Do you know what's inside the bottom of NYX Round Lipstick?

I've always been curious what's at the bottom of my NYX Round Lipstick.
What's that color underneath and it is really lipstick?

My NYX Tea Rose Round Lipstick was the unfortunate guinea pig of this experiment.

Apparently, what's inside is a jelly-like substance that aims to imitate the true color of the lipstick to make it easier on choosing at the store and on your vanity. Like jell-o molded inside the plastic cap.

What it isn't is an extra lipstick.

Let me save you the trouble.

Don't pry it open when your fave NYX Round Lipstick runs out. Just get another tube at your favorite NYX store or online seller. :)

Boy, was I sooo curious!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

much love,

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  1. Thanks for the experiment!!! hahaha I´m happy I finally know what that is, hahaha I was wonderin and I was about to do the same experiment, thank God you did it first :p cause I couldn´t experiment with my new brand NYX round lipstick :p thanks girl!!! xoxo!!!


  2. Lol.. thanks for this Shen! I have a couple of NYX lippies..

  3. haha. chineck mo pa talaga ha!

  4. You really are, Shen! But thanks for sharing, and for the gorgeous photos. =)Happy Monday!

  5. LOL! You are so funny and cute Shen. So so adorable!

    Lots of love,

  6. Hahaha! I've done that too! =P - trace

  7. OMG you are my kind of gal! this is the type of thing i will totally do and i am shocked i didn't think of it. excellent post. 5 thumbs up! :P

  8. okay, feeling ko ang loser ko coz i haven't had any NYX lipstick all my life haha! na-intriga ako sa post mo, :p great post shen!

    - shane

  9. I've always been curious about those too... =D

    However, I dont have nyx lippies... =(

    thanks! I now know what those are! and if ever i get nyx lippies in the future, i wouldnt have to be tempted to pry open the bottom part of the tubes... hahaha!

  10. We've always been curious about it, but we never EVER thought of prying it open. Haha, good job Shen :p

  11. lol.. this made my night ahha.. i can only imagine your outcry of disdain ehhe..

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  12. you're so funny shen! bagi p lng ung Nyx's ko kya hindi ko pa naiisipan gwin yan, pero mbuti n lng gnwa mo na. hehe. tnx!

  13. LOL..this post is funny! But thanks for saving us the trouble =p

  14. ahahaha! I'm about to do the same thing! That is after abusing my first NYX lippie! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  15. how did you open it, just curious?

  16. miss1kpopfan20/8/11 2:46 AM

    mine was a real lipstick. . how come yours was just a jelly??

  17. Cherrie Joy Relos20/10/11 7:36 AM

    Mine's jelly too, just checked out after reading this ^_^ Ever Bilena (matte lipsticks) got the same packaging and it has a real lip color in it. ^_^ just sharing :)

  18. I don't know if theve changed it but my mute lipstick is rubber and my haute couture is actually lipstick in the bottom trust me I jamed my finger in it...lol


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