Our First Mommy & Daughter Event: Pampers Baby Dry Launch

People told me that when I become a mom I'll have less time doing my makeup and won't have time to review beauty products. Well, they are right! The time I used to spend checking out new makeup collection or testing out a new primer did lessen. Now I spend more time breastfeeding, giving my baby a bath or changing her diapers. At first, I was scared. My life resolved around beauty for a very long time I thought I wouldn't be able to let go.

But what they don't tell you is that the world of Motherhood is full of love and excitement and to experience it all for the first time was just amazing! As baby Claud grows bigger and stronger, I feel myself getting stronger and wiser as a mom. It's really an incredible feeling. Especially when I'm so lucky to be a mom in such a time that there is practically something for anything I would need for my baby. And like a new makeup collection, there is always something new to try for the first time with babies, too!

One of which is my recent discovery. Pampers graciously invited me to the launch of their newest diapers. It's their BEST and DRIEST diaper in 10 years! The all New Pampers Baby Dry boasts up to 12 hours of skin dryness so baby gets that complete sleep she needs.

One of the things we learned during the event is how important a good night sleep is for babies. Studies have shown that sleep is important to baby's brain development. Babies who get complete sleep are more social, less irritable in the morning. Well, even us adults share that sentiment so I'm sure it applies to babies, too. With a sweet disposition during the day, babies are more responsive and open to cognitive learning with their mommies. Naturally, if baby is asleep the whole night, that also means mommies can sleep soundly, too. Yey!

Moms naturally agreed with Dra, Apple Alfonso's findings. All of us experienced several wakeful nights just because baby needs changing at the middle of the night. And this lead to bad mornings due to the lack of sleep. Andi Manzano, who is the newest ambassador for Pampers Baby Dry took all the information in as she was about to give birth to her baby Pilar in a week or two. Actually, as I write this, she already gave birth and enjoying her first week as a mom. Good thing she's armed with Pamper's Baby Dry newborn diapers.

The New Pampers Baby Dry has the following features that really interested me. Gosh, this feels like I'm reviewing a foundation! :) Hihi!

  1. Soft Touch-Dry Layer - this quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby's skin. It's really soft so I like that my baby's bums are likr sitting on bed of clouds.
  2. Magic Gel - one feature that made Pampers a mommy-favorite is this quick absorbing gel that locks in up to 7 wettings, that's usually the number of times a baby pee during the evening.
  3. Stretchy Tapes - These are my favorite feature! It provides superior fit and comfort, especially at night. And what they don't mention is that it makes it easier for mommies to put the diaper on on a squirmy baby.
  4. All Around Breathability - we're familiar with this, mommies! We hate sanitary napkins that feel plasticky so why should we let our babies suffer it? Pampers Dry has micro holes that prevent stuffiness to increase comfort and avoid skin irritation. Since I started using this, Claud didn't experience any rashes. Yey!
  5. Soft Cottny Cover - compared to generic diapers you get for cheap, Pampers is made with cotton, making it more comfortable to sleep in.
  6. Fun Designs - I love that our diaper now comes in my favorite color, teal! Definitely makes changing more fun for me and baby Claud.

To show us exactly how it works, Pampers made sure we get to test the new Pampers Baby Dry and it's 12 hour skin-dryness protection.

I posted a video on Instagram, so please press play to see how well the new Pampers works in absorbing all that wee-wee!

And the proof! No signs of wetness when you press on with tissue! 

And you gotta love the stretchy tapes, that's amazing! I love this!

What made the event a lot more fun was seeing my beauty blogger friends who are also moms like me. It's nice to see how we have changed and that we are sharing the experience of motherhood together. Nikki for one prepared me so much with her stories of giving birth and breatfeeding. She really gave me lots of tips and support when I needed them the most. Jane and Frances contoniously insipire to become a sassy mom like them. Being amidst mommy bloggers also inspired me that I can still blog and be the best mom to baby Claud. I'm so glad to belong in this community.

Tita Nikki with Claudey Cutie!

Lambingan mode with tita Nikki!

Pampers brand Ambassador, Andi Manzano and us, Pamper's Digital Ambassadors. :)

Fab mommies graced the event and looked awesome while caring for their babies. How do they do it?

With Jane Cheng, who manage to always look chica and she has 3 children! 

With longtime beauty blogger bestie. TEAM E for life! :)

And of course, this event was a special one as it's the first event I brought baby Claud with me. It was tiring for sure to carry and satisty this baby's curiousity but it was sooo worth it. I look forward to attenting more events with and introducing her to mommy's blogging world. :)

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