Shen Takes a Peek: Forever 21 Manila

The much anticipated store, Forever 21, is finally here in Manila! :) No more sad excuses for us who can't afford to go to the US or even Japan. The Philippine fashion rep has gone a notch higher now that MNL can boast of its first Forever 21 franchise located at 2nd level Mega A of SM Megamall.

I could imagine long lines at the aisle of dressing rooms and cashiers, girls checking out every fashion piece available and sporting it on the streets of my fabulous eccentric city. I feel so blessed.

Blessed more because I was given a sneak peek of the store. Little 'ol me in taking pictures of what's in store for all us along with other bloggers such as Askmewhats, Topaz Horizon, Chuvaness, Little Miss Dress Up, Mabuhay Girl and Fashion Pack. Makes me wonder what in the world I was doing there...

When I went into my Detox Program with Tita Nadine, I didn't imagine the extent of how much I would enjoy a healthier and some what slimmed down body. It felt like Forever 21 came just in time for me to be able to enjoy its fashion offerings. That is why I consider it a motivation to keep myself in shape and in good health. How else could I enjoy wearing such fabulous finds if I'm not happy with my body? Now that I'm loving the results of my nearly healthy body, it is only but right I wear dresses that shows exactly how I feel..

What more better way to flaunt a healthy body than with Forever 21 clothing? After all, I feel exactly... forever 21.

This dress screams me all over. Bold prints, flamboyant, not afraid to show some skin (and some cleavance). This dress can be pulled off by anyone... anyone with the right amount of confidence.

I love this dress. Period.

This soft leather bag in cream shade is total love. I adore the ruffled piece with it the metallic stud on the middle. Soft yet edgy, just my kind of style.

It comes in green, too! My credit card will cry on friday. I swear.

The Bottega Venetta/Chanel inspired bag is screaming, me!! I love that bag!! I want!

My character and style of clothing is totally opposite from each other. I am wacky happy go lucky person that people might I go for colorful pieces. Quite the contrary, I love muted solid color like this grey layered dress. I love how the bust was made to help enhance the bosom.

The frustrated Charlotte and Stepford Wife in me loves this spaghetti lace baby doll dress. Wouldn't this be lovely to wear with a pink cardigan when meeting the parents of your affianced?
I'm sure it will make a great impression.

Before, I would shy away with skirts like this, saying that my legs are too big and too short.. but now, I feel a lot confident that I know this skirt will enhance my waist. The details as well will keep people disctracted from my burgeoning tummy.

Accessories are always a great way to enhance plain outfits and to keep people's attention on your neck rather than your lack of bosom.

The Great Carrie once said, "It's hard to walk on single woman's shoes, that's why sometimes we need special ones to make the walk a little more fun."

Forever 21 shoes are not only fun... it's within every working single or not single woman's budget. It couldn't get any better than this.

Most of the collection above are from Forever 21's TwelvebyTwelve line that boasts of a sort of Uppereast Sider style. Sort of conservative chic, very Blair Waldorf. Where I think I'd be spending most of my time.. :)

And the headbands and accessories are to die for!

Me and Frances. took the cue on her when she took a photo of herself in the big mirror. I love this mirror. No need to line up at the dressing room, just grab a dress, pose at the mirror holding the clothes up and see if it suits you.

Let me leave you with this oh-so kikay pose.

Forever 21 will be open on July 2, 2010
2nd level of Mega A SM Megamall
(Former location of Cinderella, beside Watsons)
Take escalator from El Pollo for faster access to the store.

Know more details and Like them on their official Forver 21 Facebook Page and catch their tweets at Forever21ph.

much love,

Thanks again, Jane, for letting me play photographer inside Forever 21 and getting one of the first look at the store.

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  1. Wow! I am very excited ♥ FOREVER21 is my favorite. ♥

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  3. charleeneee18/7/11 2:29 PM

    I just wanted to ask where is this shop specifically located? because I'm from melbourne. But I have heard there is A LOT of SM's there. Can you give me the address?


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