Flawless Body Scrub with Bleach

Once in awhile, I indulge in some body loving with a body scrub. I would partner it usually with a massage afterward. But today, I did something different. For someone who isn't into whitening, I am pretty much doing a lot of things that has to do with whitening. Fortunately though, I'm not the only one.

Women now can benefit with a little lightening treatment. I found that Flawless Body Scrub with Bleach as one of the most convenient, non-evasive treatments there is to achieve a body that is fairer and younger-looking.

The Body Scrub with Bleach

This two hour treatment was pretty intensive, in my opinion. The Body Scrub and Bleach started off with a dead sea salt scrub to removes lingering dead skin cells from my body. The scrub ensures that the bleach will be absorbed to make my skin lighter. After the scrub, I was asked to wash it off at the shower area. Second part of treatment was the application of Body Bleach. The back of my body went first. I felt like bread being buttered up with the cool bleach solution was being applied. My aesthethician told me that she would have to leave the solution to dry and then she would be back again for the last application on the rest of my body. After each side of body was coated and dry with bleach, I showered again for the last part of the treatment. The aesthetician applied the Body Bleach Lotion that would aid the whole treatment as well as keep my skin soft and supple.

To summarize, the steps are:
1. Body Scrub (to remove dead skin cells)
2. Bleach Solution Application (front and back)
3. Body Bleach Lotion (to keep skin from drying)

What are the results afterward?

After treatment, you will notice that your skin is glowing and feels a lot smoother compared to how it was before.

After a few days, you'll notice that there is a small significant change in skin tone. Dark spots are less noticeable.

I was told that the Body Scrub with Bleach is best partnered with other body whitening treatments such as intake of gluthatione medicine or gluta-injectibles.

How was the treatment for you?

As for me, I quite thoroughly enjoyed the treatment irregardless whether I am into whitening or not. I love that I have an alternative to whitening treatments or that I could partner this with any treatments I want. I'm sure my mom would want this treatment if she was here to treat it. I felt refreshed and invigorated after the body scrub while the body bleach process gave me time to just be by myself and rejuvenate my mind. Waiting for the bleach to dry up gave me a good amount of idle time to just relax my thought. It really was something.

How's the Flawless Clinic for Body Treatments?
I am also very impressed with the privacy that Flawless provides their clients. Not once was there a knock at the treatment room I was in.

I think it wouldn't take a long time for me to try this body treatment again. Php2000.00 per session, I think this will go on the Indulge Yourself pile.

When is the best time to get body bleaching?
I would recommend body bleaching after the summer season where in exposure to sun is lesser. From there on, once or twice amount for the next 4 months are my recommended time to get this done.

What are other things should we do to get the best out of this Body Scrub with Bleach Treatment?

Try to avoid any sun-exposing activities that would hinder for the body bleach to work as you would tan again. If you would want a significant change and truly see whitening results, I suggest taking whitening supplements, use of whitening soap and lotion even at home and applying liberal amounts of sunscreen as well avoid the sun as much as you could.

For what purposes should one try Body Scrub with Bleach?

Not only is this supplementary to other whitening treatments you are undergoing, this is also a nice way to relax your mind and body from the stress of the city. I personally would love the alone time again. Also, if you have an event like weddings, debuts or anything that would require your good skin to shine, this treatment is good way to bring out the best of your skin. This treatment won't exactly wow you, it would definitely just show how beautiful your skin really is.

much love,

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  1. Sounds good :) Would try this one soon :)

  2. ryza hapitan18/1/12 9:59 PM

    tanong lng po. kailangan po ba every month ako magpabody scrub para mamaintain ko ang puti/effect nito?
    how long pa para magpabody scrub ulit ako? every month ba?
    nakaputi ba talaga ito? as in noticable?

  3. how much ung inabot ng treatment? i want to try it :)


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