Lee Chul Hair KerKer Salon, a cutting experience

You read it right. That’s Lee Chul Hair Ker Ker, an almost a year old (or is it more than) Korean Hair Salon located at the heart of Makati Avenue.

What prompted me to go to this place, it being too far from home? Well, since the event I was about to attend was slated at 7 p.m., I had time to kill. I usually try to arrive early to an event I’m invited to but in this instance, I was way too early. Two hours early, that is.

So what does a girl do to kill time? Spend it inside a salon. With all the services offered, two hours isn’t hard to kill at all. I initially just wanted to get a blow dry but the one who washed my hair expressed already ho long and heavy my hair was. I could feel it, too, every time I would bathe and blow dry my hair. So, why not indulge? After all, the Korean Director of the salon will be the one to do the cutting. An opportunity for me to have something to blog about as well.

It felt nice sitting first at their receiving table (like a large dining table) and offered drinks. The people are very welcoming (I was the only client then, I think). I was asked what I wanted done but there wasn’t any hard selling or telling me my hair is dry or some other things.


It was a first time for me to have my hair handled by a Korean Hairstylist. I’ve read many testimonials on how meticulous they can be when cutting and how the language barrier was sometimes frustrating. For me though, I gave them a lot of reign. I only pointed out things he could take note of.

  • I want to maintain the length
  • I want my hair to feel lighter
  • I want to grow my bangs.

My hair was shampooed really well. I believe they use L'Oreal products for shampoo and conditioning. Upon sitting, my hair was blow dried as instructed by the stylist

I was so glad that my hair stylist knew what he was doing. He started off by cutting the tips of my hair as if he was shaping it. I felt no rush during this process. It was like he was cutting all the split-ends. And he was also shaping the “uka-uka” (uneven) parts of my hair lengths. He made is seamless and looking quite brand new. While he was cutting, I felt like my hair was a sculpture with how he would lean back, study, then cut my hair. Astig.

Then he proceeded on slowly thinning my hair to this desired thinness. From here in, it really felt as if we were in some hair fashion show. I was excited to see the results because I could feel my head getting lighter. No more dragging feel on my hair.

I thought that my hair would just be blow dried but I guess its a tradition or practice with a Korean salon to get your hair flat ironed instead. I love it. My hair shape was coming to life with every drag of that flat iron. I notice though that every time I would touch my hair, the stylist would tell me it’s not yet finish. Hehehe. Me though, I was just surprise with how soft my hair was. It really was! All my Kerastase and Matrix home treatment was working!

In the end, my hair looks so brand new and yet still the same hair style I've come to love for months now.



My hair is so wavy already, i need a rebonding session soon! Matrix Opti-Straight, I need you!

Jen of KikayCorner.net and Nikki of Askmewhats.com noticed how nice my hair was that day and yet she couldn’t tell I had a hair cut. Just the reaction I was hoping for.

Overall, I love this salon and the service. The ambience isn’t too intimidating but it was really posh. I love the black and white interior as well as the big amount of space. It’s not too confining even if there’s a lot of people there I would presume. There’s a locker as well for your belonging to avoid holding your bags and getting hairs on it. There is wifi, too! The Hair Cut cost me Php600.00 (Plus Php100 tip for stylist and P50 for his assistant).

Do take note of the following if you want a seamless transaction with a foreign salon:

  1. Always voice out what you want. Talk to a Filipino employee if needed so you won’t end up with a cut you don’t want.
  2. Ask first for information for a treatment before having it done (price, products used, time, etc.)
  3. Tips are always expected but not required. If you plan on going back, a good Php100 or higher (based on your experience) and not more than Php100 for their assistants. Tips not the basis for a good job, but if you want to be treated extra well the next visit, a giving good large tip is recommended.

Are you interested with Korean Hairstyling? Get to know more about Lee Chul Hair Kerker at HairInManila.com.

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