Friday, July 31, 2009

Dashing Diva and Shen

This will mainly be a review with not much pictures, since I really took this time to relax from all the problems I've been having lately.

I went to the closest Dashing Diva-Beauty Bar at newly opened Eastwood Mall. The attendant was very accommodating and suggested services that I may want to avail.

I've always wanted to get my nails pampered at Dashing Diva but really haven't found the time and I always thought that it ws expensive. Boy oh boy was I wrong! Basic Manicure is Php250.00 while Pedicure is Php350.00 If you want to get both done, you can save P25.oo by getting the Basic Mani/Pedi Combo for only P525.00.

Since I was there for the first time and I wasn't sure when will be my next mani/pedi visit, I decided to get the ALL-OUT DIVA MANICURE/PEDICURE COMBO (Php1475.00) for an ultimate pampering. The manicure is a hand facial with their signature anti-aging Crytal Exfoliator and super hydrating paraffin dip. Finished with a relaxing hand and arm massage. While the pedicure is like a facial for your feet. Includes deep exfoliation treatment, a relaxing foot and calf massage, and a soothing paraffin dip. Finished off with a perfect polish. (italicized described by Dashing Diva Brochure)

I thoroughly enjoyed everything. The ambiance was clean which is very important for me. Dashing Diva aims everything to be sanitary and it is! The stainless tools came sanitized and sealed. While the buffer, nail file and cuti-sticks are new, sealed and thrown away after each use. The paraffin wax was left my skin smooth while the massage just eased away the strain I've been putting on both my hand and foot.

The steps are unsually different from my traditional mani/pedi experience. The treatments used are very new to me. Nothing smelled of chemicals. The Cuticle Nectar has an orange scent while the Cuti-peel smelled of violets. The nail polishes was also something. It made me want to go and try them all. The Paraffin had an orangey or tangy scent unlike from what I remember before. It slipped off easily because oil was applied prior to it which made my skin all the more softer and smoother. I barely did anything except relax because all the technicians made sure that their clients doesn't make an effort during their mani/pedi experience. I didn't even raise my foot because they will do that for me. You can actually sleep and wake up with your mani/pedi done. At least that's what I think.

The only thing that I didn't like was the pedicure filing. since it left my sole rough from the scraping. You can actually see the dry skin already unlike when I came in. maybe because I was too ticklish that's why. I'm hoping though that a bath and a little scrubbing will take care of that.

Dashing Diva also provide other nail services such as Virtual Nails which is a fake nail that blends seamlessly to your natural nails especially if you want your nails to be longer. Nail Art services is also offered at 150 and above, depending if you want application of stone, confetti, glitter or what not.

They also provide waxing services which I'm dying to try. Rate goes on Php 250.00 to 800.00, depending which part of the body you want wax.

They also serve cosmos, mimosa on a specified time free with the service you availed. It is really a nice way to relax after shopping with the girls, stressful day at the office or even an ultimately bad day.

I also got a loyalty card, in which for every P250 i get a stamp and could avail gifts and even a drink on my next visit. I just got a free notepad today from that. :)

If you're tired of your usual mani/pedi at your local salon, visit the nearest BeautyBar and Dashing Diva near you to get that "Perfect set of 10".

Next time, I'll be bringing a girl friend with me... or maybe the BF before we hit the new cinemas there...

much love,

P.S. Magazines need to be updated at the Eastwood branch though and the music was a bit redundant. :) Teehee!

Photo credit.

Lancome Genefique Launch: Youth is in your Genes. Reactivate it! + a little bb fashion

After 10 years of research, finally, a serum that will bring back the youth in you drop by drop.

Lancome Genefique

revive genes’ activity and stimulate the production of youth proteins

Now available in Lancome Boutique, Greenbelt 5.

Elaine, Nikki and Emily of Lancome

bambi and friend


Blogger love!
Elaine, Nikki, Jane, Jen, Ria

Ms. K Dy of Lancome

more blogger blove!
Nikki, Hershey, me and Elaine

Elaine of Shatzmania with her prizes

Ihad to take snap of her cute LV yellow bag. :)

Ms. Carrie Co of Lancome

Ms. Carrie indulged me to take a pic with her with the supersize Genifique

Phoebe, the swiper, in a beautiful black top, acid wash jeans and black and red pumps.

my lipstick army...
These girls are wearing gorjuz lippies that is just too covetable!

last shot before dinner.. :)

Ok, time for bed and for some youth reactivation... :) giddy shen!

much love,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Wave

I guess you're wondering what The Wave is... well, so am I!

You only have to go to the nearest Watson's Boutique to know what I'm talking about.

Neutrogena finally brought The Wave here in Manila! Experience a 10x Deeper Clean.

I can just imagine cleaning my face turning into a fun regimen instead of the usual ho-hum routine. :)

The commercial alone got me excited.. :)

I'm glad that Vanessa Hudgens is the Wave ambassadress, not only is she a great actress but Filipina to boot. :)

I will share you my Wave experience in days to come. :) But I'm telling you now, I'm loving it... as if I'd bring you, ladies, something unworthy... Only the best for my girls. :)

much love,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You ask, I answer

You ask, I answer: Readers' question answered.

Q: Where can I get the 88 Palette? - kue

A: You can get the palette either at Space Pretty Store in ebay or Dollface Cosmetics. Both have reliability in their shipping & handling. :)

Q: Does Trunk Show have a website? - vanessa

A: They actually do. That where they first started if my memory serves me right. Its

Q: What cleanser is good for unclogging pores and removing white heads? - Kris

A: I still haven't found that perfect facial wash that relieves me of the white heads. But a good facial wash that I partner with my Purity Made Simple is my Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. Its not as drying and its beads are very micro that it won't feel too rough on the skin.

Q: Where can i get the foudation pump for MAC Studio Fix? - kira

A: If you are from Manila, this is not available. If you are in the US, this is available in MAC counters, free standing stores, PRO stores and online via their website. Makeup Masala of the Makeup Mix Shop sells this on her site as well and she ships internationally.

Q: shen, do u know a cheaper alternative for the MUFE concealer palette? im looking for an orange concealer kasi for undereyes. - khymm

A: Aside from MUFE, I honestly don't know where to find an orange concealer. But since I was never in need of the orange concealer, I didn't think of looking. However, I once saw a video that says an alternative for such is an orange lipstick. If you can find that then you have yourself an orange concealer. I know MAC has an orange lipstick in theri Neo Sci-fi Collection. Too bad i missed that one.

Q: Bagay kaya sakin ung radiant concealer - Khymm who has a fair/porcelain skin tone.

A: I'm an NC30-35 in MAC, depending on which season, Radiant concealer is a good light beige neutral that matches my skintone and covers my dark spots well. it goes on a bit dark on me but after I apply my foundation, everything is seemlessly blended together that you'd hardly notice the darkness of the concelear. So if you are fair skinned, then this make go on a little dark on you.

I learned from an MUA before that using a concealer a shade darker than you skin tone will actually mak foundation application easiercompared to using a lighter shade of concealer. I didn't believe it at first until I tried it with my mineral makeups. I'm not sure thought about cream based products.

Q: do you know if mac cosmetics are the same price as america? - Jo

A: No. MAC Cosmetics here in Manila is about 10%-15% more expensive than that of in the US. Sad, I know.

Q: XXX do you know the pricelist of the quad shows and MSF's? XXX - Gracey

A: I think that quad eyeshadows are Php1200 while the MSF's are Php1600, estimated only.

Q: Can you use wifi with an N95. - miemiemie

A: Yup! I have my screen on Active Stanby and on the you can see the "WLAN scanning off". Click that and your phone will look for available wifi.

Q: Did you lose weight?

A: I shouldn't answer this but since i just weighed myself recently in two different weighing scales, i found out I'm the same weight since last year. But I believe that since I can't get into my jeans anymore. :) So, that's a no. :) I'm still the same weight but probably more than that. :)

Q: What eye primer did you use? - ida on my purple look

A: Urban Decay primer potion as usual. :)

I hope that I was able to help you out with the answers I provided. Feel free to email, Cbox or write on the comment section of each post your questions. I will do my best to answer all your queries and if I don't, I truly am sorry.

much love,

The Blue Eyeshadow

I'm often wonder how I became scared of the blue eyeshadow. The taught of wearing it when I got into eye makeup just irks me. Honestly, I think its just too gaudy, that would probably make me look cheap. I was also scared that it wouldn't match my skin tone, thinking that only cool skin toned ladies can pull this off. I'm sure many here shares the same thoughts as I do.

With much admiration and adoration to the looks of Jheng and other pinay beauty gurus in Youtube, I finally found myself slowly trying blue eyeshadow. With the right tool, a liitle bit of a skill, and a certain amunt of self-condfidence it seems easy to pull it off after all.

1. I started using it as eyeliner. it could be a liquid eyeliner, (prestige, in2it, 4u2) mineral powder foiled with H2O or visine applied with an eyeliner brush.
2. Using it on the inner lid. I usually choose the light blue on this one to brighten my eyes (ellana lucky).
3. Being adventurous, I partner it with all too many colors and created a rainbow look.
4. To parties, I used it to create smokey blue looks.

I even used it as my final look for my graduation from Basement Academy, just to prove to that filipinas can pull of a blue eyeshadow.

photographed by Jeave Gabana
model: Jess

See, there's nothing to be scared about?

I recently got MAC Freshwater, a much raved about eyeshadow. Its a veluxe pearl, a bright summer blue as described by

Here's a few posts I gathered to help us out in using MAC Freshwater.

Temptalia tells us how to use MAC Freshwater in 6 ways.
GoldenBeauty88 shows us her MAC Freshwater eyes. Fafinettex3 shows her summer look in Deep Freshwater.

Watch out soon for a simple blue eotd. :) How about you? Still scared of the blue eyeshadow?

much love,

Photo credit of Mimi Bobeck of The Drew Carry show here.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Product Review: Philosophy Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser

PurityTM made simple
one-step facial cleanser

purity made simple is an award-winning, one-step daily facial cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses, tones and lightly hydrates the skin. this facial cleanser rapidly dissolves dirt, oil and makeup to deep clean pores while maintaining the skin's proper moisture levels. purity made simple is gentle enough for the eye area and even for the most sensitive skin.

you need this product if..
you've tried a lot of cleansers but never found one you love
you crave deeply cleansed ski
you want a cleanser that will multi-task for you
you wear a lot of makeup
your skin is congested

This cleanser is included in the Miracle Worker Kit I got
during one of Beauty Bar's sale early this year. I forgot the exact amount but it was nearly 40% off of the original price.

I use a lot makeup, as you all know. I started using this brand when I was caught inside the shower and remembered I haven't removed my makeup. I quickly grabbed this one when i remembered that it can also be used as a makeup remover.

It says:
  • formulated for all skin types
  • replaces your akeup remover, eye makeup remover, facial cleanser and toner
  • deep cleans pores
  • hydrates as it melts away makeup
Say what?? All that?? and i got almost for free? So of course, I used it.

1. Effectively removes all my makeup and I mean, mascara, eyeliner, etc.
2. Doubles as a facial cleanser.
3. Cheaper compared to other high end brands.
4. My skin feels soft and supple after washing. No dry feeling.
5. It may not clear my pores as much but it certainly lessens my white heads especially on the nose part.

1. Stings the eye. But this is quickly resolves when I rinse it off or simply get a separate makeup rempver fo
2. Smell might bother some people, it kind of smell a bit medicinally.
3. Expensive to others.

Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser gets my seal of approval. And since I am halfway through my bottle, please stop me from shopping because I am thinking of getting another bottle later.

As always, I try to bring products here in my blog that I truly enjoy and those that some of you may in need of. But of course, I am not promising that the same will work for everyone. So please exercise due diligence when trying a product. :)

Any of you tried this already? Did you like it?

Much love,

Photo credit to

EOTN: Ben nye Lumiere Palette (thanks to Jheng!)

Hello, Ladies!

Sorry for lack of updates! Friday was event day/Beauty blogger friends day, Saturday was Cousin/College friends day and Sunday ws all Zzzzz... :) I was asleep on and off from 12 noon up to 8am monday. :)

Remember in gradeschool and highschool when we use to do "overnights"? That means, borrowing a friend's new toy or stuff for one night and return it to them the next day. I use to do those with my friends. It may be a book, gadgets (game boy etc) or even school stuff.

It's been awhile since I overnight-ed anything from anyone. I may lend someone something but I barely remember me borrowing anything for a night since college.

Well, last friday was the end of that. I went to an event with other bloggers then Phoebe and I met up with Jheng afterwards for some drinks at Chili's (our fave place). Since Phoebe came from work and was dead tired from her day, we called it a night but Jheng and I went to her place so I can finally meet my new godson, MAC. He is tres adorable! So cute and hyper. He's at his teething stage but its not a bother. He's too cute to get mad at. Obviously, he makes mommy very happy. :) I always have a fun time with Jheng, we have so much similarities especially while growing up. And though she's not much older than me, I really wish I'd be as wonderful as she is now.

I once chatted with Jheng and showed her a pic of MAC using Ben Nye for their Colour Craft principal look. She was quite surprised because she used the same palette to recreate the same look without knowing that. What a coincidence, right? :) I'm sure you've seen her version but if you haven't, click here.

So, I asked her if I could overnight it (she'll be at her mom's for the weekend and won't be playing with makeup then) and she obliged. Scared to imitate the same look (coz I might screw up), I used it instead for my Saturday EOTN. Take note that I am just going to have coffee near my folk's place in Marikina. Talk about bright looks over latte. I did have ice tea though.

Ben Nye Lumiere Grand Palette (thanks Jheng!)
Maybelline Impact Express Felt Liner
Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner Pencil in dark purple (lower lashline)
Givenchy Phenomen'eyes

been practicing my cat eyes but fails miserably all the time. :( i can do it okay with my left eye but can't on my right eye. See?

using my baby canon ixus80is

Our coffee bonding turned to a short trip to Tagaytay. Road trip at 130am and we went down by 9am the next day. We simply enjoyed the cool air and camwhored til Princess's battery gave up. LOL! :) Full details on my facebook.

I'm so impressed that Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner didn't budge! It stayed on the lower lid the whole night til the early morning of Sunday! But I agree with Nikki that it doesn't stay on the waterline. But what's the best is that it didn't bleed at all. NO PANDA EYES! I love it! I'll be doing a review on it soon but if you can't wait, here's Nikki's to tell you what she thinks about it. :)

Next post is a Product Review on Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser. Yay or Nay? Watch out for it tonight! :)

much love,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rainy Season Survival Kit from Embodyment (Thank You!)

Ok, this really isn't a Rainy Season Survival Kit. I just receive a packaged today from Adeline and Leroy of Embodyment as their way of saying Thank You for reviewing the their products I bought from the bazaar in Dona Juana before. I was sincerely touched because I wasn't really expecting this. But Thank you and thank you more from the bottom of my beauty loving heart.


super giddy prying the box open...

love that it is contained in recycable materials...

love the packaging... :)

a note was attached...

Adeline personally penned me a note saying her thank yous... Thanks, sis!!

Now, I christened this my Rainy Day Survival Kit because it has all the essentials I need for the rainy days we've been experiencing of the late.

a basketful of organic luxuries and essentials indeed... :)

Tea Tree Mint body wash will keep me clean and fresh through out the day. The refreshing mint will clear my breathing as I bathe frommy morning colds.

a relaxing wash of this at the end of the day will ease the stress in my muscles.. and I do love the scent of citrus.

chapped lips no more from this awful awful weather...

a chest rub for me and hubby before we go to sleep...

traffic is bad and commuting is worst. this toes and soles lotion will help relieve my pain from all the walking the puddles of manila.

keep away from the flu! a hand sanitizer is important to me. this green tea mint is not only anti-bacterial but smells oh s wonderful that people around me won't even mind how often i sanitize my hands. :)

I think Adeline read my mind (or my blog) because everything she included in this kit really claimed my heart! You know how much i love anything mentholated and that is exactly what this kit have! I'm most eager to use them as soon as possible!

Thank you again, Adeline!
I truly appreciate that you took the time from your busy sched to send this to me. More power to you and Leroy! Your tandem is the best. :)

much much love,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Modess Eveolution Press Launch: A new you in 28 days!

I got an invite in my e-mail which simply says Modess Eveolution: A new you in 28 days, I thought that it was a new sanitary pad waiting to be launched. Ever since I got my period in 6th grade, I have been using Modess (lol! I sound like a commercial) and though I have tried several other brands including tampons I got abroad, I still switch back to Modess. It's the only thing that coped up with my activities and gave me worry free nights. Carefree, a sister brand I learned, has been a staple for my daily needs. These both brands are both introduced by mom... Of course, that is no surprise since we usually turn to our moms for sensitive things like these.

But at the event, I was mistaken. There was no new product to be launched... Rather, we were introduced to a website that will surely benefit ALL women out there, modess users or not. I was in awe. This website has been a dream come true for me ever since my college days. It was truly a turn of the century innovation for women of all ages. is an online journal that provide goals to be achieved, a menstrual tracker, planner, adopting a proper feminine hygiene and a help desk for those questions not covered. Choose which category you belong, preteens, teens or women.

I'll highlight some things that I find very helpful.

1. Menstrual Tracker - believe me when I say that when you are able to track your period, you can plan your activities that won't coincide with your period days. Imagine you're in Boracay and you got your period, dyahe noh?

2. Planner - this site can be your very personal online planner. It's so easy with just a click. You can even categorize them and select moods. If you're online 24/7, then you can skip your book planner and save paper with this site. :)

3. Talk Doc - for many preteens, teens and often women like me are quite scared with asking delicate questions about our body changes and period concerns. Dra. Tere Henson, MD. will answer our most major concerns and advise on the best way to deal with situation. This shall remain confidential of course. This is not in real time though but we are assured that our queries with be entertained. Needless to say, we now have someone to turn to when in comes to our most delicate concerns.

4. 28 Day Goal - need a change? well, this 28 day goal will exactly do that... provided you stick to the schedule. But believe me, it's worth it. I'm on my 1st assignment already and though it proving to be difficult, I really want a change in career. I want to improve myself and the faster it happens, the faster my life can begin anew. Now, don't you want that to? Choose from goals provided. Be rock star, photographer, beach babe, travel savvy or a corporate chic in 28 days!!

I personally recommend this to preteens and teens. I would've appreciated a site like this back in the days i had too many questions but didn't know how to ask them. Now, you can! :) Mothers may guide their daughters to this site and help them understand the changes in their bodies in the most interactive ways. For women like me who's life is practically 90% online will surely appreciate a quick reminder that period is due which provide better ways to plan outdoor activities or simply to remind ourselves to buy "supplies".

Along with this, Modess is also launches the 28 day Kit bundle.

"For the convenience of women, Modess and Carefree complements the Online Planner with a special product bundle, the 28-Day Kit, which contains feminine hygiene essentials for one cycle, like Modess regular and overnight pads and Carefree panty liners and feminine wash. Available in Watson’s for only P100.00, every 28-Day Kit carries a special code that can be used to earn points and redeem cool treats such as free Sebastian’s ice cream. Bigger rewards and freebies are also in store with the completion of every 28-Day Goal, such as free protein treatment in Azta Salon, free cookies from Cupcakes by Sonja, and discounts from and My Masterpiece Multi-Arts Center, among many others."

Andi, the hostess for the launch, and Modess Rep opening the 28 day kit which got me really intrigue!

a laptop was provided for the women of each table to be able to register.

Sebastian Ice cream, which you know is a favorite of mine, was served! Yum!

My beautiful friend, Jheng! Finally after two months, we saw each other again... :)

Jheng with Tito Roger, who's the official photographer for Health and Home magazine.
He's got one impressive camera and an avid user/fan of Nikon! He praised my D40 which I'm so happy about because coming from a pro like him, it was really a compliment.

Yey! I got to capture him making the kawaii sign!

our new friend.. lol! We took this chance to have a photo op with the famous DJ/VJ/TV Host Andi9. :)


I got to interview her for a bit and asked her what makeup she uses, she answered Fanny Serrano! :) This girl is one Pinoy product advocate! :) We both share the love for Fanny S's two way cake powder. She uses Maybelline for liners and mascara like most of us do. She also does her own makeup preferring soft and light coverage which shows on her no fuss look that day.
She was stunning in a cream chiffon dress, taupe open toed semi booties, soft curls and light makeup.

I had to take Jheng's picture as well! She looked stunning in her corporate attire that I felt out of place in my casual jeans and shirt! :)

The day was truly an inspiring one especially to hear the talks of women who represented the Preteen, Teen and Women categories. I felt ready to take on the world and my period won't get in the way anymore.

Day 1 starts today!

visit and choose your goal now!

much love,

if you got bored reading my blog, this video is tres chic to pass, watch it!

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