REVIEW: Softest Focus Flat top Brush

BareNaturals Soft Focus FlatTop Brush

1. Soooo cheap compared to other brands! :) this baby is only P419 during the 1st week of its launching. ithink it still is today.
2. Super soft! I can't believe that it's really really really that soft. it definitely rivals the popular flat top brushes.
3. It's got a handle. :) It's totally user friendly.
let's face it, the kabuki, though so soft get's a little hard to handle with the short handle. that's why a lot of the long handled kabukis are very saleable.
4. Doesn't shed!
5. It's similar to the popular flat top brush sold online without the international shipping price and the waiting!! yey! :)
6. it's travel friendly. it will definitely fit in your normal sized kikay kit because this baby is merely 4 inches, the diameter is about 1.5 inches. :)
7. Most importantly, Gives VERY GOOD COVERAGE. since the day i got this, i've been using it and so far, i truly am enjoying the coverage it gives and the look of my application was seamlessly flawless. :)

1. The color isn't really gold, it's matte yellow. :(

Do i recommend it??
Of course! This is great, like the kabuki, for first time users of any mineral make-up. I still feel i am a newbie since i've only been a convert for a few months. so, yes, this flat top brush will definitely make ou application easier. :) most mineral make-up users actually prefer flat top brushes in their mineral make-up foundation. and besides, i ain't one to share something just for the heck of it! :)


:) :) :) :) :)

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  1. why does "merely 4 inches" sound vaguely lewd..? *lewd grin* :0P

  2. lol!! literally! i'm laughing out loud!! it's 1.28am here and my dog could proly here me from the other room!! :D

  3. LOL at (g)'s comment.

    I'm still waiting for flat top... hay, most likely sa june pa yun darating... oh well.

    PS. haha. yan din inisip ko nun, I can have him buy stuff for me. Especially since nandun din gf niya, di siya mahihiya pag may ipapabili ako.
    PPS. is it raining there too? nakakainis dito. kung kelan gabi na at di masyadong mainit dun na umuulan.

  4. yikes. super tagal. omy.. :) yey for you that kuya is here. :)

  5. umm how can i purchase this brush? i went to the site, so weirrdd.

  6. please don't use anonymous so i can reply back to your questions.

    why is weird?
    you can check out
    if you want to purchase one.

  7. wow You gave good kikay points for this brush! so definitely a go go get one kinda brush! ang cute nga! pix makes me drool!

  8. this is truly a nice brush. :) super soft. no ouchy. :)kaya naman i use it everyday. i was skeptical at first but so far, truly no regrets. i'm loving the brush super. :)

  9. ^wahaha! parang commercial tuloy rep ko!!!

  10. this looks exactly like everyday minerals brush, which i love! made my mac182 not so special anymore. well, that's after mac shed so much. when it was new, it was unbelievably soft and dense. So far I haven't found anything as good as 182 that doesn't shed.Linkin' you back!

  11. great thing you told me about 182. i was lemming for it myself. yes, this indeed looks like EDM. that's why i'm so happy. :) yey!!

  12. yup, looks like EDM, but does it feel like EDM FT? i'm currently loving my EDM and looking for a back-up...

  13. i don't yet the feel of EDM but yes, this is very very soft. :) no pricky feeling. :)

  14. this DOES look exactly like EDM's. I wonder if they are made by the same manufacturer...


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