Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shen Takes a Peek: Forever 21 Manila

The much anticipated store, Forever 21, is finally here in Manila! :) No more sad excuses for us who can't afford to go to the US or even Japan. The Philippine fashion rep has gone a notch higher now that MNL can boast of its first Forever 21 franchise located at 2nd level Mega A of SM Megamall.

I could imagine long lines at the aisle of dressing rooms and cashiers, girls checking out every fashion piece available and sporting it on the streets of my fabulous eccentric city. I feel so blessed.

Blessed more because I was given a sneak peek of the store. Little 'ol me in taking pictures of what's in store for all us along with other bloggers such as Askmewhats, Topaz Horizon, Chuvaness, Little Miss Dress Up, Mabuhay Girl and Fashion Pack. Makes me wonder what in the world I was doing there...

When I went into my Detox Program with Tita Nadine, I didn't imagine the extent of how much I would enjoy a healthier and some what slimmed down body. It felt like Forever 21 came just in time for me to be able to enjoy its fashion offerings. That is why I consider it a motivation to keep myself in shape and in good health. How else could I enjoy wearing such fabulous finds if I'm not happy with my body? Now that I'm loving the results of my nearly healthy body, it is only but right I wear dresses that shows exactly how I feel..

What more better way to flaunt a healthy body than with Forever 21 clothing? After all, I feel exactly... forever 21.

This dress screams me all over. Bold prints, flamboyant, not afraid to show some skin (and some cleavance). This dress can be pulled off by anyone... anyone with the right amount of confidence.

I love this dress. Period.

This soft leather bag in cream shade is total love. I adore the ruffled piece with it the metallic stud on the middle. Soft yet edgy, just my kind of style.

It comes in green, too! My credit card will cry on friday. I swear.

The Bottega Venetta/Chanel inspired bag is screaming, me!! I love that bag!! I want!

My character and style of clothing is totally opposite from each other. I am wacky happy go lucky person that people might I go for colorful pieces. Quite the contrary, I love muted solid color like this grey layered dress. I love how the bust was made to help enhance the bosom.

The frustrated Charlotte and Stepford Wife in me loves this spaghetti lace baby doll dress. Wouldn't this be lovely to wear with a pink cardigan when meeting the parents of your affianced?
I'm sure it will make a great impression.

Before, I would shy away with skirts like this, saying that my legs are too big and too short.. but now, I feel a lot confident that I know this skirt will enhance my waist. The details as well will keep people disctracted from my burgeoning tummy.

Accessories are always a great way to enhance plain outfits and to keep people's attention on your neck rather than your lack of bosom.

The Great Carrie once said, "It's hard to walk on single woman's shoes, that's why sometimes we need special ones to make the walk a little more fun."

Forever 21 shoes are not only fun... it's within every working single or not single woman's budget. It couldn't get any better than this.

Most of the collection above are from Forever 21's TwelvebyTwelve line that boasts of a sort of Uppereast Sider style. Sort of conservative chic, very Blair Waldorf. Where I think I'd be spending most of my time.. :)

And the headbands and accessories are to die for!

Me and Frances. took the cue on her when she took a photo of herself in the big mirror. I love this mirror. No need to line up at the dressing room, just grab a dress, pose at the mirror holding the clothes up and see if it suits you.

Let me leave you with this oh-so kikay pose.

Forever 21 will be open on July 2, 2010
2nd level of Mega A SM Megamall
(Former location of Cinderella, beside Watsons)
Take escalator from El Pollo for faster access to the store.

Know more details and Like them on their official Forver 21 Facebook Page and catch their tweets at Forever21ph.

much love,

Thanks again, Jane, for letting me play photographer inside Forever 21 and getting one of the first look at the store.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lee Chul Hair KerKer Salon, a cutting experience

You read it right. That’s Lee Chul Hair Ker Ker, an almost a year old (or is it more than) Korean Hair Salon located at the heart of Makati Avenue.

What prompted me to go to this place, it being too far from home? Well, since the event I was about to attend was slated at 7 p.m., I had time to kill. I usually try to arrive early to an event I’m invited to but in this instance, I was way too early. Two hours early, that is.

So what does a girl do to kill time? Spend it inside a salon. With all the services offered, two hours isn’t hard to kill at all. I initially just wanted to get a blow dry but the one who washed my hair expressed already ho long and heavy my hair was. I could feel it, too, every time I would bathe and blow dry my hair. So, why not indulge? After all, the Korean Director of the salon will be the one to do the cutting. An opportunity for me to have something to blog about as well.

It felt nice sitting first at their receiving table (like a large dining table) and offered drinks. The people are very welcoming (I was the only client then, I think). I was asked what I wanted done but there wasn’t any hard selling or telling me my hair is dry or some other things.


It was a first time for me to have my hair handled by a Korean Hairstylist. I’ve read many testimonials on how meticulous they can be when cutting and how the language barrier was sometimes frustrating. For me though, I gave them a lot of reign. I only pointed out things he could take note of.

  • I want to maintain the length
  • I want my hair to feel lighter
  • I want to grow my bangs.

My hair was shampooed really well. I believe they use L'Oreal products for shampoo and conditioning. Upon sitting, my hair was blow dried as instructed by the stylist

I was so glad that my hair stylist knew what he was doing. He started off by cutting the tips of my hair as if he was shaping it. I felt no rush during this process. It was like he was cutting all the split-ends. And he was also shaping the “uka-uka” (uneven) parts of my hair lengths. He made is seamless and looking quite brand new. While he was cutting, I felt like my hair was a sculpture with how he would lean back, study, then cut my hair. Astig.

Then he proceeded on slowly thinning my hair to this desired thinness. From here in, it really felt as if we were in some hair fashion show. I was excited to see the results because I could feel my head getting lighter. No more dragging feel on my hair.

I thought that my hair would just be blow dried but I guess its a tradition or practice with a Korean salon to get your hair flat ironed instead. I love it. My hair shape was coming to life with every drag of that flat iron. I notice though that every time I would touch my hair, the stylist would tell me it’s not yet finish. Hehehe. Me though, I was just surprise with how soft my hair was. It really was! All my Kerastase and Matrix home treatment was working!

In the end, my hair looks so brand new and yet still the same hair style I've come to love for months now.



My hair is so wavy already, i need a rebonding session soon! Matrix Opti-Straight, I need you!

Jen of and Nikki of noticed how nice my hair was that day and yet she couldn’t tell I had a hair cut. Just the reaction I was hoping for.

Overall, I love this salon and the service. The ambience isn’t too intimidating but it was really posh. I love the black and white interior as well as the big amount of space. It’s not too confining even if there’s a lot of people there I would presume. There’s a locker as well for your belonging to avoid holding your bags and getting hairs on it. There is wifi, too! The Hair Cut cost me Php600.00 (Plus Php100 tip for stylist and P50 for his assistant).

Do take note of the following if you want a seamless transaction with a foreign salon:

  1. Always voice out what you want. Talk to a Filipino employee if needed so you won’t end up with a cut you don’t want.
  2. Ask first for information for a treatment before having it done (price, products used, time, etc.)
  3. Tips are always expected but not required. If you plan on going back, a good Php100 or higher (based on your experience) and not more than Php100 for their assistants. Tips not the basis for a good job, but if you want to be treated extra well the next visit, a giving good large tip is recommended.

Are you interested with Korean Hairstyling? Get to know more about Lee Chul Hair Kerker at

much love,

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Guessing Game: Place. Two Words.

Can you guess where Frances, Nikki and I spent our saturday afternoon?

much love,

P.S. Thanks, Jane!

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Do you know what's inside the bottom of NYX Round Lipstick?

I've always been curious what's at the bottom of my NYX Round Lipstick.
What's that color underneath and it is really lipstick?

My NYX Tea Rose Round Lipstick was the unfortunate guinea pig of this experiment.

Apparently, what's inside is a jelly-like substance that aims to imitate the true color of the lipstick to make it easier on choosing at the store and on your vanity. Like jell-o molded inside the plastic cap.

What it isn't is an extra lipstick.

Let me save you the trouble.

Don't pry it open when your fave NYX Round Lipstick runs out. Just get another tube at your favorite NYX store or online seller. :)

Boy, was I sooo curious!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

much love,

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Product Review: Because I hate my oily skin and want to be fairer

Hi Everyone!

How's your weekend? Mine is spent with blogger and college friends. Don't you just love spending time with your girlfriends? Too bad that the weather literally is raining on my parade. But I'm not all too unhappy of the rainy season. Read on why.

I always see the rainy season as the best time to use whitening products. Not because there is not the same amount of sun there is. We all know that sun rays still seeps from the clouds and even the rain. But since the rainy season keeps a lot of us indoors and there are no risk of over exposure like summer activities, whitening products work a lot more efficient during this season. This is also one way to save money when treating your skin.

On that note, I am now on a journey of achieving a lot more fairer skin this season. Looking back at my pictures from way back, I figured that I have been abusing my skin a bit too much.

Wouldn't you just love to get the fair skin back again?

But how can we do that if we have oily skin?

Well, that's why I'm glad to be a woman of this day and age. There is just so much techonology and innovations now that deals with almost everything we worry about, making it easier for us to become the best version of ourselves.

Garnier Skin Naturals

When I first got introduced with Garnier Skin Naturals, I knew that it would be something good. They offer skinc are products that works at an affordable price. For a girl like me who spends too much on skin care products, I often wish that there is something out there that works but won't break the bank. Well, apparently, there is.

Garnier on Light Complete

Garnier Skin Naturals released LightComplete in the market during mid of summer to target those who needs to keep their skin from oiliness but achieve a fairer complexion. Being a Filipina, I am not all too surprise the need to achieve fairer skin. LightComplete aims to target those needs and then some.

The Trial and No Error

Trial time: Close to three (3) weeks
Exposure: Little to none. 70% indoors, 30% outdoors (only when driving and walking to and fro location that is only a few meters away)
Application: Every morning after cleansing toner.
Skin type: Oily skin, prone to break out, uneven skintone of face and neck. Medium-fair skin tone.

What I love...
1. The result. My skin became a shade lighter with less than three weeks of use.
2. The price. For not more than Php200.00 ($4.00), I get a product that deals with more than one skin problem.
3. The scent reminds me of a product my mom used. Using this makes me feel closer to her.
4. Great partner when I'm undergoing whitening treatments.
5. Mattifying effect.
6. Keeps oilies away for more 3 hours on me with makeup on, 4 hours without makeup on.
7. Skin looks a lot clearer and dark spot has visibly reduced but not entirely gone.
8. Easy to apply.
9. There's moisturizing properties that my oily skin still needs.
10. Comes in different sizes to fit anyone's budget. Check Manila Beauty Blog for info.
11. Great for oily, combination-to-oily, and normal skin.
12. Had UVA/UVB protection.

What I don't...
1. From the beginning of application, the product feels like its not seeping on my skin. Like it is sitting on top. Takes a while to shake of the feeling.
2. Not really for dry skin because the feel of the mousse-like consistensy will annoy you (not your skin per se).

Swatch of Garnier Light Complete

You need only a small amount that kind of surface.

A lot softer looking skin.

Repost From Manila Beauty Blog:

There are a lot of things that stops us from achieving a fairer and clearer skin, dead skin cells that still stays on the surface of our skin, dark pimple marks and oily glands.

Now, there is one product that addresses that exactly and actually gives us more. Garnier Skin Naturals has created a product that answer many of our dilemmas. Complete your skin care regimen with Garnier Light Complete and relieve yourself from dull skin, dark spots, acne marks and oil. The all-in-one skin care that you will ever need this summer.

The zesty pure indregients of Salicylic Acid and Pure Lemon Essence creates this magic in a tube of a product. The Salicylic Acid with its anti-bacterial properties, traps in oil for a shine-free look. The Pure Lemon Essence acts as a natural exfoliator and renews skin to its original luster.

Achieve a fairer, whiter skin with this multi-action whitening cream.

Til the next whitening product and treatment!!

much love,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet my savior: Eyeliplex-2

Do away with dark puffy eyes with this 2-in-1 eye system that targets dark puffy eyes.
Get improved and firm looking peepers with this wonder product.
Notice how it changes you see products in less than 4 weeks.

Okay, I'm sounding like an informercial. But really, this is one product that EVERYONE who hates dark and puffy eyes should use. Seeing wrinkles around your eyes? Maybe its high time to change that eye cream that you can't see work.

I've been using Eyeliplex-2 off and on for weeks now and It has never failed to make me look at my best. I see instant results every morning whenever I apply the day gel. And at night (especially when I get enough sleep), the night gel soothes my "puyat" looking eyes.

But why is there two gels anyway? Well, the two gels work hand in hand to give the best and most gratifying results. The science behind this product is awe-inspiring. You're really feel special because researchers and scientists really did their best to give you products that really work.

Here's what GoodSkin Labs have to say with Eyeliplex-2:

The Eyliplex-2 eye regimen targets concerns with two complementary innovative formulas. The night balm picks up from the day gel and contains two complexes that optimize the skin’s natural recovery process by recharging the skin. Haloxyl PFE™ is a new powerful extract derived from the passionflower to reduce the appearance of dark circles by helping to restore firmness while sleeping. Mala-plump™Complex, made up of minerals such as malachite, caffeine and a Vitamin C derivative, supports skin’s natural recovery process and combats free radicals and environmental aggressors while also boosting natural collagen production. Super Plumping Spheres act like plastic wrap, helping to keep moisture from escaping the eye area.

For this two-in-one product, you get 3 major results

1. Visibly lifts and tighten skin around eye area (especially lower eye area)
2. Lightening of dark udnereyes
3. Restores firmess which relieves eye skin area from puffiness

Scientific Results

GoodSkin Labs tests shows that 78% of their subjects shows visible reduction on darkness and puffiness and shows results of firmness and less wrinkles?

For best results, they advise us to use the product this way:

In the morning, apply Day Gel after cleansing to the entire eye area (above and below) by gently patting on skin and let set for 3 minutes before applying other cosmetics. At night, warm the Night Balm between fingers and gently press onto eye area.

I've beeen achieving a much clearer complexion lately. But dealing with my eye area have been a perpetual ordeal with all the late night outs and blogging during wee hours of the morn. My dark undereyes and it puffiness will always come back even if I stay up late for one night. What a problem, right? And I doubt I'm the only one having this problem.

For the women of today, I feel like we are lucky because there are products out there that deals with all our skin care problems.

So far, with Eyeliplex-2 I've assured that I get back that healthy looking eyes even with all the hustle and bustle of becoming a women in this day and age.

Eyeliplex-2 will set you back Php2,600.00, but really, don't you think your eyes are worth the care?

much love,

Get your Eyeliplex at selected Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores.

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The Original Forever 21 is really really here in MNL!

I guess my previous post wasn't enough to convince you.. But the internet is a-buzz with the soon to open Forever 21 franchise here in Manila, Philippines.

Need more proof? Here is it!

Let's try not to underestimate SM Group next time, eh? :) And maybe, just maybe, they'll bring H&M here, too!

Right beside Watsons (second level of Mega A)

Across Figaro and the corridor across Fuma

Remember Cinderella and how big the store was? Imagine Forever 21 just as big! Drool!!

See you there!

much love,

Testing Dr. Jart Healing BB Cream Black Label

Oily skin or not, I realize that BB Cream has a lot of benefits. I just didn't realize how important it was until I had breakouts again. My clear skin moment was cut short due to hormonal problems. You know, that time of the month? It's just frustrating.

So when Dr. Jart BB Creams were introduced to me and its benefits, I thought "why not?". The beauty addict in me just jumps to opportunities when given the chance. So when I received the sample of this wonder BB Cream, I didn't think twice.

Since I was breaking out on my chin, I figured that this is the best foundation to use for everyday wear rather than the traditional makeup foundation that I usually put on daily. During the Dr. Jart BB Cream press launch, I was awed with how radiant the model's skin was after BB Cream Black Label was applied on her. And since it was also said to be safe and actually heals a lot of skin problems, nobody could stop me from trying it.

Dr. Jart Black Label swatch

Dr. Jart Black Label swatched and swiped

Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream blended on the right part of the back of my hand.

The result was a lot clearer looking skin. A dab of finishing powder after the BB cream application resulted to a radiant looking skin that is quite photogenic (without flash).

What's great is that it did not aggravate my breakouts. Rather, it seem to lessen the redness. Of course, I still used my typical medications but I think the BB Cream helped in the healing process. This, I think, is one great answer to those with a lot of skin problems like wrinkles, age spots, blemishes and minor breakouts.

Do you like it? Because, I am loving the effect. I could hardly see the pimple on my skin.

The Black Label is the default BB Cream of Dr. Jart for all skin types. Meaning, this BB cream is tested to work with different women. Oily, Dry or Normal, this will most probably be a good choice for you. As for me who have active oil glands, I find that the coverage is nice but lasts only a few hours (same as all the BB Creams I've tried). This is a great alternative for tinted moisturizers because of it added benefit (sun protection, whitening and anti-wrinkle).

The price may be steep for many (especially students). But for someone who is dead serious in taking care of their skin, less than Php2,000.00 is price worth paying for.

What products do you think are worth your moolah?
Have you tried BB Creams? How about Dr. Jart?

You'll see detailed product description of all the Dr. Jart BB Cream variant on Manila Beauty Blog. Feel free to blog-hop there.

much love,

As always, consult with your dermatologist prior to trying a product you see on ads and blogs. Especially if your skin is highly sensitive and prone to allergies.

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*Product provided by official PR for blogging consideration. This is not a paid review/advertisement. The written web log is based on author's personal views and is not influenced by the official PR or company of the product.

Summer is still here with Ginga flip-flops

I don't know about you. But rainy of sunny, flips-flops is my go-to footwear for nearly everything. Even when I'm driving, I wear my flip-flops.

Lately though, my feet is addicted to Ginga (pronounced as jinga), the latest brand of flip-flops just in time for rainy season. No more icky wet shoes with these on hand (or should i say feet?). It's so soft, comfy and the designs are just fabulous. There's something for every picky Filipina.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Event: City Girl does Nature and Nurture (A Photo Essay of Nurture Spa Relaunch)

To those who knows me really well, I am a city girl. I love everything about the city. I love the late nights, the 24 hour stores, the malls, the noise and sometimes the scent of the city. My life would probably end in the city and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But sometimes I need to convene with Mother Nature. To smell the scent of fresh air, flowers and the trees. To be woken up by birds and rustles of the morning breeze. To drink tea in a hut and a take the nature in me.

But who can stand the long hours of traveling and the expensive travel fees?

Fortunately, I didn't have to look that far.

Nurture Spa has relaunched last May into a Medi-Spa. This dream destination, just a two hour drive from the metropolis, is the best place to go to get some much needed R&R. Did you just suffer from a medical condition? Do away with your hospital bills and recuperate here in Nature Spa. They have everything you need to renew yourselves into a much healthier you.

When I suffered from colds and cough due to the change of season, I wished I was staying here to recover from my illness.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I want this as much as Bella wants Edwards (Cherry Mobile Eclipse)

Cherry Mobile Eclipse feautures Dual SIMs, Twilight integration

Just in time for the premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Cherry Mobile has released their latest mobile offerings that will change the way people see smart phones.

Cherry mobile has made it possible for everyone to own a smart phone through the innovation of Eclipse. Eclipse is a windows mobile capable phone. It houses a jam pack of application that many of us always wanted. Personally, I am a Windows Mobile girl. My first introduction was in 2005 and have always made sure I have a Windows Mobile capable phone ever since. Thanks to my mom who knew what a law student and entrepreneur like me really need.

What I love about Windows Mobile is the capacity to take in a lot of things that my Windows capable computer/laptop does. I don't have to convert any files like Words, Excel and Powerpoint. I don't have to covert videos, musics and books to be able to access them. I simply hook up my phone to my laptop and drag my files to its proper folder. Et Viola, I can view them on my phone. It really takes away the stress and hassle. I can even transfer all my contacts from my previous Nokia phones to my Windows Mobile capable phone with just a few clicks. After a few minutes, I have all my less than a thousand contacts on it.

You see, it's like a teeny-weeny computer that I can access anytime, anywhere... and this is it.

So, now that I'm on a lookout for my next Windows Mobile capable phone.. I'm not looking too far away...

A home-grown brand has done just that and quite budget-friendly, too!!

For only Php9,999.00, I get to have a brand-spanking-new Windows mobile phone!

I can't believe that for that amount, I get this sleek looking smart phone with themes already installed and Eclipse trailer that goes with it. Best of all, it has everything Wifi, Bluetooth and pre-installed apps like Facebook, Youtube, MSN, etc. :)

The Cherry Mobile Eclipse
Smart and affordable... now this is the phone mom wouldn't bat a lash in buying. Why would I, right?

I'm hoping to get my hands on this before the end of July (keeping my fingers crossed).

much love,

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swype it!

No, not your credit cards. :)

Swype is the latest innovation on world of texting on touch screen phones. I'm excited to see that some of the things I'm wishing for is now available. Too bad that Apple have yet to carry this certain invention on their Iphones and Ipads.

Swype is the answer to a lot of prayers that people like me have. Instead of having to tap out the words of each letter, all I need is to literally swipe my fingers across the letters of the words I'm typing. Et viola! An easy fast way to text via virtual keyboard.

Of course, I haven't tried it yet. But inventor Cliff Kushler and Randy Marsden are playing around with applications that could work for Apple products and hopes that Apple will see this as an offering to its wide clientele. Personally, if this becomes an app on Apps Store, I wouldn't think twice on getting it. :)

But for the meantime, I have Tikinotes to tinker with. :)


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