Dashing Diva and Shen

This will mainly be a review with not much pictures, since I really took this time to relax from all the problems I've been having lately.

I went to the closest Dashing Diva-Beauty Bar at newly opened Eastwood Mall. The attendant was very accommodating and suggested services that I may want to avail.

I've always wanted to get my nails pampered at Dashing Diva but really haven't found the time and I always thought that it ws expensive. Boy oh boy was I wrong! Basic Manicure is Php250.00 while Pedicure is Php350.00 If you want to get both done, you can save P25.oo by getting the Basic Mani/Pedi Combo for only P525.00.

Since I was there for the first time and I wasn't sure when will be my next mani/pedi visit, I decided to get the ALL-OUT DIVA MANICURE/PEDICURE COMBO (Php1475.00) for an ultimate pampering. The manicure is a hand facial with their signature anti-aging Crytal Exfoliator and super hydrating paraffin dip. Finished with a relaxing hand and arm massage. While the pedicure is like a facial for your feet. Includes deep exfoliation treatment, a relaxing foot and calf massage, and a soothing paraffin dip. Finished off with a perfect polish. (italicized described by Dashing Diva Brochure)

I thoroughly enjoyed everything. The ambiance was clean which is very important for me. Dashing Diva aims everything to be sanitary and it is! The stainless tools came sanitized and sealed. While the buffer, nail file and cuti-sticks are new, sealed and thrown away after each use. The paraffin wax was left my skin smooth while the massage just eased away the strain I've been putting on both my hand and foot.

The steps are unsually different from my traditional mani/pedi experience. The treatments used are very new to me. Nothing smelled of chemicals. The Cuticle Nectar has an orange scent while the Cuti-peel smelled of violets. The nail polishes was also something. It made me want to go and try them all. The Paraffin had an orangey or tangy scent unlike from what I remember before. It slipped off easily because oil was applied prior to it which made my skin all the more softer and smoother. I barely did anything except relax because all the technicians made sure that their clients doesn't make an effort during their mani/pedi experience. I didn't even raise my foot because they will do that for me. You can actually sleep and wake up with your mani/pedi done. At least that's what I think.

The only thing that I didn't like was the pedicure filing. since it left my sole rough from the scraping. You can actually see the dry skin already unlike when I came in. maybe because I was too ticklish that's why. I'm hoping though that a bath and a little scrubbing will take care of that.

Dashing Diva also provide other nail services such as Virtual Nails which is a fake nail that blends seamlessly to your natural nails especially if you want your nails to be longer. Nail Art services is also offered at 150 and above, depending if you want application of stone, confetti, glitter or what not.

They also provide waxing services which I'm dying to try. Rate goes on Php 250.00 to 800.00, depending which part of the body you want wax.

They also serve cosmos, mimosa on a specified time free with the service you availed. It is really a nice way to relax after shopping with the girls, stressful day at the office or even an ultimately bad day.

I also got a loyalty card, in which for every P250 i get a stamp and could avail gifts and even a drink on my next visit. I just got a free notepad today from that. :)

If you're tired of your usual mani/pedi at your local salon, visit the nearest BeautyBar and Dashing Diva near you to get that "Perfect set of 10".

Next time, I'll be bringing a girl friend with me... or maybe the BF before we hit the new cinemas there...

much love,

P.S. Magazines need to be updated at the Eastwood branch though and the music was a bit redundant. :) Teehee!

Photo credit. Dashingdiva.com

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