smoldering-winehouse look,

something i came up with while playing with my fluidline.
It didn't really turn out the way i wanted it but it's ok. :)

MAC Fluidline in Balcktrack - lashline winged attempt
MAC Ebony Eye Pencil - lower lashline, smudge using 219 (yey!)
Ellana Eyeshadow in Raven - upper lid
Ellana Eyeshadow in Smoky - Crease
BareNaturals Ricepaper - highlight
TFS Freshian Volumizing Mascara

excuse the pimples. it's the tretinoin i'm using

MAC Brave (a fave)
MAC Cult Fave

I'll improve this... hope my first attempt it ok..


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  1. hahah sis, ang galing! I'm sure in personal it looks more "WILD" :D nice one!

  2. nice! you look so seductive! :-)

    Mr.A requested Amy Winehouse as well.. I guess I'm gonna do this look soon.

  3. WoW! Vixen-ish look! Nice one shen.

  4. lol! thanks pretty ladies!! :)

  5. fierce! I love it! It's so far my favorite in you (minus the wing). :)

  6. retard typing again...

    "on" you

  7. i know! the wings are just "experimentation gone whacked". gotta improve. i would ahve worn red lippies but i ain't got it in my stash. :) miss yah girl!!

  8. oh boy, i want those lips! ehem.. lip color.

  9. it definitely gives a peek on the wilder side of you! lol. you rock fierce looks too sis!

  10. jhie-jhie, hi! thanks for the visit. :) if i could share my lips, i would. :)

    mhean! i am truly a wild independent woman!! loL! the law student pink loving only daughter thing is just a front. :) lol! i'm totally a bad girl! :)

  11. you look very sinfully wicked!! i liiiike. :0)

  12. this kinda reminds me of your photo on your blog. :) you got the smoldering look going on there as well. :)


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