The Original Forever 21 is really really here in MNL!

I guess my previous post wasn't enough to convince you.. But the internet is a-buzz with the soon to open Forever 21 franchise here in Manila, Philippines.

Need more proof? Here is it!

Let's try not to underestimate SM Group next time, eh? :) And maybe, just maybe, they'll bring H&M here, too!

Right beside Watsons (second level of Mega A)

Across Figaro and the corridor across Fuma

Remember Cinderella and how big the store was? Imagine Forever 21 just as big! Drool!!

See you there!

much love,

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  1. I'm excited to check out Forever 21 sis :) Thanks for posting! Mwah

  2. Yahooooo! I was one of the skeptics when you first wrote about it, but man am I glad to be proven wrong! :D

    My only wish is that the markup here is reasonable.

    And I do hope H&M is next!

  3. oh my! at last! whatever will happen to the other Forever 21 I see in shopping malls?

  4. 4 floors ang forever21 here sa Singapore.. and yey to Pinas,meron nang F21!!:D

  5. the Forever 21 we had before is now named HipCulture.

    Im now confused. Does this mean that the Forever 21 before is not really Forever 21?? Is that why they changed their name? hmmmnn..

    Thanks for the post shen.
    blogs are buzzing about this store bigtime :)

  6. Ohhhh I do hope they bring H&M here! (with the same price tags in HK haha)


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