Rainy Season Survival Kit from Embodyment (Thank You!)

Ok, this really isn't a Rainy Season Survival Kit. I just receive a packaged today from Adeline and Leroy of Embodyment as their way of saying Thank You for reviewing the their products I bought from the bazaar in Dona Juana before. I was sincerely touched because I wasn't really expecting this. But Thank you and thank you more from the bottom of my beauty loving heart.


super giddy prying the box open...

love that it is contained in recycable materials...

love the packaging... :)

a note was attached...

Adeline personally penned me a note saying her thank yous... Thanks, sis!!

Now, I christened this my Rainy Day Survival Kit because it has all the essentials I need for the rainy days we've been experiencing of the late.

a basketful of organic luxuries and essentials indeed... :)

Tea Tree Mint body wash will keep me clean and fresh through out the day. The refreshing mint will clear my breathing as I bathe frommy morning colds.

a relaxing wash of this at the end of the day will ease the stress in my muscles.. and I do love the scent of citrus.

chapped lips no more from this awful awful weather...

a chest rub for me and hubby before we go to sleep...

traffic is bad and commuting is worst. this toes and soles lotion will help relieve my pain from all the walking the puddles of manila.

keep away from the flu! a hand sanitizer is important to me. this green tea mint is not only anti-bacterial but smells oh s wonderful that people around me won't even mind how often i sanitize my hands. :)

I think Adeline read my mind (or my blog) because everything she included in this kit really claimed my heart! You know how much i love anything mentholated and that is exactly what this kit have! I'm most eager to use them as soon as possible!

Thank you again, Adeline!
I truly appreciate that you took the time from your busy sched to send this to me. More power to you and Leroy! Your tandem is the best. :)

much much love,

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