Modess Eveolution Press Launch: A new you in 28 days!

I got an invite in my e-mail which simply says Modess Eveolution: A new you in 28 days, I thought that it was a new sanitary pad waiting to be launched. Ever since I got my period in 6th grade, I have been using Modess (lol! I sound like a commercial) and though I have tried several other brands including tampons I got abroad, I still switch back to Modess. It's the only thing that coped up with my activities and gave me worry free nights. Carefree, a sister brand I learned, has been a staple for my daily needs. These both brands are both introduced by mom... Of course, that is no surprise since we usually turn to our moms for sensitive things like these.

But at the event, I was mistaken. There was no new product to be launched... Rather, we were introduced to a website that will surely benefit ALL women out there, modess users or not. I was in awe. This website has been a dream come true for me ever since my college days. It was truly a turn of the century innovation for women of all ages. is an online journal that provide goals to be achieved, a menstrual tracker, planner, adopting a proper feminine hygiene and a help desk for those questions not covered. Choose which category you belong, preteens, teens or women.

I'll highlight some things that I find very helpful.

1. Menstrual Tracker - believe me when I say that when you are able to track your period, you can plan your activities that won't coincide with your period days. Imagine you're in Boracay and you got your period, dyahe noh?

2. Planner - this site can be your very personal online planner. It's so easy with just a click. You can even categorize them and select moods. If you're online 24/7, then you can skip your book planner and save paper with this site. :)

3. Talk Doc - for many preteens, teens and often women like me are quite scared with asking delicate questions about our body changes and period concerns. Dra. Tere Henson, MD. will answer our most major concerns and advise on the best way to deal with situation. This shall remain confidential of course. This is not in real time though but we are assured that our queries with be entertained. Needless to say, we now have someone to turn to when in comes to our most delicate concerns.

4. 28 Day Goal - need a change? well, this 28 day goal will exactly do that... provided you stick to the schedule. But believe me, it's worth it. I'm on my 1st assignment already and though it proving to be difficult, I really want a change in career. I want to improve myself and the faster it happens, the faster my life can begin anew. Now, don't you want that to? Choose from goals provided. Be rock star, photographer, beach babe, travel savvy or a corporate chic in 28 days!!

I personally recommend this to preteens and teens. I would've appreciated a site like this back in the days i had too many questions but didn't know how to ask them. Now, you can! :) Mothers may guide their daughters to this site and help them understand the changes in their bodies in the most interactive ways. For women like me who's life is practically 90% online will surely appreciate a quick reminder that period is due which provide better ways to plan outdoor activities or simply to remind ourselves to buy "supplies".

Along with this, Modess is also launches the 28 day Kit bundle.

"For the convenience of women, Modess and Carefree complements the Online Planner with a special product bundle, the 28-Day Kit, which contains feminine hygiene essentials for one cycle, like Modess regular and overnight pads and Carefree panty liners and feminine wash. Available in Watson’s for only P100.00, every 28-Day Kit carries a special code that can be used to earn points and redeem cool treats such as free Sebastian’s ice cream. Bigger rewards and freebies are also in store with the completion of every 28-Day Goal, such as free protein treatment in Azta Salon, free cookies from Cupcakes by Sonja, and discounts from and My Masterpiece Multi-Arts Center, among many others."

Andi, the hostess for the launch, and Modess Rep opening the 28 day kit which got me really intrigue!

a laptop was provided for the women of each table to be able to register.

Sebastian Ice cream, which you know is a favorite of mine, was served! Yum!

My beautiful friend, Jheng! Finally after two months, we saw each other again... :)

Jheng with Tito Roger, who's the official photographer for Health and Home magazine.
He's got one impressive camera and an avid user/fan of Nikon! He praised my D40 which I'm so happy about because coming from a pro like him, it was really a compliment.

Yey! I got to capture him making the kawaii sign!

our new friend.. lol! We took this chance to have a photo op with the famous DJ/VJ/TV Host Andi9. :)


I got to interview her for a bit and asked her what makeup she uses, she answered Fanny Serrano! :) This girl is one Pinoy product advocate! :) We both share the love for Fanny S's two way cake powder. She uses Maybelline for liners and mascara like most of us do. She also does her own makeup preferring soft and light coverage which shows on her no fuss look that day.
She was stunning in a cream chiffon dress, taupe open toed semi booties, soft curls and light makeup.

I had to take Jheng's picture as well! She looked stunning in her corporate attire that I felt out of place in my casual jeans and shirt! :)

The day was truly an inspiring one especially to hear the talks of women who represented the Preteen, Teen and Women categories. I felt ready to take on the world and my period won't get in the way anymore.

Day 1 starts today!

visit and choose your goal now!

much love,

if you got bored reading my blog, this video is tres chic to pass, watch it!

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