TOKYO P.O.S.H (Put On Styled Hair)

Hi Beauties, I would like to thanks EVERYONE who's been so nice to comment wonderful things about my new hair color. You make blogging truly a fun for me. :) Promise I won't let all the compliments go to my head. :) Hehehe!

“i went from looking like jennifer aniston to victoria beckham to nicole richie in just a few minutes."
- Denise Aquino, Tokyo P.O.S.H owner and designer.

Want a J.Lo updo? How about Gwenyth's straight long hair? Maybe Nicole Kidman's curly locks or just want some Anne Curtis bangs? All these are quite possible with Tokyo P.O.S.H. Made from the finest synthetic hair, which I can vouch looks and feels natural, available in array of styles. During Denise's (owner) stay in Tokyo, she tried to catch up with Japanese lifestyle. She had a hard time with a lot of things but soon everything became too easy especially in the fashion side when she found out about clip-on hairs from her classmate.

I am always curious albeit fearsome of Tokyo Fashion. I mean, can I really wear something a Harajuku girl wears? But let's admit that all of us would probably grab the chance once it is offered. One Tokyo fashion that is fast pacing the world of hairstyles are the Clip-on Hair extension. It being easy to use, versatile and affordable. I was informed that even Jessica Simpson has the same line but concentrating more on blonds. How lucky are we Pinays that we have our own TOKYO P.O.S.H?

Before a meeting last tuesday at my favorite Korean restaurant, I was eager to visit TOKYO P.O.S.H. flagship store in SM Supercenter Pasig or what is more popularly called SM Hypermart. I wanted to see the clip-on extensions and how it works.

Having a very thick and wavy hair, styling is really limited for me. I can't have short hair, curls or those celebrity looks. I was stuck to it being layered and rebonded. Thank God though that at least I can have it colored but that is a ordeal in itself because colored hair may be prone to drying and being coarse. More so, since my hair is very wavy, it doesn't look as good as it is blown dry(refer to my last post).

Now that I had a fresh hair cut, my hair thinned out in layers and beautifully colored, I'm thinking of adding a notch to making myself look good. :)

Denise Aquino, owner of TOKYO P.O.S.H., was kind enough to give me a tour of all the clip on extensions that she deemed will suit me. :) We tried on bangs, soft curls and a ponytail. Having graduated from the prestigious Bunka Fashion School in Tokyo, she knows exactly what being a true-blue fashionista is and that includes our crowning glory. Day by day, we Filipinas are becoming more adventurous with what we wear. So, why not with our hair?

I know, we simply can't commit. Scared to get a certain hairstyle that we can't maintain without a good blowdry, am I right? We walk out of that salon looking all fabulous but the next day, well, its not the same anymore. I know how you feel because that is exactly where I am now. Tokyo P.O.S.H. provides an alternative. You can be a totally different person everyday without having to waste money on blowdry and sitting too long to get your hair fixed.

The trick is to clip that Put On Styled Hair

Be adventurous without the risk, Visit Tokyo P.O.S.H.

Here are some details on how to put on your P.O.S.H and how to care for them:

click on the images to read

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Check out their website at or visit their shop at SM Supercenter, Pasig Beside Tiendesitas to try on their various Put on styled hair for free. :)

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