Town Titles | A NEW fun way to shop and earn rewards

Alabang Town Center has something cool for y'all who calls this mall their home. They have a fun mobile site that will allow you to earn badges - much like Foursquare - whenever you make a purchase.

Now, I got to try this during a shopping trip with the girls a weekend ago. I can't believe it's been years since my last visit and ATC just got better! And with the new Townie Titles mobile website, ATC just became a lot more interesting. It's so easy to become a member. Simply log on to the website and sync up your facebook and you're good to go! It's that easy. Now all you have to do is level p into the ultimate town VIP by earning all the badges and score yourself freebies, early access to what's happening and of course, bragging rights!

To start, just spend a minimum of Php500 in any store and present that receipt at the Concierge. The Concierge will provide you with a code that will open up a badge on your profile. Rise to the highest rank and get a chance to win Php10,000 worth of gift certificates from the participating stores.

During my recent trip, I got to earn Media Junkie, Basic Dresser and Avid Moviegoer!

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The app is pretty easy to navigate to. Although some of us did run a bit of trouble with syncing it to our facebook pages, it was asily resolved by refreshing the page. Good thing I was on SMART LTE, I didn't have trouble with playing around the Town Titles mobile app. It worked the whole time I was encodng my badges. So make sure you're using a reliable network. The codes will be provided at the concienrge and you'll just have to type the code. Easy as ABC. And you'll be well on your way to earning all the badges and become the best shopper at Town! :)

Of course we had to document that day! Here are some of the shots we took along with some the photographer shared with us. Oh yeah! There was a photographer following us around while we shopped! I did feel like I a celebrity that day. :) 

I missed Town! It's been a while since my last visit and it brought back EB memories. Hihi!

Compile your receipts (5000 and up bill) and get your badges from the concierge. :)

Here we are trying out the the Ayala Alabang Townie Titles Mobile App.

Our instavideo greeting Nikki happy birthday. Love her!

Shopping at MAC while Julia and Liz got their favorites from NARS. :)

This bag should seal me another fashion badge with Town Titles. 

To shop with friends is always loads of fun!

More than the prizes, I do love that I'll have the bragging rights of gaining all the badges. Yes, I am that competitive. LOL!

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