Swype it!

No, not your credit cards. :)

Swype is the latest innovation on world of texting on touch screen phones. I'm excited to see that some of the things I'm wishing for is now available. Too bad that Apple have yet to carry this certain invention on their Iphones and Ipads.


Swype is the answer to a lot of prayers that people like me have. Instead of having to tap out the words of each letter, all I need is to literally swipe my fingers across the letters of the words I'm typing. Et viola! An easy fast way to text via virtual keyboard.


Of course, I haven't tried it yet. But inventor Cliff Kushler and Randy Marsden are playing around with applications that could work for Apple products and hopes that Apple will see this as an offering to its wide clientele. Personally, if this becomes an app on Apps Store, I wouldn't think twice on getting it. :)

But for the meantime, I have Tikinotes to tinker with. :)


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