to treat it. I felt refreshed and invigorated after the body scrub while the body bleach process gave me time to just be by myself and rejuvenate my mind. Waiting for the bleach to dry up gave me a good amount of idle time to just relax my thought. It really was something.

How's the Flawless Clinic for Body Treatments?
I am also very impressed with the privacy that Flawless provides their clients. Not once was there a knock at the treatment room I was in.

I think it wouldn't take a long time for me to try this body treatment again. Php2000.00 per session, I think this will go on the Indulge Yourself pile.

When is the best time to get body bleaching?
I would recommend body bleaching after the summer season where in exposure to sun is lesser. From there on, once or twice amount for the next 4 months are my recommended time to get this done.

What are other things should we do to get the best out of this Body Scrub with Bleach Treatment?

Try to avoid any sun-exposing activities that would hinder for the body bleach to work as you would tan again. If you would want a significant change and truly see whitening results, I suggest taking whitening supplements, use of whitening soap and lotion even at home and applying liberal amounts of sunscreen as well avoid the sun as much as you could.

For what purposes should one try Body Scrub with Bleach?

Not only is this supplementary to other whitening treatments you are undergoing, this is also a nice way to relax your mind and body from the stress of the city. I personally would love the alone time again. Also, if you have an event like weddings, debuts or anything that would require your good skin to shine, this treatment is good way to bring out the best of your skin. This treatment won't exactly wow you, it would definitely just show how beautiful your skin really is.

much love,

Nail Color: Desire by Caronia

Caronia Desire (Frosted)

Whenever I see this color, it reminds me of those red christmas balls decoration that we use to put up on our christmas trees. :) I can definitely use this nail polish just in case those balls have chips on them.

But Desire is indeed a good name for this red frosted nail polish with pink understones. The boldness of the color exudes sexiness and boldness to who ever wears it. As fo r this author, I love red nail polishes. Not only is it attention-grabbing, it also makes my skin look fairer.

*with flash indoors

*outdoor under morning sky

My attempt at Nikki-pose hands. :)

Here's another.

Desire is definitely on my favorite list of Caronia Nail Polishes and I'm sure it will be yours, too!

much love,

Don't forget to joing my Neutrogena Fine Fairness Contest! :)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

EOTD: Mint and Pink (42 Shimmer Palette)

Hello Everyone,

How's your week so far? Mine is getting lamer and lamer. I got a temperature right now. Everyone I know is getting sick but this is my second time during this freak weather we are having. I usually don't get sick but my doctor just advised me to get some bed rest. Like I don't have enough of that. I'm hoping my temperature lowers down today.

Here is my eye of the day last week. I love how this looks so fun for a night out but quirky enough for a daytime wear. Blame it on me, I love colorful eye of the days. I got inspired of this combo from a Sephora e-mail. But I knew I couldn't pull off just the two-toned eyeshadow because I barely have a crease. I knew a shadow crease would compliment the look. So I darkened my crease with the black eyeshadow from the 42 Shimmer Palette that really really reminded me of MAC Carbon. Just a dip is enough to get a good amount of eyeshadow!

Products Used:
Eye 10 Eyeshadow Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
42 Shimmer Double Stack Palette
Maybelline Felt Tip Liner
Maybelline Magnum Mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Covet

As for the whole look, I'll tell you about it soon.

Earrings are from Accessorize.

Gotta rest now!

much love,

New! Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush

Charm for the past years have been bringing us wonderful brushes. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but the soft Charm Luxe brushes are just divine to use. Just last Christmas, Charm Luxe Collection came out with the kabuki and retractable kabuki that was sold out immediately. Blame me for getting 3 of those limited retractable kabuki for three of my best-est friends.

Its really often a wonder for many people I know how I came by such soft brushes in my kikay kits. Some of them have limited knowledge that these fabulous soft brushes are right within their fingertips. They seriously don't have to settle on buying those mediocre brushes at the beauty stores nor do they have to waste a lot of money in acquiring expensive brushes available in high end department stores They don't even need for realtives to buy them really good quality brushes.

Beauty and Minerals brings exactly the brushes we need and deserve.

Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush

Beauty and Minerals describes this wonder brush as such:

As mineral foundation demands to buff, buff, and buff, create that flawless face with the perfect buffing mineral foundation/powder brush, the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush! Created with densely packed synthetic bristles, The Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush ensures you a wonderful time in front of your vanity mirror as you enjoy the silky softness of the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush, and see flawless results with it! Ultra soft, but firm bristles work their way into perfection! The Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush is great for applying loose mineral foundation, or pressed foundation, to ensure even, buildable, flawless coverage on the face!

As always, I get carried away with taking pictures of things I love. Below are just a few angles of this wonderful flat top brush.

The Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush is quite unique from all the flat top brushes I own. It has a denser packing of synthetic hair fibers and a longer handle. The large circumference was a nice break from my other smaller flat top brush. This allows me to finish applying my face powder in less amount of time.

And its just soft soft soft!

For Php600.00, this is truly a good buy.

I can use the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush for the following products:

1. Compact Face Powders (Lancome Maquicake Compact Powder)
2. Mineral Powder Foundations
3. Mineral Finishing Powder
4. Traditional Setting Powder
5. BB Cream Foundations (Dr. Jart BB Cream and Maybelline)
6. Cream Foundation (Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Stick Foundation)
7. Liquid Foundation (Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation)

A good diameter/circumference for faster makeup application

Right denseness of the hairs provide me the even application I want with my mineral foundation.

Suffice it to say that I'm addicted to this brush. I definitely recommend this brush to anyone who has a love affair with makeup and those who is just looking for a brush to give their makeups some loving.

You may check out more of this fabulous Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush at

much love,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Gets a New Look + Win the whole line for yourself!

This is yet another post on whitening products that is worth your attention. I honestly am not into whitening but for the past few years, I have seen the benefits of having fairer and more radiant skin. Not that I would stop playing under the sun though.

Neutrogena though wishes to give women who want fairer ad more whiter skin in the healthiest way they could. So they came up with their latest innovation for the healthy white skin we all want to have.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness

With the mixture of Essential Soy, Niacinimide (Vitamin b3), Ascorbyl Glucoside (Stabilized Vitamin C) and Portulaca Extract that completes the newest Neutrogena Healthy White Complex to give us the fairness we want. To top is all off, this range has retinol, a known anti-aging ingredient.

The whole science behind this range has really impressed that made me a lot of sense to me. But what caught my attention was its Eight (8) Synergistic ways to helo us lighten our skin.

1. Protects our skin from UVB rays
2. Shield our skin from UVA Rays
3. Restores our healthy skin by helping block free radicals
4. Prevents skin darkening by helping normalize melanin production
5. Blocks the appearance of melanin so skin stays clear
6. Enhances surface skin renewal
7. Helpos calm and soothe skin to maintain an even tone.
8. Lightens skin by providing immediate whitening effect.

as seen Cosmopolitan Philippines July 2010 ad.

Fine Fairness Cleanser

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Cleanser is the first step in achieving long lasting radiance. This purifies the skin as it thoroughly removes impurities, helping improve overall fairness and clarity. The rich and creamy foam removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells without stripping skin of its natural moisture. It also contains Vitamin C, Essential Soy and skin-lighteners to improve fairness and translucence of skin.

Fine Fairness Toner

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Toner is a whitening toner that helps improve overall fairness and translucence. It contains Vitamin C and Essential Soy™ to help reduce discoloration for a more even skin tone. Special liposome delivery system deposits whitening ingredients into skin to help lighten overall complexion. Natural extracts and skin conditioners also replenish moisture, keeping skin soft and hydrated.

Fine Fairness Lotion SPF 30

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Lotion SPF 30/PA++ prevents the appearance of melanin on the inside and at the same time, moisturizes and protects skin on the outside. With HealthyWhite™ Complex and light-diffusing minerals, it boosts the whitening process and reduces uneven pigmentation. In addition, the UVA and UVB formula with SPF 30 shields skin from darkening and photo damage. This oil-free whitening lotion improves overall skin fairness, reduces dullness and sallowness, while smoothening skin and making pores less visible.

Fine Fairness Cream

Suited for use at night, the Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Cream protects inner skin against melanin to give an even, translucent skin tone. It also has high concentrations of HealthyWhite™ Complex, thereby giving skin a healthy, rosy glow while you sleep.

Now, that's healthy white indeed. :)

Want to win this whole set for yourself?

To join, just follow the procedure:

Open only to Philippine Subscriber

  1. You must be a follower of this blog (follow button is on the right side bar)
  2. Subscriber of this blog (subscribe on the right side of the blog by filling up with your e-mail, must be activated by confirming the verification e-mail you'll receive)
  3. Follow Shen's Addiction on twitter and Retweet this contest.
  4. Like Shen's Addiction Facebook page here and share this on your facebook page.
  5. Complete the sentence, "I want fairer and more radiant skin because _______________."
  6. Place answer, links, emails and full name at comment section.

The one with the best answer (as judged by me and another person) will win the whole line of Neutrogena Fine Fairness.

Contest will end August 7, 2010

Good luck!!

much love,
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