Review: VolumExact Mascara by CoverGirl

Really, I hate giving bad reviews. If we don't have anything good to say, we might as well not say anything at all right? But what i believe in more is the power of information. That if given the chance to learn something from others, we will avoid the same mistake.

On that note, it is quite obvious that this review is not entirely on the good side.

I purchased my CoverGirl VolumeExact Mascara for more than a month now. Since that day, i've been using it more often than my other mascaras to clearly give a just and concise review about it.

I've narrowed it down via giving points to each characteristic:

Volumizing effect: 2.5 out of 5 (it still gives volume but not the way i wanted it and clumps so bad on me when I apply 2 or more coats)
Consistency of the "goop": 2 out 5 (too thick that it makes it hard to layer)
Wand applicator: 4 out 5 (it separates my lashes really well)
Price: 2 out 5
Packaging: 3 out 5
Overall: 2.7 out 5


two coats

one coat

So, there you have it! I hope i was able to help you out!

much love,

Question Corner: GALE, the Highlighting pen from TBS in my opinion is not enough to address dark under eyes (mine is just baggy so i wouldn't know). but it does reduce the look of sleepless night. :) I still use my concealer. I use the highlighting pen after i've applied my foundation.

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