Review: Smooch Lip Butter Balm by Venus and Mars

We've been trying to do our best to take care of our skin but we all tend to forget that our lips need almost the same amount of care. Since our lips are visibly seen, they are also prone to more damage. Some may be blessed with supple and pinkish lips but most of us suffer from dryness and chapped ones at one time or another, present company included.

Having a few bad habits that tend to aggravate my already dry and chapped lips. I try to counter-act with products that'll reduce my problems. And that is choosing products that will take care and love my lips even when I've been remissed on my duties.

There are a few products that i've tried that certainly works. But recently, I got to try Venus and Mars Smooch Lip Butter Balm a lip balm that contains all natural oils. This lip butter promises to be good in taking care of my lips as well as enhance them. What got my attention is one of its main ingredient, Emu Oil. I've proven the effect of Emu Oil . So for me, anything that has emu oil is a must-try.

After a few weeks of using:
  • I notice that my lips are more soft and that I don't suffer from dry lips. Hence, no bleeding occurs.
  • I usually apply this right after bathing and before applying any lip color of product. So far, so good.
  • Now, for those who have tried Emu Oil, you're probably unsure of the scent of this product (since emu oil tends to smell like a fish). Rest assured that you won't have problems with this Lip Butter. Quite the contrary, you'll hardly notice that Emu oil is in it.
  • Upon application, you'll instantly feel the tingly sensation, effect of the peppermint oil.
  • I'm also happy to say that petroleum jelly is absent in this product.
  • The BF loves this. I'm getting him this instead of the one i usually get him from The Body Shop.
  • Organic for the eco-conscious beauty-nistas.
  • Made from high quality essential oils so i'm sure i'm geting my money's worth
  • Only Php170($3.60)!
  • Made in the Philippines! :) (tangkilikin sariling atin!)
A definite must-try for everyone!

Tips for a more luscious puckers:
1. Drink lots of H2O!
2. Eat healthy foods such as vegatables and fruits
3. Use only products that are approved for the lips
4. Scrub your lips using either a lip scrub (Ellana, The Body Shop, or MAC) or your plain ol' toothbrush
5. Moisturize your lips with lip balm everyday... even when going to bed!
6. Most of all, say positive things with your puckers and less on the hatin'. :)

So, how are you taking care of your smackers?

much love,

This product is available at this Venus and Mars online store.

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