Lemming: Binky Burrow

Binky Burrow is soooo cute. I hope I can get my hands on their shirts!!

Do you know that there are different characters of Binky Burrows? They are like their very own Gossip Girl Bunnies! Lol!

I am definitely Blush. :)

This is the real Binky

Hmm.. I wonder if Binky and Duke can make a collaboration. :) Whatcha think? :)
Dog and Bunny in a shirt? Wouldn't that be cool

Either way, I am craving for my very own Binky.. shirts, mugs, filed folders..
you name it I want it.

I like this Books before boys shirt.. :) Although Blogs before Boys sounds good, too. :)

Thank God they are located at many stores in the Metro.


All those hopping is making dizzy!


much love,

Check out Binky Burrow at www.binkyburrow.multiply.com
or at their Facebook LikePage.

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