my weekend was not usual! :)

My weekend was packed full.. election, swimming party, 15 legal forms to be passed, Duke's grooming day, Bazaar visit, trinoma fieldtrip!! :)

my first semi attempt on applying make up on someone else.
My dear friend K was very cooperative as i teach her how to do a natural look on her tanned skin. :) great thing i brought some e/s's with me. :) and i just used one brush, my MAC 217. so the innerlids wasn't that perfectly applied.

I used on her eyes Barenaturals Ricepaper, Beige-ing, Elianto Coffee brown, Freshian Voluminzing Mascara. On her face, Ellana Espresso con panna Translucent Finish, Sexiest Bronze all over face color as Blush and Blush n Flush and Been Caught Kissing as lip color.

K already has a glow with her being on top of her career and kept fit by a growing daughter. :) her skin is flawless. :) i'm glad she liked what i did on her. :)

here's my POMERANIAN baby Duke. :) he's like a new dog with his BearCut!!! :)
He's so soft! like cotton. I had a hard time going back to the bazaar coz on the way, a lot of people stopped to pet him kids and adult alot. i'm such a proud momma! :)

During my mani/pedi, i don't have to worry about him because all the people at the salon are taking turns palying and cuddling him! :)

some of my new lemmings. a Mary Kay Signature concealer in ivory and Ellana Venus E/S. great color!! will use this soon. :) i have more but i forgot to take pics, i think i got distracted after taking these. :)

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  1. Wow, your makeup looks great on her. :)

    Duke is so cute and fluffy! I just wanna hug him!

  2. you did a good job, Shen..

    and your baby is sooooo cute. :-)

  3. I also use Marykay concealer in Ivory, its really nice and doesnt break the wallet =) hope youll like it

  4. thanks, vianne! :) you can hug him on your one of your trips out here!

    LIZ, THANKS!! i could say the same about mr. mopples. i do hope i can bring him to singapore in case my mom caves in and allows me to go there.. so mr. mopples and duke can play while you make me over! lol!

    hot momma!! i agree. i'm loving it and will soon ake a review about it. :)


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