Quorum - sisters by choice (sharing mode)

this weekend was a blur but thank GOD for digicams i could look back to things i did! lol!
after the HANDWRITING ASSIGNMENT OF ABOUT 15 LEGAL FORMS (not an easy task),
i saw my dear Quorum Sisters.. despite the bad hangover.. i truly enjoyed my time with them.. :)

i miss you all!!! especially my bestie ysabs!! it's been so long!! i hope to spend more time with them.. SOON :) i'm so glad bing, kai and ysabs arrived for the "meeting" coz i miss them oh so much!! thanks to elder jean, hazel and pam for "observing" the "meeting". thanks to iya for "presiding the "meeting." thanks to jay and jeff for being the "photographers that day. thanks to cheska's bf for giving cheska a digicam that makes us all look pretty in every shot. thanks to gayle for bringing her goodies! thanks to joanna for ordering from moi! thanks to cheska for dropping me at cinco hermanos. :) lol!

thank GOD rin for friends here ONLINE!! without you guys, my life will spell B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

atty. pam, 2008 bar passer atty. jean,
intern ysabs, lazy lawstudent shen
(promotional photo?? LOL!)

bestie, can't wait for her own mmu!!

us again!! :)

Quorum GIRLS!!
i do wish we could all be complete again. nonetheless, this day rocks!!

:) :) :) :) :)

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. now, i suddenly miss my girlfriends..

    btw, i really love that cute top of yours. :-)

  3. holy smokes! 15 legal forms? I can only imagine the pain on your wrists and fingers.
    adik nga!
    Thank you! Lumaki bigla ang atay ko. hehe
    bilangan tayo! joke! sobra di mabilang 'tong sakin.
    Go go go! I'd love to see how it looks on you. I bet mas okay kesa sa ginawa ko. :)
    Gusto ko nga rin i-check yun... pero sayo talaga ako bibili. Gusto nga rin bilihin yung s5 na primer o baka papabili rin ako nung monistat. alin mas maganda sa kanilang dalawa?


  4. i'm still doing research on the monistat. :) so far ok naman siya but i got zits 2 days after using it. i'm not sure if its the cause or the tret in my skin care product. both are easy to apply and ok naman. when i get the time, i'll do a review on all the primers have used. but so far, i love all my primers. :)

  5. liz, thanks! it made me look skinny than usual. i gotta go back to quiapo to buy more. lol!


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