Review: L'oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Make-up Remover

when i try a product i try not to review it ASAP as sometimes it may or may not disappoint you in the days to come. So for y'all out there, i really try to give my hauls the best reviews (good or bad) for your benefit. :) yihee!!

I saw this on Sutil's site (enabler!! lol! love yah sis!). since, she uses a lot of e/s on the eyes, i thought maybe this is truly a great product since i'm starting to use more e/s on my eye looks.

So i bought one. Actually mom did. Thank God for momma's unobserving eyes, she didn't notice it was punched in along with our groceries and didn't notice as well how expensive it was. (anything above P200 is expensive for me). hehehe!! i'm so bad!!

I've been using this product for more than 3 weeks now. It comes in a cylindrical blue bottle. It has part oil and part liquid inside so shake the product before using. It is used with a cotton balls or pads. Just apply a small amount on your choice of cotton and swipe of eye products away. Use different cottons on your eyes and lips.

What Kikay Pinay loves about this product:
1. It does the job!!
Stubborn eye make-up be gone!! i swear!! this product is a no-brainer.. i can even do this while browsing beauty blogs. Just don't forget to shake it before you pour it!! i also have habit of pulling my eyelids outward (bad habit, i know) but this product helps me not to pull so much. swiping softly and repeatedly will do the work. This by far is the best eye makeup remover i've tried so far.
Mascaras? it will remove it too! :) and gelliners and liquid eyeliners
2. Its truly GENTLE.
no stingy sensation. although sometimes, when i pour too much on my facial cotton, a little product goes to eyes, a little wash with water will relieve it. it won't sting that much or make your eyes red. :)
3. The scent isn't that strong so no alcoholic experience with this one.. i use a truly H/E eye makeup remover before and it smells so bad... not to mention stingy and rough.
4. Will last you for months! :) i'm using mine for nearly 3 weeks now and it's still nearly full
5. no bad reactions so far. HAPPY!!!

i don't use this a lip remover since when i get home, my lipstick is gone or i'm just wearing gloss. :)

What Kikay Pinay doesn't love about the product?
1. The price.
This is P395 for a bottle. i don't exactly hate it but i'm always on a look out for cheaper product that delivers the same thing.
2. for those allergic to mass market produced cosmetics and beauty products, some of you may experience reactions from using this product.
3. doesn't come in travel size so you have to give space for this baby on your luggage.

The verdict:
I hope i was able to help you out.

So, what do you use as an eye makeup remover?

much love,
Kikay Pinay

*available in your local department stores, groceries, and drugstores. :)

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  1. I sneak in stuff when Mom and I do grocery shopping too. We have something in common there. :)
    I have three make-up removers here. Eskinol Cleansing Milk - stings my eye but it really takes off makeup well. I use it sparingly.
    Sophie Martin Makeup Remover - same concept as that L'oreal mu remover. I dunno but, it wasn't as good as i expected.
    Nivea Cleansing Milk - oil based and works kinda like pond's cold cream. i'm just using it now so it doesn't go to waste. i slather it on my face and rub it for a few seconds then wash it off with my tea tree facial cleanser.
    None are really my favorites.

    After I finish the Nivea, I'm just gonna use Coconut oil coz it actually works better.

  2. wow, i thought i was just getting cross-eyed 'cause i thought i just replied to this post lol. you and Nikki have the same post -- eye and lip makeup remover lol! anyway, my overall makeup remover is el cheapo Pond's Cold Cream. :D but my eyes are way more spoiled lol. i use Shu cleansing oil on 'em, easy breezy makeup removal too -- even the stubborn and can't-be-washed-with-water-no-matter-how-much-scrubbing-you-do MAC liquidlast liner. do you think i am getting a bit of a cosmetics snob? i tend to be attracted to expensive cosmetics and skincare! ayayay... lol.

  3. talaga?? this was the review i was reading during our chat kanina before 7pm! :) lol! galing na naman! great minds think alike eh? :)

    it's ok to buy expensive product noh! to each his own. walang basagan ng trip di ba? :)

    but for me if i can get cheap, why not. :) it's nice to know that we have options. lol!

    i break out on pond's cold cream. huhuhu!!

  4. sis...i may try this, a lot of people told me about this, since I'm an avid Maybelline user..I may give this a try :) Tama ka enabler talaga si sis Jheng hahaha love you sis jheng!

  5. i have this and love it too :) its almost as good as lancome's bi-facil in terms of removing power. but i like how this doesn't get in my eyes while the lancome stuff makes my vision blurry.

    what about neutrogena, is that expensive where you are? i've heard other bloggers rave about it.

  6. nikki, you're so right.. even sa food! i saw her eating jollibee and i get a craving as well for their swirly bitz naman! :) oopss! baka mkagat na ni jheng tongue niya! lol!

    blue, i haven't tried nuetrogena. :) but i'm glad you mention it. I tend to try products only i see or recommended here online. :) thanks for recomending nuetrogena to me. id on't think its that expensive. :)


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