YumYum: Frostings Cupcakes

Fist of all, I would like to thank all of you for the kind words in my recent post. It truly eases my mind and heart to write things that i am confused about. But it is highly more comforting that you guys are there supporting me. Thanks!


Now, lets get the blogging started!

I did mention in my palette post that I came home with other things and here they are, Frostings Cupcakes from Glorietta. Kat and I were to meet at Glorietta 2 Foodcourt. When I got there I immediately saw the stand for Frostings. I asked about their mini cupcakes that totally made an impression on me during a MAC Event. The sales person introduced me to this certain box of mini cupcakes.

I came home with these along with my brandnew palettes.. :) it may not beat a makeup haul but it taste oh-so good!

how could I say no this?

triple yum yum yum: strawberry, chocolate and mocha mini cupcakes

duke having a little something something

I also came home with 2 regular size cupcakes, lemon meringue and smores. But due to my commuting, the Fostings fell apart.. :) but the taste remains the same... Yum!


The cupcakes, I conclude, are a bit too much for one person to eat. This is best enjoyed with someone that shares your passion for sweets. R and I, along with our cute little Duke had a mini feast with Frostings Cupcakes.

So, what's your latest indulgence?
(and I don't mean makeup! lol!)

much love,

Frostings Cupcakes is located at the Foodcourt of Glorietta.

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