Online Friends + MAC Event

I was privilege to join my new friends in one of their after class workshops. I joined Sophie, Jheng, Lesly, Marts, Carol and Phoebe at Shangri-la Mall. We then proceeded to Gloritetta for the MAC and Rustan's Bridal Registry's collaboration on the launch of MAC's Bridal Collection.

The Collection consisted of a few of Mac's permanent and previous collections, thrown together to create an essential make-up kit for a blushing bride. For each purchase of the MAC collection, you will have free makeover with one of MAC's professional Make-up Artist and a photoshoot with Child's Play Photography.

We learned a few tricks on the application of bridal make-up and turning it into a nighttime make-up for the reception. How to keep it looking light and natural and how to make the makeup last longer. It was truly an inspiring event. Also it was also very tempting to buy all the products that were used. Congratulate me because I didn't succumb to buy anything. I was very nearly close to purchasing charged water and viva glam v.

The highlight of the day for me was bonding with new found friends. Who wouldn't enjoy a day of make-up and great company? I was thrilled to have finally met Phoebe of the popular site, Swipesomegloss. Let me tell you that this girl rocks! She's very pretty, down to earth and has the greatest style I've ever known. Sophie, the birthday girl, was looking so fab herself, sporting a lace top and pink scarf. Jheng of Abubots, have the most contagious smile and laughter. This girl can crack you up with her antics. Her make-up is stunning as usual. My dear friend, Les, is like a pinay Marimar with her just-got-out-of-the-bed sensous hair. And Marts of course is looking like a rock star with his black trenchcoat, so appropriate with our freak weather. I'm coveting that coat, Marts, so beware. And thank you, Carol, for being our "designated" driver and looking so gorgeous all at the same time.

Playing with make-up is especially fun if you're at the MAC counter with cool drinks and mini cupcakes from Frostings. Help me because i think i ate 5 of it!

'Nuff siad, here are the snapshots.

my future teacher, Lesly! Yihee!! :)

Phoebe and Sophie, hiding their beautiful smiles

Jheng and Mart feat. Jheng's new brush from Phoebe

@ MAC shangri-la

Talking to Jheng about what makeuo best suits me for my party that night. :)

Jheng is really great with make up application.

Jheng, doing what she does best

MAC PRO MUA introducing the Bridal Collection

Playing Make-up @ MAC Rustan's Glorietta 3.

Sophie getting ready for dinner

Phoebe, making magic.

tada! don't i look prim and totally polished? :)

Lesly, excited on what Jheng will do to her fab eyes.

I just love my skin that night.. sigh!

Pretty Jheng and Moi.

Phoebe and Moi. Finally, I met you! :)

Don't they look cute? :)

sooo vain!! :)

til the next time? i hope so!!

adios amigas! :)

til next post.

miss yah!

much love,

P.S. The weather is so freaky out here! All rain and no shine! Boohoo!

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