EOTD: Glam Rock Look (42 Shimmer Palette)

Totally boring weekend, sometimes i miss studying when I always have something to do. Nah! Just kidding. :) I'm happy I have all this time to sleep, eat, read whatever books I want or just plain chill. But in this case, I decided to play with my Space Pretty 42 pc. double stack blush palette.

I love how pigmented this palette. I just simply love the payoff. It's not as powdery as the other palettes i owned. Well, its quite obvious given the pictures below. :)

I like this look, its really not so shocking but the false eyelashes just made it look so glam rock. Can you imagine Lady Gaga sporting something similar? I couldn't find my lash scissors so I just left it like that. But I really think it went well save for more blending. :)

As always, its really easy to recreate this look. It's really easy to apply lashes on the lower lash line. I find it easier even to apply it compared to applying it on the upper lash line. :)

1. Use a white eyeliner on top of your eyeprimer to make the colors pop more. I love VOV's matte white eyeliner. It's a great dupe for NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.
2. In applying false eyelashes, use a tweezer on the other end of lashes and you fingers on the other end. Use the lash comb to pressed it slowly and closely to your lashline.

Hope that helps!!

To view my post on Space Pretty's 42 Double Stack with Blush Palette, here's the link.

much love,

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