Review: Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax (DIY)

After a home waxing blunder before, I swore off hair waxing at the comfort of my home! I won't bore you with the details but it was embarrassing. But, last weekend, I saw this booth at a bazaar that totally made me re-think my decision.

Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax

“ STRIP IT cold wax " The BEST and easiest method in getting rid of unwanted hair.
Comes ready to use! No heating required!

It is made from natural ingredients so it's safe to use on your entire body including face, upper lip, underarms and bikini area.
It gives silky smooth results that lasts much longer than shaving or depilatory creams, because hair is removed from the roots. It takes 2-4 weeks for hair to grow back and the new hair will be finer and your skin won't feel itchy.
The best part about "Strip it" is that, it's less painful compared to other waxes. It doesn't adhere to the skin and its water soluble.

Now you can wax yourself and won't have to go to the salon. If you are prone to shaving in times of emergency, once you learn how use "Strip it" you won't touch a razor ever again!

The Cold Wax and price caught my attention. I availed their trial kit (Php160.00), consisting of the 150grams of Cold Wax, 10 Strips of cloth (reusable) and spatula(like the once the doctor uses) plus instructions (detailed). This kit is enough to last me a few months.

The Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax is very easy to use. I was only able to use 3 strips of cloth to remove the unwanted hairs on a certain part of my body. It's not painful as I expected. There were a few hairs left but those I just plucked since it was just a tad few. My skin didn't itch or become splotchy with red marks because all the ingredients used were natural, sugar and honey. TaskThere was a bit redness but it was gone after an hour or so.

I'm loving it, really. Maybe because I'm quite familiar with the technique of waxing (i've been getting waxed since HS and familiar with all kinds of wax hair removal). So, i basically know how to go about a blissful waxing. Belive me when I say that it is not painless, it will sting. But the beauty in Strip It is, you can scream all you like because you are at the privacy of your own room/bathroom. The maintance of the cloth and spatula are easy since the wax is water soluble. So, I just leave them in a small basin. After the wax is dissolve, I just hang my cloth and spatula to dry.

For beginners, I do suggest you get yourself waxed first at a reputable waxing salon to see how to go about waxing, ask them questions, research online and do read the instructions provided for you by Strip It. Nevertheless, this is a Cold Wax so no risk of burning yourself.

Taking pain killers before waxing: I've heard, people who have low pain threshold, that taking a pain reliever an hour or two before waxing reduces the pain. Please note that this is not confirmed though. I just know a few people who does this when they got their brazilian wax.

1. Dip half of the Wax Container in a bowl of hot water and let it sit. This will make your cold wax, well, not so cold.This will make it more pliable to apply and not too sticky that it will pull your hair during application of the wax alone.
2. Use thinner cotton cloth (easily available at any fabric store), for thinner hairs like your arms and legs.
3. There will be residue after you wax. Don't wash it off with plain water, get a towellete and dip it in warm water (not hot, just a bit warm but not lukewarm), then softly remove the excess wax with the soaked cloth on the part your just waxed. Don't drag your skin. The warm water will dissolve the excess wax while the cloth will lift it up your skin.
4. Since your pores are open, try not to apply any kind of product that may clog it - makeup, foundation.
5. Exfoliate before waxing to remove deadskin that can make waxing difficult and icky.
6. Moisturize after waxing to replenish your skin and to keep it soft and supple.
7. I highly suggest bathing first before undergoing any waxing.
8. Wax with a friend! :) To those hard to reach places, another set of hands is always a good thing. :)

Boy, I'm glad to save money on waxing.

I can't wait for the end of finals so I can have a spa day with my mom! :)

I'm getting some sun this semestral break and I'm looking forward to a clear smooth stems and arms for beach! :)

Before I forget, this is Philippine made product! Made by a Pinay! :)

So, have you tried home waxing treatments?

much love,

Strip It Cold Wax is available at Strip It online shop.

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  1. princess joy27/8/11 8:32 AM

    meron po ba sa watsons nito???

  2. bossypants16/2/12 8:32 PM

    wala po. try mo bumili online kasi ako i tried and i am very satisfied by the results.

  3. Kimberly Joy Caro17/2/12 3:14 AM

    because of your good review, I'll buy this one :) good thing I found a place where I can buy this on their website . Thankyou !

  4. Except of  buying online, where else can i buy this product?

  5. try this brand!


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