The Blue Eyeshadow

I'm often wonder how I became scared of the blue eyeshadow. The taught of wearing it when I got into eye makeup just irks me. Honestly, I think its just too gaudy, that would probably make me look cheap. I was also scared that it wouldn't match my skin tone, thinking that only cool skin toned ladies can pull this off. I'm sure many here shares the same thoughts as I do.

With much admiration and adoration to the looks of Jheng and other pinay beauty gurus in Youtube, I finally found myself slowly trying blue eyeshadow. With the right tool, a liitle bit of a skill, and a certain amunt of self-condfidence it seems easy to pull it off after all.

1. I started using it as eyeliner. it could be a liquid eyeliner, (prestige, in2it, 4u2) mineral powder foiled with H2O or visine applied with an eyeliner brush.
2. Using it on the inner lid. I usually choose the light blue on this one to brighten my eyes (ellana lucky).
3. Being adventurous, I partner it with all too many colors and created a rainbow look.
4. To parties, I used it to create smokey blue looks.

I even used it as my final look for my graduation from Basement Academy, just to prove to that filipinas can pull of a blue eyeshadow.

photographed by Jeave Gabana
model: Jess

See, there's nothing to be scared about?

I recently got MAC Freshwater, a much raved about eyeshadow. Its a veluxe pearl, a bright summer blue as described by

Here's a few posts I gathered to help us out in using MAC Freshwater.

Temptalia tells us how to use MAC Freshwater in 6 ways.
GoldenBeauty88 shows us her MAC Freshwater eyes. Fafinettex3 shows her summer look in Deep Freshwater.

Watch out soon for a simple blue eotd. :) How about you? Still scared of the blue eyeshadow?

much love,

Photo credit of Mimi Bobeck of The Drew Carry show here.

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