Wednesday, April 30, 2008

preppy tuesday and casual monday looks. :)

This is the preppy tuesday:

Eyes: MAC painterly, TSS happy ending, MAD Andulucite, SassyMinerals Chantilly, Tha Face Shop,Freshian Volumizing Mascara

This is the casual monday (RED for goodluck!):

eyes: UDPP, BareNaturals Beigeing and Ellana Hush, Barenaturals Rice Paper, Elianto Coffee Brown, Barenaturals Smokey Rose Pink, The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara, Mac Fluidline Blacktrack.

FACE for both are nearly the same: s5 Primer(tuesday), Pure Luxe(monday), Ellana Hazelnut Latte, Almond Coffee Cream (tuesday), Espresso con panna (monday),

Blush: Happiness and Prettiest Pink-peach

Lips: Lumilips Crushed Velvet (tuesday)
Peach Fendry and Barenaturals Sweet Tart

*sharing mode!*


much love,
The Kikay Pinay

my weekend was not usual! :)

My weekend was packed full.. election, swimming party, 15 legal forms to be passed, Duke's grooming day, Bazaar visit, trinoma fieldtrip!! :)

my first semi attempt on applying make up on someone else.
My dear friend K was very cooperative as i teach her how to do a natural look on her tanned skin. :) great thing i brought some e/s's with me. :) and i just used one brush, my MAC 217. so the innerlids wasn't that perfectly applied.

I used on her eyes Barenaturals Ricepaper, Beige-ing, Elianto Coffee brown, Freshian Voluminzing Mascara. On her face, Ellana Espresso con panna Translucent Finish, Sexiest Bronze all over face color as Blush and Blush n Flush and Been Caught Kissing as lip color.

K already has a glow with her being on top of her career and kept fit by a growing daughter. :) her skin is flawless. :) i'm glad she liked what i did on her. :)

here's my POMERANIAN baby Duke. :) he's like a new dog with his BearCut!!! :)
He's so soft! like cotton. I had a hard time going back to the bazaar coz on the way, a lot of people stopped to pet him kids and adult alot. i'm such a proud momma! :)

During my mani/pedi, i don't have to worry about him because all the people at the salon are taking turns palying and cuddling him! :)

some of my new lemmings. a Mary Kay Signature concealer in ivory and Ellana Venus E/S. great color!! will use this soon. :) i have more but i forgot to take pics, i think i got distracted after taking these. :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review: L'oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Make-up Remover

when i try a product i try not to review it ASAP as sometimes it may or may not disappoint you in the days to come. So for y'all out there, i really try to give my hauls the best reviews (good or bad) for your benefit. :) yihee!!

I saw this on Sutil's site (enabler!! lol! love yah sis!). since, she uses a lot of e/s on the eyes, i thought maybe this is truly a great product since i'm starting to use more e/s on my eye looks.

So i bought one. Actually mom did. Thank God for momma's unobserving eyes, she didn't notice it was punched in along with our groceries and didn't notice as well how expensive it was. (anything above P200 is expensive for me). hehehe!! i'm so bad!!

I've been using this product for more than 3 weeks now. It comes in a cylindrical blue bottle. It has part oil and part liquid inside so shake the product before using. It is used with a cotton balls or pads. Just apply a small amount on your choice of cotton and swipe of eye products away. Use different cottons on your eyes and lips.

What Kikay Pinay loves about this product:
1. It does the job!!
Stubborn eye make-up be gone!! i swear!! this product is a no-brainer.. i can even do this while browsing beauty blogs. Just don't forget to shake it before you pour it!! i also have habit of pulling my eyelids outward (bad habit, i know) but this product helps me not to pull so much. swiping softly and repeatedly will do the work. This by far is the best eye makeup remover i've tried so far.
Mascaras? it will remove it too! :) and gelliners and liquid eyeliners
2. Its truly GENTLE.
no stingy sensation. although sometimes, when i pour too much on my facial cotton, a little product goes to eyes, a little wash with water will relieve it. it won't sting that much or make your eyes red. :)
3. The scent isn't that strong so no alcoholic experience with this one.. i use a truly H/E eye makeup remover before and it smells so bad... not to mention stingy and rough.
4. Will last you for months! :) i'm using mine for nearly 3 weeks now and it's still nearly full
5. no bad reactions so far. HAPPY!!!

i don't use this a lip remover since when i get home, my lipstick is gone or i'm just wearing gloss. :)

What Kikay Pinay doesn't love about the product?
1. The price.
This is P395 for a bottle. i don't exactly hate it but i'm always on a look out for cheaper product that delivers the same thing.
2. for those allergic to mass market produced cosmetics and beauty products, some of you may experience reactions from using this product.
3. doesn't come in travel size so you have to give space for this baby on your luggage.

The verdict:
I hope i was able to help you out.

So, what do you use as an eye makeup remover?

much love,
Kikay Pinay

*available in your local department stores, groceries, and drugstores. :)

Review: Hydra OPPIA 5in1 as Mixing Medium

Thank God for friends with great ideas. :)

I recently got to know about this through Connie, owner of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. :) While i was at the bazaar @ Top Shelf, Boni High St. i saw her use Renu Solution 3 in 1 (used for contact lenses as mixing medium for her eyeshadows! i was like, "what? pwede yan as mixing medium?" she told me that it could be used as mixing medium instead of water or the home made mixing solution (which Jheng sadly is allergic to and having problems with). Since this is a type of humectant, this is an alternative to branded mixing mediums for savers like us.

So i tried it for myself. I got a similar formula but of a different brand. Cost me merely P140 ($4) for this bottle. you can get the smaller one though for a cheaper price.. this will last you a lifetime but it has an expiration of 3 months of date of opening the bottle. so better get a pen and write down the date on the bottle. :)

Why Kikay Pinay loves this product?
1. Because its cheap!! i'm a cheap-aholic!
2. its easy to use. it's got a dropper so no prob on spilling and too much spraying.
3. no need to mix glycerin and water every two weeks!!
4. it does the job!
5. if you wear contact lenses, this is a double duty product! :) what a save right?
6. no harsh reactions so far
to quote connie: if you can put straight into the eyes, then there isn't anything wrong using it on the lids

I used it today on my recreation of the honey brown look (jheng inspired me to repeat this look) and so far my eye makeup is still in place. and the gold (happy ending by she space) is still vibrant.

What Kikay Pinay doesn't love about this?
1. last only 3 months so buy the smaller ones if you don't wear contacts

I've been using this for nearly a week now and i really can't find anything drastically wrong with the product. honestly, it actually made my life easier. i just squeeze a drop on a small dish, put pigments there and its ready to apply. a drop can be used on both eyes too. :)

:) :) :) :) :)

i hope this helps you out, kikay pinays! :)

more reviews coming!! :)

much love,
Kikay Pinay

FAQ: Mixing Medium is often used in the process of Foiling, applying your eyeshadow wet. :)

I heart Beauty Poducts (I'm it!)

Seeing that my beauty blogger friends have been tagging each others randomly and generally... here i am sharing the same to you guys. I think this is a great way to know a beauty blogger better. :)

Tagged by Nikki and Jheng!!! Yahooo!!!
My Foundation: It used to be MAC StudioFix NC30. I still use it on night outs, but i i'm loving my Hazelnut Latte from Ellana and Warm Medium Light from BareNaturals

My Mascara: NEW CHEAP FIND!! The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara

My Blush: Happiness from Ellana, Prettiest Pinky- Peach from BareNaturals

My Eye Shadow: MMU (She space, MAD, Ellana, BN)

My Day Cream: Kate Jone's SunBlock Spf30

My Lipstick: MAC Brave and Skew, Been Caught Kissing from The She Space

My Beauty Product Brand: MMU, MAC and Elianto

My Essential Beauty Product: Emu Oil

My Favorite Makeup Product: Tough Question... LIPGLOSS!!!

My Perfume: D&G Light Blue, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, CK Euphoria, BBW Scents

My Nails: none in particular

My Feet & My Hands: Goat's milk lotion from Beauty Bar and Nivea Whitening Lotion

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Sunblock, Organic Soap, FEMININE WASH!!!

Woman I admire for their beauty: err... none in particular... HONEST!! i believe in individuality

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Sarah Jessica Parker when dressed by Patty!!! OMG!! i don't know how she puts it together but dang it works!!

My Ultimate Dream (but I do not believe in selling my soul to the devil for it): to have my own COSMETIC COMPANY and Design Accessories, Bags and Shoes. Basically, to learn how to draw beautifully... i mean, putting my ideas into drawings. i want both and more... i'm dream-aholic!

How Do I Define Womanhood: Womanhood is strength and compassion embodied.

My Favorite Fashion Publication: Cosmopolitan (habit)


Best Primer (eye and face): UDPP and (still searching)

Best Lipgloss: Mac, Fendry and Ellana

TAGGING YOU ALL THERE!! :) don't be shy..

Monday, April 28, 2008

Quorum - sisters by choice (sharing mode)

this weekend was a blur but thank GOD for digicams i could look back to things i did! lol!
after the HANDWRITING ASSIGNMENT OF ABOUT 15 LEGAL FORMS (not an easy task),
i saw my dear Quorum Sisters.. despite the bad hangover.. i truly enjoyed my time with them.. :)

i miss you all!!! especially my bestie ysabs!! it's been so long!! i hope to spend more time with them.. SOON :) i'm so glad bing, kai and ysabs arrived for the "meeting" coz i miss them oh so much!! thanks to elder jean, hazel and pam for "observing" the "meeting". thanks to iya for "presiding the "meeting." thanks to jay and jeff for being the "photographers that day. thanks to cheska's bf for giving cheska a digicam that makes us all look pretty in every shot. thanks to gayle for bringing her goodies! thanks to joanna for ordering from moi! thanks to cheska for dropping me at cinco hermanos. :) lol!

thank GOD rin for friends here ONLINE!! without you guys, my life will spell B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

atty. pam, 2008 bar passer atty. jean,
intern ysabs, lazy lawstudent shen
(promotional photo?? LOL!)

bestie, can't wait for her own mmu!!

us again!! :)

Quorum GIRLS!!
i do wish we could all be complete again. nonetheless, this day rocks!!

:) :) :) :) :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

request: beige-ing and ricepaper e/s from BareNaturals

here's the photos as requested by dear online friend, Carol. :)

beige-ing and ricepaper
as you can see, they are very much used. :)

i use beige-ing as all over lid color :)
the ricepaper as highlight color and also as all over lid. :)

swatches dry.. :)

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 vs. Make-up

i can't remember the day that i didn't want a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 30.
Despite it being one of the cheapest LV design, i still covet to have one.
Even when my aunt said i should aim for a more better bag, i didn't care.
It's my dream to buy one of these by the end of year 2008, stowing away P100 a day.

But what i didn't realize...




Irreplaceable - Shen is Sharing Mode

I just gotta share this with you guys coz i just can't help not to.

I ride the LRTA going to and fro school. Going home last night seem to be uneventful. Until, i noticed how noisy the group beside me are.. It was tres impossible not to overhear their kwentuhan. I really didn't mind, they were friends and friends chat where ever). But what caught my attention was this part...

Girl1: Yung kanta na Irreplaceable ni Beyonce? Siya ba ung irreplaceable or ung guy?
(then proceeds to sing.. quite loudly I must say!)
You must not know about me...
You must not blah blah.... (yup! struggled with the lyrics)
Girl1 (again): kasi di ba? ang irreplaceable, di napapalitan? so kung ung guy napapalitan dapat replaceable.
proceeds to sing... You're replaceable!!!
(i wanted to laugh out loud! she was so very funny!)
The girl proceeded to sing every other10 or 20 seconds and chatted. The 2 companions shared their views on it but none of them seem to remember that the song goes a little something like this

"Don't you ever for a second get to thinking, You're irreplaceable."

hence, the reason why the song was Irreplaceable

I wanted to tell them... but i hate to be rude or "intrimitida."

So, the whole ride and until i got home and switched on my TV, my LSS (last song syndrome) is Irreplaceable!

Honestly, i'm not demeaning her or anything. It was just really funny for me how she struggled to remember the lyrics and how funny she was acting. that if she was my friend, i would have probably sang with her. :)



The N.E.W. Bazaar, April 26 to 27 at Tiendesitas

ooohhh! another one!! :) SEE YOU THERE!

SPREAD THE WORD!! copy paste this poster and post it on your blogs, ladies. Thank You!

quote from ma: Akala ko ba yang bazaar every Christmas lang? Bakit Summer meron? Eh di di ka nakaipon sa pasko!

LOL! I love my mom!! :)

Essence of Beauty Brushes from CVS

1. Cheap-oh!!
At Home Face Kit - $12.99
Deluxe Duo Set - $14.99
Comb/Eyebrow and Fiber Eye Liner Brush - $3.99
Total: $31.97 ---> P1310 (give or take)
2. About the brushes:
Super super soft! :) i couldn't believe how soft it was. the face brush from the At Homew Face Kit was incredibly soft. Like a pillow. :) Sigh...
The Angled brush from the deluxe duo is a great tool for contouring. i think i got a comment here on my blog with regards to my cheekbones and remembering that i used this brush. :)
The small powder brush from the Deluxe Duo Set is very helpful for ridding of the extra powder i put under my eyes to catch pigments. i don't have to work with my kabuki or flattop brush with this one coz the small powder brush fits around my eyes. :) and i can evenly blend the powder.
3. It's travel-friendly! a plus in my book. :)
4. It has a reusable pouch (use it!)
5. the look of the brushes are gorgeous (doesn't look cheap at all). I like the woden handles and the lightness of the brushes. :)

1. It's not sold here in the Philippines. bummer.
2. The Sponge applicator was kinda loose so i don't bother with the handle. :) But thanks to Nessa, my forgotten sponge applicators are now being used again. money wasn't wasted after all.
3. It did shed a little on my first wash but i think i was leftover trims. will update you if it sheds again.
4. It's not sold here in the Pinas!!! wahh!

But watch out, one of the popular beauty bloggers might sell these brushes soon...

Kikay Pinay gives these Products: 4 KIKAY POINTS!

:) :) :) :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

REVIEW: Softest Focus Flat top Brush

BareNaturals Soft Focus FlatTop Brush

1. Soooo cheap compared to other brands! :) this baby is only P419 during the 1st week of its launching. ithink it still is today.
2. Super soft! I can't believe that it's really really really that soft. it definitely rivals the popular flat top brushes.
3. It's got a handle. :) It's totally user friendly.
let's face it, the kabuki, though so soft get's a little hard to handle with the short handle. that's why a lot of the long handled kabukis are very saleable.
4. Doesn't shed!
5. It's similar to the popular flat top brush sold online without the international shipping price and the waiting!! yey! :)
6. it's travel friendly. it will definitely fit in your normal sized kikay kit because this baby is merely 4 inches, the diameter is about 1.5 inches. :)
7. Most importantly, Gives VERY GOOD COVERAGE. since the day i got this, i've been using it and so far, i truly am enjoying the coverage it gives and the look of my application was seamlessly flawless. :)

1. The color isn't really gold, it's matte yellow. :(

Do i recommend it??
Of course! This is great, like the kabuki, for first time users of any mineral make-up. I still feel i am a newbie since i've only been a convert for a few months. so, yes, this flat top brush will definitely make ou application easier. :) most mineral make-up users actually prefer flat top brushes in their mineral make-up foundation. and besides, i ain't one to share something just for the heck of it! :)


:) :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Purpled Look (inspiration: PCD)

My dear friend Hazel graduated yesterday. :) I'm so happy for her!! :)

Anyhoo, here's my FOTD. :)

CoastalScents Rose Sparks - upper lid
MAD Kunzite - Outer Lid to Crease
MAD Bordeaux- On top of Kunzite
BareNaturals RicePaper - Hightlight
MAC Fluidline in Black Track - eyeline
MAC eye pencil - brows
Freshian Volumizing Mascara

i was so tired! got only 3 hours of sleep. lol!

Monistat Anti-chafing Powder Gel
Mac Moisture Concealer NC20
Ellana HazelNut and Caramel Latte
Ellana Almond Coffee Cream

BareNaturals Blush N Flush

MAC Fafi Lipglass in Cult Fave


Sunday, April 20, 2008

smoldering-winehouse look,

something i came up with while playing with my fluidline.
It didn't really turn out the way i wanted it but it's ok. :)

MAC Fluidline in Balcktrack - lashline winged attempt
MAC Ebony Eye Pencil - lower lashline, smudge using 219 (yey!)
Ellana Eyeshadow in Raven - upper lid
Ellana Eyeshadow in Smoky - Crease
BareNaturals Ricepaper - highlight
TFS Freshian Volumizing Mascara

excuse the pimples. it's the tretinoin i'm using

MAC Brave (a fave)
MAC Cult Fave

I'll improve this... hope my first attempt it ok..


EDITED: MAC and The Face Shop robbed me of my allowance

I'm such an addict! I know!!

Its been a month since my last MAC purchase and as always, my hands (like a clock), itches when i need to buy MAC. I wasn't suppose to go but mom wanted stuff at shang. Of course, who am i to say no. So, when we got there (thanks to vallet service), i immediately went to MAC counter at Rustan's. I was only suppose to buy fluidline and MAC 219... as usual, I didn't. I gave in to Chen, the nice MUA, to purchase the Cult Fave Lip glass and the eye pencil (which i was really lemming for). I'm so sad that no black technakhol was available. I was suppose to get the lightsweep/shadester but opted that for the next next month.

As i thought, i didn't like the quads. Don't get mad, this is just my opinion. But the TRIOs of Heatherette, i will surely get. and asked Chen to save that for me na! :)

Thank GOD that my 1st 2 purchases can be paid through the CC, the other 2, i paid in CASH. my bleeding wallet is pitiful.

The funny thing was, that i was just a few hours late for the fafi launch in MAC counter at Shang. I was kinda disappointed since i was at Ortigas around 12 noon already. :( Well, i was assured that I'll be contacted for the Heatherette event. Thanks, Chen! Funny how our name soul's the same. :)

But still, i went to THE FACE SHOP to "browse" while waiting for our orders in Secret Recipe (love Ceasar Salad!). Seeing the Freshian Volumizing mascara was 265!!!!... heck, i gave in (again). got also the 20pc cleansing wipes and lotus sponge. love the freebie that comes with it. :)

I'm officially on NO BUY for the next month.


MAC (blacktrack, ebony eye pencil, MAC 219, Cult Fave Lip Glass)

lotus sponge, Cleansing wiped and Mascara. SO CHEAP!!!

I'm loving loving my purchases.. can't help not to smile when i see them. :)

I used my Fluidline and no far no regret. It dries up instantly and the application is buildable. I used my Coastal Scent pink handled taklon eyeliner.

The Eye pencil is easy enough to use. The best black e/l so far. IMO.

As for my MAC 219, Smudging is kinda a breeze with this baby. it's easy to use, i tell yah. :)

Cult fave is just the righht lipglass for me since i use a lot of bold colors lately on my eyes. :)

I love the Freshian Volumizing mascara! since i have long lashes already, this kind of mascara is the best thing in the world to give volume to my lashes. :)

The Herb Day cleansing wipes' scent reminds me of my mom's expensive perfume (it has rosemary extract). :) the Scent is glorious!! :) love it! and i think that it took most of my foundation today if not all. :)


:) :) :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Visited Summer Lifstyle Bazaar '08

today, i got the time to visit Summer Lifestyle Bazaar at Top Shelf, Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. :) Short but a fun visit. Since i was with my Duke and Boyfie, i had to hurry chatting up with Connie, owner of Ellana Minerals. I totally love her Mineral Make-up. I even got the full size of their foundation. I just love their stuff! and to finally meet the owner was such a pleasure. :) And the hubby is ever so nice in attending and making sure everything goes smoothly. :)

They still have one day to go tomorrow (april 20, 2008) and if you can't make it, another Bazaar at Tiendesitas will be happening. Tatambay na ko dun by then!! See yah!!

Ellana Booth with the Connie, Connie's Hubby and the Clients

Connie, a fab pretty seller and owner of Ellana Minerals! :)

the boyfie and i, itallianis dinner. :)


lovers and friends

for local and international orders, please visit Shen Mineral Cosmetics.


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