haul organic skin care

Pinay Made: Embodyment Organic Essentials

10/30/2008Shen Gee

TAG: Knowing Kikay Pinay

10/28/2008Shen Gee

TAG: 6 Non-important stuff about the Kikay Pinay

10/28/2008Shen Gee
covergirl mascara product review

Review: VolumExact Mascara by CoverGirl

10/27/2008Shen Gee
duke personal

Personal: KOBE the cutie

10/27/2008Shen Gee
concealer highlighter the body shop

Haul: The Body Shop Concealer and Lightening Touch

10/23/2008Shen Gee
fotd make-up mineral make-up

FOTD's: Some looks I made.... on myself! lol!

10/22/2008Shen Gee
dessert food

YumYum: Cassava Leche Flan and Bibingka Malagkit

10/22/2008Shen Gee
bazaar DIY haul

Review: Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax (DIY)

10/22/2008Shen Gee
emu oil lip balm lips

Review: Smooch Lip Butter Balm by Venus and Mars

10/21/2008Shen Gee
food other place

YumYum: Frostings Cupcakes

10/20/2008Shen Gee
ebay make-up palette

Haul: Neutral/Bridal Palette and 78 Piece Pallete

10/18/2008Shen Gee
personal shen

Personal Entry: Confession of the So-Called Law Student Part Deux

10/18/2008Shen Gee

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