YumYum: Craving for Sebastian's Ice Cream

Blame it on the weather or being cooped up at home for the long weekend (not by choice!), I am craving for Sebastian's Ice Cream. It's been awhile since I had this scrumptious ice cream that is truly a dream to eat. I could have this breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is nothing more comforting than a home-made ice cream and I tell you, Sebatian is IT.

I first tried Sebastian's Ice cream at The Podium, their Mango Sansrival just blew me away but I came back time and time again to their Chocoholics Anonymous, being a chocoholic myself. Delight! Delight! Chocoholic Anonymous is overloaded with chocolate chips, dark choco and what nots thatI relished every spoonful of it.

That's Chocoholic Anonymous on the left side and Blueberry Cheesecake on the right (R's fave)

What I love more about San Sebastian's Ice creams are big chunks in each flavor. You'll really get to chew on the chocolates, cheesecake or the mangoes (that's so sweet!) and especially hte chocolate chip cookie that Ian Carandang (Genius behind the Sebastian Ice Cream Studio) personally bakes for each gallon of ice cream.

The SO and I at Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio at Trinoma Mall. We couldn't be more sweeter that time. :)

Huhuhu! Blogging about this craving makes me crave for it more!

much love,

Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio is:

Available at The Podium Mall, SM The Block, Ayala Mall, Trinoma Mall

For special orders and catering inquiries: Please call 09174643397, 4138359, 9240815

Email: sebastians.icecream@gmail.com

For special occasions and events, they offer Personalized Ice cream Flavor Creation. Under the supervision of our Ice Cream Artisans, customers can choose from Sebastian’s fine selection of ice creams and mix-ins to create and name their very own unique ice cream flavor

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