Nail Color: Desire by Caronia

Caronia Desire (Frosted)

Whenever I see this color, it reminds me of those red christmas balls decoration that we use to put up on our christmas trees. :) I can definitely use this nail polish just in case those balls have chips on them.

But Desire is indeed a good name for this red frosted nail polish with pink understones. The boldness of the color exudes sexiness and boldness to who ever wears it. As fo r this author, I love red nail polishes. Not only is it attention-grabbing, it also makes my skin look fairer.

*with flash indoors

*outdoor under morning sky

My attempt at Nikki-pose hands. :)

Here's another.

Desire is definitely on my favorite list of Caronia Nail Polishes and I'm sure it will be yours, too!

much love,

Don't forget to joing my Neutrogena Fine Fairness Contest! :)


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  1. MARE! Natawa ako sa Nikki-pose hands! may posing pala ang hands ko! LOL great color!!!

  2. so the color on u.. XD


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