preppy tuesday and casual monday looks. :)

This is the preppy tuesday:

Eyes: MAC painterly, TSS happy ending, MAD Andulucite, SassyMinerals Chantilly, Tha Face Shop,Freshian Volumizing Mascara

This is the casual monday (RED for goodluck!):

eyes: UDPP, BareNaturals Beigeing and Ellana Hush, Barenaturals Rice Paper, Elianto Coffee Brown, Barenaturals Smokey Rose Pink, The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara, Mac Fluidline Blacktrack.

FACE for both are nearly the same: s5 Primer(tuesday), Pure Luxe(monday), Ellana Hazelnut Latte, Almond Coffee Cream (tuesday), Espresso con panna (monday),

Blush: Happiness and Prettiest Pink-peach

Lips: Lumilips Crushed Velvet (tuesday)
Peach Fendry and Barenaturals Sweet Tart

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much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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  1. man, eye makeup needs a lot of products! btw, i always love your lip colors. they look very pigmented and creamy.

  2. your nails are tooooo cute!!! on preppy tuesday look :)
    i love your makeup!!! and your lips..super luscious!!!!!

  3. jie2,before i just use 1 product on my eyes and i was ok with it.. but i realize that using more products are fun.. playing with the colors etc etc. :) my lip colors are naby lipglosses. most mmu lippies are truly pigmented. :)

    nikki! can't wait to see your portfolio na! my nails are c/o corona i think, DARE is the name. so i did! lol! the make-ups are pretty much for everyday. thanks for the lip comment. :) hehe!!

  4. you look so fresh Shen! your lips are yummy looking! lol.

  5. ah, so subtle yet so lovely..

    the way i love my makeup to look like 90% of the time.


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