EOTN: Ben nye Lumiere Palette (thanks to Jheng!)

Hello, Ladies!

Sorry for lack of updates! Friday was event day/Beauty blogger friends day, Saturday was Cousin/College friends day and Sunday ws all Zzzzz... :) I was asleep on and off from 12 noon up to 8am monday. :)

Remember in gradeschool and highschool when we use to do "overnights"? That means, borrowing a friend's new toy or stuff for one night and return it to them the next day. I use to do those with my friends. It may be a book, gadgets (game boy etc) or even school stuff.

It's been awhile since I overnight-ed anything from anyone. I may lend someone something but I barely remember me borrowing anything for a night since college.

Well, last friday was the end of that. I went to an event with other bloggers then Phoebe and I met up with Jheng afterwards for some drinks at Chili's (our fave place). Since Phoebe came from work and was dead tired from her day, we called it a night but Jheng and I went to her place so I can finally meet my new godson, MAC. He is tres adorable! So cute and hyper. He's at his teething stage but its not a bother. He's too cute to get mad at. Obviously, he makes mommy very happy. :) I always have a fun time with Jheng, we have so much similarities especially while growing up. And though she's not much older than me, I really wish I'd be as wonderful as she is now.

I once chatted with Jheng and showed her a pic of MAC using Ben Nye for their Colour Craft principal look. She was quite surprised because she used the same palette to recreate the same look without knowing that. What a coincidence, right? :) I'm sure you've seen her version but if you haven't, click here.

So, I asked her if I could overnight it (she'll be at her mom's for the weekend and won't be playing with makeup then) and she obliged. Scared to imitate the same look (coz I might screw up), I used it instead for my Saturday EOTN. Take note that I am just going to have coffee near my folk's place in Marikina. Talk about bright looks over latte. I did have ice tea though.

Ben Nye Lumiere Grand Palette (thanks Jheng!)
Maybelline Impact Express Felt Liner
Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner Pencil in dark purple (lower lashline)
Givenchy Phenomen'eyes

been practicing my cat eyes but fails miserably all the time. :( i can do it okay with my left eye but can't on my right eye. See?

using my baby canon ixus80is

Our coffee bonding turned to a short trip to Tagaytay. Road trip at 130am and we went down by 9am the next day. We simply enjoyed the cool air and camwhored til Princess's battery gave up. LOL! :) Full details on my facebook.

I'm so impressed that Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner didn't budge! It stayed on the lower lid the whole night til the early morning of Sunday! But I agree with Nikki that it doesn't stay on the waterline. But what's the best is that it didn't bleed at all. NO PANDA EYES! I love it! I'll be doing a review on it soon but if you can't wait, here's Nikki's to tell you what she thinks about it. :)

Next post is a Product Review on Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser. Yay or Nay? Watch out for it tonight! :)

much love,

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