Shen goes Brunette (Matrix ColorPro) + FOTD MAC Giddy

The reason why I haven't gone to a rebonding session with my favorite rebonding stylist was because of this.... I wanted to cut my hair short and to get some coloring done. Can you believe that in my 25 years, my hair has never been colored? I know, I'm such a loser. But it's not by choice because my rebonded or straightened hair can't interact with coloring chemicals. It would fry my hair til kingdom come! Lol!

After getting my haircut done at Bench FIX Salon in SM Hypermart, 2 days later I went to Univers Kaizen Salon at SM Mall of Asia. Good thing, I had a Beauty Pass from Matrix Professional for either an In Shine Treatment or Hair Coloring Service. It was pure luck that I got this service for free!

I will be talking about the salon and service later on but if some of you can't wait, the service was spectacular! I love my stylist, John and Benjie who was just really attentive to my needs. I gave John creative freedom (it was after all, free) to choose what color suits me. I just simply told him that I want it look like I really got some coloring done, I don't want it to look too natural that I could barely tell the difference between my new or old hair color. I said, I'm tired of having black hair. Hehehe!

After an hour and half coloring session and a mentholated scalp treatment from Biolage (love this... too bad its a salon service only, i really wanted to take it home.) this is what it came out to be....

How did I feel about it? I LOVE IT!!! Don't I look different? I'm glad the DAD and the BF agrees with me. :) My yaya even says that I look like I came from the States. People at the salon said that I look fairer. Well, I personally think that I look younger. :)

I love it so much that I'm hoping to come back next week for a highlight and Opti.Straight session.

I'm sure my mom will love this look on me... I just hope she's here to see it for real. I miss going to the salon with her... I miss seeing her react on the gossip magazines that she reads... I miss seeing her beside me when we get our nails done. I miss her. Period.


On to FOTD, I decided to wear my Giddy Lustre lipstick from my recent MAC haul. :)

Products used:
Alison Rafaele Mineral Liquid Foundation
Ellana Radiant Concealer
Ellana Hazelnut Intensive Foundation
Barenatural Mineral Blush in Viva Sophia
MAC Giddy Lustre Lipstick
42 pcs. Double stack palette (Matte and Shimmer) -Eyes (pinks)
Maybelline Gold Nuggets Eye Studio Palette
MAC Penultimate Liner
Maybelline Volum'Eyes Mascara
MAC Girl Boy Brow Set Gel.

Here's me and Duchess.

She's coming with me today as well as my eldest, Duke. We're having a road trip all over Manila as mommy runs errands. :) I'll be getting Shivah today! Yipee!!

Weekend is here!! Yipee! I'll be spending my saturday at home and in bed til the ladies come for a home service massage and a lot of gossiping. I'll be preparing avocado shake for them tomorrow. Hopefully, low fat. Hehehe!

Tell me about your weekend, okay?

Happy Weekend to all us, Beautilicious!!

much love,

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  1. hi shen, i love your color..would you mind telling me what shade you went for?

  2. I like this shade. can you tell it pretty please?

  3. Scatterbraintures8/8/11 2:20 AM

    Nice hair color, it complements your skintone. 

    Oh, and pink eyeshadow suits you well :)


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