#MommyShen Tests NEW Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

With the #CamillaClaudette distracted with her Disney Junior shows and daddy R asleep, I finally got a chance to play scientist using the Pampers Baby Dry Test home kit. I already got to try this during their event with Andi Manzano but I still wanted to test it for myself. :)

Step 1: Lay Pampers and Brand X diapers side-by-side, with both stretchy tapes/fasteners facing you.

So I did that and already I can feel that Pampers Baby Dry feels more luxe than Brand X. Brand X feels plastic-ky and almost uncomfortable. Can't imagine Baby Claud wearing what looks to be a glorified plastic bag. Pampers Baby Dry on the other hand feels soft and cottony.

Step 2: Fill up each bottle with 250 ml of water and position bottle 4 inches away from the top of the diaper.

I used water mixed with blue paint to substitute for pee. Of course, I can't use the real thing, silly! :)
Siyempre gusto ko parang sa commercial lang. :)

Step 3: Pour all the water from each bottle in each of the diaper focusing on the same spot, as this is baby's pee point.

Step 4: Wait 20 seconds

dun.. dun.. dun.. duuuun

Step 5: Press teddy bear's bottom on both diapers with equal pressure for 10 seconds

Step 6: Discover how Pampers remains dry, giving baby up to 12 hours of skin dryness for complete sleep.

Since my my picture failed to capture the bears's wet and dry bums, I'll let these paper towels do the talking! :) Look how Pampers Baby Dry stayed, well dry (right paper towel) while Brand X was clearly still wet.

Findings (Naks! Feeling scientist talaga)
  • Pampers Dry had better absorption that Brand X despite it being thinner and smaller. 
    • The amazing Pamper's magic gel provides a compact yet strong absorption over what's inside Brand X. (for the Magic Gel video, click here)
  • When pressed or played with, Pampers Baby Dry remained in tact and dry which ensure that if baby moves around while sleeping, no worry that she will feel wet or moist. Also means walang lamig sa pwet area when AC is on.
  • There's wetness indicator with Pampers Baby Dry that told me that baby needs changing, nothing on Brand X indicates baby's diaper is full.

I, therefore conclude, that Pampers Baby Dry is true to its promise of 12 hours wetness protection and gives baby complete sleep at night. Obviously, the test also concludes that Pampers Baby Dry is far superior than Brand X in several ways.

  1. Pampers looks and feels more comfortable.
  2. Absorbs about 250 ml liquid or equivalent to 12 hours of wetness.
  3. Has wetness indicator to alert parents that it's time to change diapers
  4. Feels dry to touch which means baby's bum stay dry every after pee.

My favorite feature has got to be the Stretchy Tapes! This makes Pampers truly a better diaper than the ones I've tried before. With Claud's strength to fight me off during changing time, these awesome tapes allows me to finish the job in seconds! And yes, I do love the fact that she's a lot more comfortable sleeping as her diapers adjust to the movement of her stomach while sleeping. I can't believe I subjected her to those tight tapes for months!

Claud and I are currently testing the NEW Pampers Baby Dry on her everyday and the results are truly promising. I will share more detailed result on that on a separate blog post. 
Hint: We both wake up happier now!

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