I want this as much as Bella wants Edwards (Cherry Mobile Eclipse)

Cherry Mobile Eclipse feautures Dual SIMs, Twilight integration

Just in time for the premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Cherry Mobile has released their latest mobile offerings that will change the way people see smart phones.

Cherry mobile has made it possible for everyone to own a smart phone through the innovation of Eclipse. Eclipse is a windows mobile capable phone. It houses a jam pack of application that many of us always wanted. Personally, I am a Windows Mobile girl. My first introduction was in 2005 and have always made sure I have a Windows Mobile capable phone ever since. Thanks to my mom who knew what a law student and entrepreneur like me really need.

What I love about Windows Mobile is the capacity to take in a lot of things that my Windows capable computer/laptop does. I don't have to convert any files like Words, Excel and Powerpoint. I don't have to covert videos, musics and books to be able to access them. I simply hook up my phone to my laptop and drag my files to its proper folder. Et Viola, I can view them on my phone. It really takes away the stress and hassle. I can even transfer all my contacts from my previous Nokia phones to my Windows Mobile capable phone with just a few clicks. After a few minutes, I have all my less than a thousand contacts on it.

You see, it's like a teeny-weeny computer that I can access anytime, anywhere... and this is it.

So, now that I'm on a lookout for my next Windows Mobile capable phone.. I'm not looking too far away...

A home-grown brand has done just that and quite budget-friendly, too!!

For only Php9,999.00, I get to have a brand-spanking-new Windows mobile phone!

I can't believe that for that amount, I get this sleek looking smart phone with themes already installed and Eclipse trailer that goes with it. Best of all, it has everything Wifi, Bluetooth and pre-installed apps like Facebook, Youtube, MSN, etc. :)

The Cherry Mobile Eclipse
Smart and affordable... now this is the phone mom wouldn't bat a lash in buying. Why would I, right?

I'm hoping to get my hands on this before the end of July (keeping my fingers crossed).

much love,

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  1. that looks great! i wonder if it still has a TV tuner like the other cherry phones.


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