Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pinay Made: Embodyment Organic Essentials

As you all by now, I am all for anything Philippine made, especially when it is made by a fellow Filipina. I am also awed when these products involves skin care and cosmetics. The perks are that it is cheap, easily available and the quality is undeniably good.

I saw the booth of Embodyment Organic Essentials at the N.E.W. Bazaar in Tiendesitas. I got curious with the array of organic products. They have everything from bpdy scrub to tummy and buttocks skin therapy healing cream. They have balms, shampoos and different kinds of organic soaps. I admit, I was overwhelmed with all that i saw. I didn't know where to start looking.

What i found surprising was when the owner approached me, I thought that she looked so familiar. Apparently, we graduated from the same college. Isn't that nice?

Caffeine Mint Mix (Php70) - A handy pot containing a blend of coffee and mint extrracts to perk you up. - embodyment
Something I really need, this mix reminds me of fave Peppermint Mocha Frappe of Starbucks. Just the right amount of mint and coffee to keep this struggling law student awake for her books. :)

Tea Tree Organic Anti-dandruff Shampoo. Reading that Tea Tree and Peppermint are on the ingredient like was a quick sell for me. I love anything minty and for Php160, this 300ml is too cheap to resist. Showering is just a whole new experience with this shampoo. My hair feels a lot cleaner and healthier, and the scent is simply inviting.

These organic soaps are probably the bestseller that day. It was sold 5 for Php199. What a steal. So I got 2 of the Peppermint (reminded me of LUSH soap i used before) and other variants. The scents are very addicting.

There you have it. My latest discovery. :)

much love,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TAG: Knowing Kikay Pinay

TAG: Knowing Kikay Pinay
Rules: Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve answered the questions on your blog.

10 Years Ago (1998):

1. 3rd year HS. I joined my school newspaper and became a feature editor. I never stopped writing since then.
2. I fell in love with my classmate (young love)
3. I had one of the worst year ever in HS.

5 Things on Today’s “To Do” List:

1. Study
2. Study
3. Watch Love Books at Channel 5 later
4. Read my filipina authored chic-lits while waiting for Merlin to download

5 Things that I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Quit Law School
2. Build my own cosmetic company
3. Move out and get my own place (that dog's are allowed)
4. Buy a car
5. Go to BoraBora and get a tan

5 Places I have lived:

All in the Philippines
1. Province of Ilocos, Norte, City of Laoag
2. Project 6, Quezon City
3. San Roque, Marikina

5 Jobs I have had:

1. Accessory Designer for Shen's Addiction Accessories
2. Reseller of Mineral Makeup
Since I'm still in my further studies, my parents saw it best not to let me work just yet.

Tagging... YOU!! :) Don't be shy!

TAG: 6 Non-important stuff about the Kikay Pinay

TAG: 6 Non-important stuff about the Kikay Pinay
Thanks to Aika for tagging me.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

1. I sleep like a log! you can't wake me up. I'm so bad with overnight group projects coz i sleep early and wake up late.
2. Like Aika, I spent half my hours online.
3. I watch TV series that aren't shown here ONLINE. Copyright Infringement? Maybe. I'm just frustrated that I can't catch up with my shows regularly.
4. I love ROMANCE NOVELS!! I started with my lola's Barbara Cartland and Mills and Boon. Then moved to thicker onces to chic-lits and Historical romance. But I love Recency Romance better coz i love the culture of the old english circa Queen Elizabeth I.
5. I don't sit on my bed with the clothes that I went out it. I would always changed my clothes before sitting down on it before sleeping.
6. I sleep with my dog Duke in my bed 3 days after he was groomed after that he's deported to his bed. :) LOL!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Review: VolumExact Mascara by CoverGirl

Really, I hate giving bad reviews. If we don't have anything good to say, we might as well not say anything at all right? But what i believe in more is the power of information. That if given the chance to learn something from others, we will avoid the same mistake.

On that note, it is quite obvious that this review is not entirely on the good side.

I purchased my CoverGirl VolumeExact Mascara for more than a month now. Since that day, i've been using it more often than my other mascaras to clearly give a just and concise review about it.

I've narrowed it down via giving points to each characteristic:

Volumizing effect: 2.5 out of 5 (it still gives volume but not the way i wanted it and clumps so bad on me when I apply 2 or more coats)
Consistency of the "goop": 2 out 5 (too thick that it makes it hard to layer)
Wand applicator: 4 out 5 (it separates my lashes really well)
Price: 2 out 5
Packaging: 3 out 5
Overall: 2.7 out 5


two coats

one coat

So, there you have it! I hope i was able to help you out!

much love,

Question Corner: GALE, the Highlighting pen from TBS in my opinion is not enough to address dark under eyes (mine is just baggy so i wouldn't know). but it does reduce the look of sleepless night. :) I still use my concealer. I use the highlighting pen after i've applied my foundation.

Personal: KOBE the cutie

Meet the newest addi(c)tion to the FK Family.

KOBE!! :)
my cousin's cute cream/orange 2 1/2 old pomeranian

playing with big cousin, DUKE.

KOBE in his play pen, livin the new good life. :)

he is such a little cutie!

much love,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haul: The Body Shop Concealer and Lightening Touch

I've been coveting Touche Eclat of YSL after it was featured at the Beautynomics. Then I saw the Swiper got something quite similar from The Body Shop (TBS), the Lightening Touch. So, when I read from the Beauty Bento Box that TBS is having a sale, I jumped on the oppurtunity. Before hitting the books (bleh!), I hit the mall first.

my small haul. shhh.. don't tell anyone.

Lightening Touch in 03

The TBS says: We call it Lightening Touch, you'll call it wow. This magic little wand gives light relief to dark circles and fine lines and instantly brightens the skin. Contains ingenious little light-diffusing particles minimize fine lines and dark shadows.

Shen says: Initial impression, I am liking it. Its easy to be blend and with all the late nights i've been keeping, this product minimized the bagginess under my eyes. The applicator is easy o use although I worry that I this will not last me a long time. Will still have to do an intensive review on this, especially on the application.

Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer in 02

TBS says: A stylish cream-to-powder concealer enriched with baobab oil, naturally rich in vitamins and moisturising agents to care for your skin and zinc oxide to help combat impurities. The product features a sophisticated delivery system with clear active essence suspended in a special core structure.

Baobab Oil - From the 'tree of life' with high levels of vitamins and natural moisturisers. Encourages the regeneration of skin cells, helps improves elasticity and prevents drying, for youthful-looking radiant skin.

Vitamins A, E and F - Including essential fatty acids naturally present in Baobab and Marula Oil.Helps to improve, condition and maintain

Encapsulated Vitamin C - A unique volatile silicone gel network which delivers a large dose of vitamin C to the skin. Vitamin C helps to promote the growth of collagen.

Shen says: I've been looking to buy a good concealer since my blemishes are so out there. I ran out my HG concealer so i opted to get this since a lot of my friends swear by the TBS concealer pencil. But I got this Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer instead since I don't like to sharpen anything at all. So far, so good. I'm liking it since it pretty much covers my blemishes and I like the part that it is not only a concealer but has healing properties as well with all its added ingredients. Let's see if it does what it promise within the next few weeks. :)

So, what's your HG concealer and highlightening product?

much love,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FOTD's: Some looks I made.... on myself! lol!

I've been taking pics but i haven't been posting them since my blemishes are sooo obvious in the pics. so, bear with me beauties. :) Thanks for the support!

do i look like a law student??? lol! i use my trio Stila palette here given to me by my aunt. :)

1st pic: daytime; 2nd pic: nightime (used purple shades of my Urban Decay Palettes)

my look for the law executive council election. the color of the party i'm voting for is yellow. i opted my eyes to be in goldish green using my 120 palette. :)

As for the face, I still use the same Ellana Mineral Foundation, primer by BareNaturals while finishing powder and blushes varies. :)

much love,

YumYum: Cassava Leche Flan and Bibingka Malagkit

Disclaimer: I am not in any way a professional chef nor do I claim to be an expert in anything about food. I am not good at describing food nor the taste. I am just sharing my two pennies about it. :)

or in english tidbits or sweetmeats are something I can never get tired of. Eating kakanin will always remind me of childhood memories when after a siesta, me and the cousins will all go down to the kitchen for our merienda(afternoon snacks). Although we enjoy American snacks such as pizza, sandwich and the likes.. those that are unforgettable are the times we ate Filipino delicacies. Oftentimes this will come from our neighborhood baker but some will come from provinces that makes the best delicacies. Two of which you will see below, just transported me back to my childhood years.

Nana Meng Tsokolate
photo credit to Nana Meng website

On my way to Food Choices of Glorietta, I suddenly passed by this small kiosk of Tsokolate(chocolate). I've never seen this before or probably not as appreciative as i am know to even notice it, but the kakanin on display caught my eyes. Tsokolate boast of its filipino-spanish style of preparing hot chocolate. They sell them in packs and jars so that you can enjoy Nana Meng's Famous Hot Chocolate.

But the lazy in me, didn't get what Nana Meng was famous for. Rather I immediately bought two of the famous kakanin that usually accompanies hot chocolate, the Cassava Leche Flan and Bibingka Malagkit. These two delicacies are quite famous in town fiestas and family celebrations. Most likely, if there is a party there will be one or the other or both. I use to remember that when we visit the provinces we will always buy foods like these as pasalubong to our families (but we end up eating some of it on the way. lol.).

The Cassava Leche Flan is something that a lot of adults can enjoy. It's not too achingly sweet and has a nice bite to it. You can eat this with a sweet drink like hot chocolate, ice tea or soda to balance out the flavor. While bibingka maligkit is sweet to the taste and you'll probably get some stucked on your teeth. I would always scrape off the top portion of the cake that tastes of caramelized sugar and coconut (think sticky macaroons). Yum!!

Cassava Leche Flan (Cassava Cake with Custard on top)

Bibingka Malagkit (Glutinous Rice Cakes)
Filipino's version of brownies! minus the chocolate but still as sweet and sinful! :)

Filipino delicacies usually comprise of ingredients easily grown and are usually made from scratch. Making these takes the whole member of the family. In the old days, the men would gather the needed ingredients like climbing the coconut tree and gathering crops. While the women will cook them. That was when things were simpler.

Unfortunately, my busy schedule can't have me baking and shaking around the kitchen much less visit the grocery. I'm quite thankful that Nana Meng's has a several stores in the metro to provide me with a little something from back in the days. These, after all, are my true comfort food.

I can't say enough how proud I am of my culture, especially when it comes to the gastronomic part. :)

To my Pinay readers, when was the last time you ate these two filipino desserts?

To my international readers, have you tried this or enjoyed somethign similar to the Cassava Leche Flan or Bibingka Malagkit?

much love,

see more at Nana Meng's online site. Click Here.

Beauty Bloggers who enjoy food and blog about it, check out:

Pass the Sauce
Ahleessa for Realz

Review: Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax (DIY)

After a home waxing blunder before, I swore off hair waxing at the comfort of my home! I won't bore you with the details but it was embarrassing. But, last weekend, I saw this booth at a bazaar that totally made me re-think my decision.

Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax

“ STRIP IT cold wax " The BEST and easiest method in getting rid of unwanted hair.
Comes ready to use! No heating required!

It is made from natural ingredients so it's safe to use on your entire body including face, upper lip, underarms and bikini area.
It gives silky smooth results that lasts much longer than shaving or depilatory creams, because hair is removed from the roots. It takes 2-4 weeks for hair to grow back and the new hair will be finer and your skin won't feel itchy.
The best part about "Strip it" is that, it's less painful compared to other waxes. It doesn't adhere to the skin and its water soluble.

Now you can wax yourself and won't have to go to the salon. If you are prone to shaving in times of emergency, once you learn how use "Strip it" you won't touch a razor ever again!

The Cold Wax and price caught my attention. I availed their trial kit (Php160.00), consisting of the 150grams of Cold Wax, 10 Strips of cloth (reusable) and spatula(like the once the doctor uses) plus instructions (detailed). This kit is enough to last me a few months.

The Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax is very easy to use. I was only able to use 3 strips of cloth to remove the unwanted hairs on a certain part of my body. It's not painful as I expected. There were a few hairs left but those I just plucked since it was just a tad few. My skin didn't itch or become splotchy with red marks because all the ingredients used were natural, sugar and honey. TaskThere was a bit redness but it was gone after an hour or so.

I'm loving it, really. Maybe because I'm quite familiar with the technique of waxing (i've been getting waxed since HS and familiar with all kinds of wax hair removal). So, i basically know how to go about a blissful waxing. Belive me when I say that it is not painless, it will sting. But the beauty in Strip It is, you can scream all you like because you are at the privacy of your own room/bathroom. The maintance of the cloth and spatula are easy since the wax is water soluble. So, I just leave them in a small basin. After the wax is dissolve, I just hang my cloth and spatula to dry.

For beginners, I do suggest you get yourself waxed first at a reputable waxing salon to see how to go about waxing, ask them questions, research online and do read the instructions provided for you by Strip It. Nevertheless, this is a Cold Wax so no risk of burning yourself.

Taking pain killers before waxing: I've heard, people who have low pain threshold, that taking a pain reliever an hour or two before waxing reduces the pain. Please note that this is not confirmed though. I just know a few people who does this when they got their brazilian wax.

1. Dip half of the Wax Container in a bowl of hot water and let it sit. This will make your cold wax, well, not so cold.This will make it more pliable to apply and not too sticky that it will pull your hair during application of the wax alone.
2. Use thinner cotton cloth (easily available at any fabric store), for thinner hairs like your arms and legs.
3. There will be residue after you wax. Don't wash it off with plain water, get a towellete and dip it in warm water (not hot, just a bit warm but not lukewarm), then softly remove the excess wax with the soaked cloth on the part your just waxed. Don't drag your skin. The warm water will dissolve the excess wax while the cloth will lift it up your skin.
4. Since your pores are open, try not to apply any kind of product that may clog it - makeup, foundation.
5. Exfoliate before waxing to remove deadskin that can make waxing difficult and icky.
6. Moisturize after waxing to replenish your skin and to keep it soft and supple.
7. I highly suggest bathing first before undergoing any waxing.
8. Wax with a friend! :) To those hard to reach places, another set of hands is always a good thing. :)

Boy, I'm glad to save money on waxing.

I can't wait for the end of finals so I can have a spa day with my mom! :)

I'm getting some sun this semestral break and I'm looking forward to a clear smooth stems and arms for beach! :)

Before I forget, this is Philippine made product! Made by a Pinay! :)

So, have you tried home waxing treatments?

much love,

Strip It Cold Wax is available at Strip It online shop.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Review: Smooch Lip Butter Balm by Venus and Mars

We've been trying to do our best to take care of our skin but we all tend to forget that our lips need almost the same amount of care. Since our lips are visibly seen, they are also prone to more damage. Some may be blessed with supple and pinkish lips but most of us suffer from dryness and chapped ones at one time or another, present company included.

Having a few bad habits that tend to aggravate my already dry and chapped lips. I try to counter-act with products that'll reduce my problems. And that is choosing products that will take care and love my lips even when I've been remissed on my duties.

There are a few products that i've tried that certainly works. But recently, I got to try Venus and Mars Smooch Lip Butter Balm a lip balm that contains all natural oils. This lip butter promises to be good in taking care of my lips as well as enhance them. What got my attention is one of its main ingredient, Emu Oil. I've proven the effect of Emu Oil . So for me, anything that has emu oil is a must-try.

After a few weeks of using:
  • I notice that my lips are more soft and that I don't suffer from dry lips. Hence, no bleeding occurs.
  • I usually apply this right after bathing and before applying any lip color of product. So far, so good.
  • Now, for those who have tried Emu Oil, you're probably unsure of the scent of this product (since emu oil tends to smell like a fish). Rest assured that you won't have problems with this Lip Butter. Quite the contrary, you'll hardly notice that Emu oil is in it.
  • Upon application, you'll instantly feel the tingly sensation, effect of the peppermint oil.
  • I'm also happy to say that petroleum jelly is absent in this product.
  • The BF loves this. I'm getting him this instead of the one i usually get him from The Body Shop.
  • Organic for the eco-conscious beauty-nistas.
  • Made from high quality essential oils so i'm sure i'm geting my money's worth
  • Only Php170($3.60)!
  • Made in the Philippines! :) (tangkilikin sariling atin!)
A definite must-try for everyone!

Tips for a more luscious puckers:
1. Drink lots of H2O!
2. Eat healthy foods such as vegatables and fruits
3. Use only products that are approved for the lips
4. Scrub your lips using either a lip scrub (Ellana, The Body Shop, or MAC) or your plain ol' toothbrush
5. Moisturize your lips with lip balm everyday... even when going to bed!
6. Most of all, say positive things with your puckers and less on the hatin'. :)

So, how are you taking care of your smackers?

much love,

This product is available at this Venus and Mars online store.

Monday, October 20, 2008

YumYum: Frostings Cupcakes

Fist of all, I would like to thank all of you for the kind words in my recent post. It truly eases my mind and heart to write things that i am confused about. But it is highly more comforting that you guys are there supporting me. Thanks!


Now, lets get the blogging started!

I did mention in my palette post that I came home with other things and here they are, Frostings Cupcakes from Glorietta. Kat and I were to meet at Glorietta 2 Foodcourt. When I got there I immediately saw the stand for Frostings. I asked about their mini cupcakes that totally made an impression on me during a MAC Event. The sales person introduced me to this certain box of mini cupcakes.

I came home with these along with my brandnew palettes.. :) it may not beat a makeup haul but it taste oh-so good!

how could I say no this?

triple yum yum yum: strawberry, chocolate and mocha mini cupcakes

duke having a little something something

I also came home with 2 regular size cupcakes, lemon meringue and smores. But due to my commuting, the Fostings fell apart.. :) but the taste remains the same... Yum!


The cupcakes, I conclude, are a bit too much for one person to eat. This is best enjoyed with someone that shares your passion for sweets. R and I, along with our cute little Duke had a mini feast with Frostings Cupcakes.

So, what's your latest indulgence?
(and I don't mean makeup! lol!)

much love,

Frostings Cupcakes is located at the Foodcourt of Glorietta.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Haul: Neutral/Bridal Palette and 78 Piece Pallete

If you have checked Aika's Blog lately then you should know that she is now a proud owner of the 88 eyeshadow, 88 piece ultra shimmer and neutral palette. The "inggetera"(envious) in me asked her immediately how she came by those coz i soooo want them, too!

I shared with Aika how reluctant I am on ordering from a very popular online store since it may get damaged on its way here to the Philippines, not to mention the looooong wait (2 weeks the most) that I have to do. And let's not forget the shipping fee albeit is it a fair price.

Boy oh boy was I surprise that Aika told me that she got her palette from Ebay (I was jumping to conclusion here that i will have to order from abroad).

No. No. No. No. This seller resides in Manila with tons of palette ready to be adopted (for a reasonable price) by us. Can you believe that? No wonder Aika got three palette. She definitely takes pride in her bargain finds and we all are proud of her! :)

This palette came into my life just in time! (drama!) Really, when you're down and under... you just don't need your friends... you need retail therapy!! :) With these babies on my bag, i didn't feel the need t go to MAC (ok... i sneaked a peek!) I didn't even buy another kind of cosmetics when i was there and passed bt The Natural Source, The Body Shop, and Rustan's. I was eager to take pics of it already!!! Excited to the highest level. Although i did come home with other things other than the palettes... you'll see those in my future posts. :)

'Nuff chattering:

hmmm... :)

when in doubt, buy both!!!

my 78 pc palette (enabled by FlyMamaL and Nikki!)

i hate neutrals!! --- NOT!!!

infamous beauty marked by MAC look-a-like. Watch Youtube videos of gurus showing you the dupes in this palette to MAC eyeshadows. People who own this will feel like they won a jackpot.

pretty blush!

All my Philippine Readers, you can have your very own palette (or palettes in our*Aika and I* case) without the expensive shipping or the long wait!!! (sounds like a commercial here.. scary!)

Check out Kat's ebay shop. :)

My experience:

Seamless, Smooth, No-hassle transaction - I just texted Kat to confirm my order. Then added another palette the next day and met up with her at Glorietta to get the products today (saturday). She's very flexible since I had to postpone our friday-supposed-meet-up. Although i must warn you that Kat has a regular job and may only accomodate you at a scheduled time.

(I opted for a meet up since i was hesitant to have it shipped and end up with a broken palette. I just didn't want the hassle if ever that happens.)

But after meeting Kat, i think I will have to live on biscuits for the next week so i can order the shimmer palette via shipping since she assured me that all the palettes she sent arrived safely to her buyers/bidders.

Kat, the seller/ebayer is easy to communicate with, friendly and makeup-aholic just like the rest of us beauty bloggers. Three important things for me when one is selling cosmetics.

Palettes are same as those sold in ebay , online stores etc. :) Haven't swatched them yet but they certainly looks promising. I simply can't wait to try them on tom. :) LOL!

The price for each of the palette i bought is P1250.
around Php500 cheaper compared to ordering online.

So, did i just tempt you in getting one?

much love,

Sorry for bad photography skills, haven't slept yet since last night and I am dead tired.. peace y'all!

Personal Entry: Confession of the So-Called Law Student Part Deux

The day was long, hot and humid. Its the first day of a long finals weeks for me. I am cramming my a$ off with requirements that needs to pass especially those done with groups. I haven't been spending so much time blogging because since this Thursday, i lost my will... drive to do anything. I haven't been allocating enough time for my studies as i should have and have been completely distracted with doing something else. Irresponsible, yes... but never something i could regret about.

Since yesterday(friday here in Manila), i have expressed to my parents my intention to quit law school altogether. I have been contemplating this for months (actually since last year) but the coward that I am refuses to be honest with her. What did the mother earth (what i call my mom) say? She got mad of course saying all sorts of things, I cried (like a colic baby) trying to explain her how I am about to go on with my lifes sans law school.

Well, to put it bluntly... my mom is one heck of a bully. She can make you do anything and make you think its your idea to begin with. So, today (saturday) she talked me into accepting my fate. That I am a law student(and going to be a lawyer*rolls eyes*) and nothing can stand in the way of that... even me. The fact that she knows i am unhappy with studying(law) undettered her. Sad, I know.

A lot of people said that I should do whatever makes me happy and that my mom will understand. Apparently, It's not that easy and even if its hard to obtain it, I am stopped from doing anything about it. My mom understanding my predicament is nevertheless useless since she will not make me quit. She after all have my best interest and would only do what will secure me a great future.

I have never relied so much on the saying "Mother's Knows Best" until now.

-The Confession of the Exhausted, Tired, Troubled, Confused and Unhappy So-called Law Student.

I will apprecite your comments on this but please regulate it (no bashing of the people involve, race, culture or my opinion.)
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